Catering & Events Weekly
Jan. 6, 2015

Winter warm-up: 11 Ideas for beach-theme events
As cold weather grips most of North America during the winter holiday period — which also brings the shortest days of the year — planners and marketers can warm up guests by taking inspiration from beach-theme events.More

10 Cool ways to rock paper flowers at your wedding
The Knot
Fresh flowers are a wedding staple, but lately we've been seeing florists throwing something new into the mix: paper. For couples wanting to save a few bucks or just looking for something a little different, paper flowers offer a unique way to add personality, playfulness and bright pops of color to your wedding decor. More

23 Festive party punches
Southern Living
Break out your punch bowl, and mix up one of these festive drinks. These big-batch beverages — with and without alcohol — will keep you and your guests in high spirits. More

6 Ways to market your catering business
Charm House
Gone are the days of throwing money at print ads or other forms of traditional advertising and expecting customers to come through your door. In today's highly competitive world, your most effective and profitable marketing techniques are going to require an even more valuable currency: your time. More

Hot 2015 food and beverage trends
Serving cuisine and beverages in a fresh new way is a sure-fire strategy for spicing up just about any event. Here are some of the hottest food and beverage trends expected to take hold this year.More

Cocktail trends 2015: A trio of expectations for the new year
The Republican
It's finally time to say goodbye to 2014, a year when whiskey saw a surge in popularity and craft cocktails dominated the bar scene. Check out what managers and owners of local Massachusetts bars had to say about what they think will be big in the new year.More

Want people at your event? Sway their bosses with data
Plan Your Meetings
There are questions that run through every manager's mind when employees ask to attend a conference: What’s the true value of networking? Learning and applying new skills that benefit the company? What if my employees are there looking for a new job? As a meeting planner, your defensible argument is that you can't put a price on face-to-face interactions.More

10 Ways to be a better event manager
Event Manager Blog
As we enter the New Year and set our goals for the next 12 months, many of us want to make a difference in our chosen career and ensure our skills stand out for all the right reasons. In the fast paced and competitive events industry it is important to stay on top of your game and strive for constant improvement. More

What's your event planner personality? [infographic]
Ever feel like there's so much going on inside your brain that it just might explode? This latest infographic explores how the planner brain works and how your peers are responding to the questions in the Planner Personality Quiz.More