Reminder: Call for Committee Volunteers
Committee volunteers are an important part of our community. Volunteer leaders make vital contributions to the survival and success of trade associations. As a part of the collective leadership, volunteer committee members play a crucial role as they deliberate over and select strategies to achieve the mission of NACD. They shape the associationís actions and identify opportunities to mobilize resources. They launch and sustain programs, drive active participation from the membership, and expand the recognition of the association and its membership.

Without you, NACD can't achieve its mission to enhance and communicate the professionalism and stewardship of the chemical distribution industry. Please consider volunteering your time and experience in 2016 to one of the committees listed below.

Please send your interest to Lucinda Schofer, at no later than Friday, Oct. 30.
Please include your current responsibilities and expertise to support these committees when submitting your name or your employees for consideration. All volunteer names will be provided to the committee chairmen for consideration for the upcoming terms beginning in January 2016. All committee seats are three year terms. Final selection will be made no later than mid-December, and all respondents will be notified.

ChemEdge Committee
Mission: To provide a top-notch education program for directors, managers, and operational-level employees in the chemical distribution industry. Responsibilities include developing the program content (keynote speaker selection and identifying educational session topics and speakers), recruiting new exhibitors, inviting new attendees, and increasing the participation of the non-attending members.

Education Committee
Mission: To identify, develop, and ensure the implementation of high quality education programs to employees of all levels in NACD member companies, Affiliates, and key stakeholders.

Government Advocacy Committee

Mission: To educate the NACD membership on the necessity of consistent and ongoing advocacy efforts, to promote informed legislation for the betterment of the chemical distribution industry and society, and to take proactive positions to elect candidates who support our legislative positions.

Membership Advancement and Retention Committee

Mission: To promote growth and retention of NACD distributor member and Affiliate companies.

Regulatory Affairs Committee
Mission: To work with the government and members to promote informed regulations for the betterment of the chemical distribution industry and society and to equip members to be compliant by developing and delivering resources to ensure awareness of regulatory requirements and changes.

Regulatory Affairs Subcommittees

Mission: The NACD Regulatory Affairs Committee has four regulatory subcommittees addressing issues such as:
  • Chemical Product Safety: Regulations such as Toxic Substances Control Act and Food and Drug Administration regulations that address chemical products;
  • Facility/Process Safety: Issues such as EPA and OSHA regulations of facilities (Clean Air Act, Risk Management Plans, Process Safety Management, OSHA general industry regulations, etc.);
  • Transportation: DOT regulations ó both hazardous materials transportation and motor carrier transportation; and
  • Security: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards regulations and cyber-security issues.

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