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Feb. 2, 2011

Small businesses' problem with government regulation
Small Business Trends
Government regulation adversely affects small business. While the finding may be intuitively obvious, World Bank economists recently showed that entrepreneurs create fewer new businesses in countries with regulations that make starting companies more difficult. Reducing regulation also enhances the performance of small companies. For instance, researchers found that efforts to simplify the new business formation process in Mexico boosted small business employment by nearly 3 percent. Economists believe that regulation hurts small business in four ways.More

NAMA Government Affairs
National Automatic Merchandising Association
NAMA's Government Affairs team focuses on federal and state legislative news that impacts your company’s growth and profitability. Required reading for all members! Click Here for the most recent Legislative Alert. For additional information contact Ned Monroe at

Rising prices jolt coffee industry
The National
Trouble is brewing in the coffee industry, with the price of the bean soaring to record highs — leading Starbucks to warn rising costs could hit profits this year. The world's leading coffee retailer said it would not raise prices, but narrowed its earnings forecast of between $1.44 and $1.47 a share to fall below analysts' expectations.More

Water wars: Industry association defends bottled water
Packaging Digest
The International Bottled Water Association, also known as IBWA, has issued a lengthy defense in response to a recent report issued by the Environmental Working Group, or EWG, questioning the safety of bottled water sold in the U.S.More

Source: Sara Lee to split coffee, meat units
Sara Lee Corporation plans to split up rather than sell itself, a source familiar with the situation said recently after the company failed to win lucrative enough bids from potential buyers. Going down a tax-free, split-off route raises the prospects. There may be takeover bids for the units — meat and beverages — post split. The U.S.-based food and beverage company has for months been examining options, including a spin-out or outright sale.More

A culture of creativity
The Miami Herald
A vending machine that scans your smile. An app that unveils a car's history with one snapshot. A sneaker store with a shoe-trading database. The global interactive marketing and technology consulting agency SapientNitro has created some of the most buzz-grabbing tactics in the industry.More

Compostable snack packaging builds 'natural' image
Packaging Digest
Healthy, active people often have high expectations for the foods they eat and the packaging in which it is sold. Snack maker, Inventure Group of Phoenix, aims to meet both sets of expectations with its Boulder Canyon Natural Foods brand of potato chips and dips. That is why about a year ago Boulder Canyon adopted compostable packaging for its chips.More