A Light Read
Aug. 24, 2011

Online Business Development Groups being formed
National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors
NAILD's Business Development Groups are making their way from the annual conferences to your computer. Business Development Groups have been planned and executed by NAILD members once each year to bring together like-minded businesspeople to share ideas and thoughts. NAILD now brings this valued opportunity right to your desktop. Join these BDGs to participate in lively, thought-provoking conversation moderated by knowledgeable professionals in the field. Register for as many BDGs as you like, by clicking the topics that interest you:

If you have additional questions about the online BDGs, please contact Megan in the NAILD office at 800.205.6210 or megan@naild.org.More

Charge of the LED brigade
The Economist
For an object whose image represents a bright idea, the incandescent light bulb increasingly is being recognized as a bad one. After a century as a primary source of artificial light these energy-guzzling bulbs are set to be replaced by light-emitting diodes powered by semiconductors. And the switch will happen fast for a part of the electrical industry that has relied on a single technology for 100 years.More

Sales of incandescent bulbs banned in China, starting in October 2012
LEDs Magazine
The National Development and Reform Commission of China has announced a phase-out plan for incandescent light bulbs. Beginning in October 2012, ordinary light bulbs over 100 watts will be banned from sales and imports. Lower wattage incandescent bulbs are targeted for elimination in the following years.More

Study: US outdoor LED market proves viable
The U.S. market has taken the lead in proving the viability of LED technology for outdoor lighting applications, according to findings published in Strategies Unlimited's new report, LED Outdoor and Area Lighting: Market Analysis and Forecast.More

Japan develops new strategy to acquire rare metals
NHK World
The Japanese government has come up with a new strategy to secure rare earth minerals. Under the plan, the government plans to ask resource-rich countries to offer preferential mining rights to Japanese firms in return for helping the construction of infrastructure in those countries.More

Lighting industry giants to participate in Light Middle East
Some of the lighting industry's biggest names have confirmed their participation as exhibitors at Light Middle East, where the latest sustainable lighting technologies will be on display, with an emphasis on LED technology.More

Going green: Self-sustaining streetlight
Two Syracuse University professors, Michael Pelken and Thong Dang, have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of outdoor lighting with a self-sustaining streetlight. Their plan blends solar and wind energy with LED components.More

Second public comment period open for LEED program
U.S. Green Building Council
The U.S. Green Building Council has opened its second public comment period for the proposed 2012 updates to its LEED green building rating system. The comment period, which closes Sept. 14, serves as the next step in developing the LEED program.More

Crystal LED chandelier unveiled
A crystal pendant chandelier updated with light-emitting diode technology can provide facilities managers and other specifying professionals with greater energy efficiency and lower lighting costs, as well as a unique conversation piece.More

Pennsylvania city to upgrade municipal building, parking lights
Stouch Lighting, a LED lighting distributor, has been awarded a contract from the Borough of West Chester, Pa., to deliver new LED luminaires at the municipal building and parking lot.More

Should your employees take naps?
Small businesses increasingly encourage daytime rest to boost productivity and fight fatigue. Sleep experts are applauding.More