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April 28, 2010

Government should order reductions in salt Americans eat, report says; FDA sees voluntary plan
Chicago Tribune
Too much salt is hidden in Americans' food, and regulators plan to work with manufacturers to cut back—but the government isn't ready to go along with a major new recommendation that it order a decrease. "We believe we can achieve some substantial voluntary reductions," Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told The Associated Press recently. "We are shaping a strategy, and that strategy involves working in partnership."More

NAMA Government Affairs
NAMA Government Affairs team focuses on federal and state legislative news that impacts your company’s growth and profitability. Required Reading! Click here for our most recent Legislative Alert! More

Starbucks launches instant coffee in Japan, bottled lattes by Seattle's Best Coffee in the western U.S.
The Seattle Times
Starbucks began selling its instant coffee today at 870 coffee shops in Japan, where the product is called Via Coffee Essence. It's already available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. The company also recently launched bottled coffee under its Seattle's Best Coffee brand. The drinks come in three flavors—iced latte, iced vanilla latte and iced mocha—and will be sold for $1.49 each or $4.99 for a four-pack at more than 10,000 grocery, convenience and other stores in the western U.S. That product is part of a partnership with Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages.More

Bottled water faces backlash
"Carrying bottled water is on its way to being as cool as smoking while pregnant," claims the video "The Story of Bottled Water," which debuted on YouTube last month and garnered more than 450,000 views. Is it true? Are liters of Evian now beyond the pale? Is Dasani déclassé? Has bottled water become the new eco-no-no?More

Food safety bill's ban on BPA resisted
The Washington Post
The food industry and major business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are threatening to withdraw support for a long-pending bill to improve food safety, saying they are upset by a proposed amendment that would ban bisphenol-A, a controversial chemical, from food and beverage containers. The bill is the Senate version of legislation passed overwhelmingly by the House last year. It is designed to give the Food and Drug Administration vast new regulatory authority over food production and place greater responsibility on manufacturers and farmers to produce food free from contamination.

Food packaging: Graphic Packaging and Heinz Foods win consumers award
Packaging Digest
Graphic Packaging International, Inc. and Heinz North America are using susceptor technology innovatively to give consumers the choice of enjoying Smart Ones® brand of Grilled Flatbreads either crispy or soft.  Now that creativity has been recognized by the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL).

Bean bag blowup
North Shore News
When Lloyd Bernhardt, CEO of Ethical Bean, announced his company's new coffee bag return program, he figured he was doing the right thing. "It's one of the dirty secrets of the coffee industry," said Bernhardt. "Everyone knows you can't recycle these things."Bernhardt's plan was to put bins outside of Ethical Bean's three cafeterias and encourage his customers to bring back their used coffee bags, even if they once held his competitors' product. He planned to pack up all the empty bags and take them to a waste-to-energy incinerator that Metro Vancouver (British Columbia) has operated since 1988, thereby diverting the plastic and aluminum bags away from the landfill and generating some power at the same time.More