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Jun. 18, 2014

Selling confidence: How optimism can bolster your sales team
Sales is like acting: You may have something great to offer, but no matter how hard you try, some people just aren't going to like it. Just as actors don't nail every audition, a salesperson won't close every deal or chase down every lead. Dealing with this kind of rejection day after day can really wear your sales team down — if they don't have the right mindset. Inspiring optimism in your sales team isn't always easy, but you can do it with the right techniques. More

Increase revenue through customer service
By Greg Witz
Today's business world has gone beyond simply having a good product or service at a reasonable price. Social media has increased the importance of customer service, with 78 percent of online customers recommending the brand to a friend after having a great service experience. What is the consequence of bad customer service? Recent research suggests that it costs companies $338.5 billion a year in lost revenues. 86 percent of customers quit doing business with a brand due to bad customer service. If customer service was not a priority before, it will be now. This of course begs the question: How do I improve my customer service? More

How can you control your sales destiny in uncertain times?
Salespeople deal with market ups and downs, political influence, people's (customers, influencers, internal stakeholders, bosses, etc.) changing mindset and goals on a daily basis. Sales can be like herding cats on the best of days. These factors and others can cause even the best of salespeople to be concerned because they are mostly outside the salesperson's direct control yet we still have to meet our sales targets. So it's not easy being a salesperson, especially in tougher markets. However, highly effective salespeople will tell you that while tough markets can be a real challenge, they can be a fantastic learning ground forcing them to find new ways to operate, new markets to sell into and new ways to do business.More

7 tips to get better at sales now
Fox News
Everyone who works in the business world, on some level, needs to know how to sell, and even the best salespeople can find ways to improve. Here are a few simple bits of advice to help you improve your sales skills and get better at sales today.More

What sales should really expect from marketing automation
Business 2 Community
The benefits of marketing automation are clear — better customer engagement, increased loyalty, and more effective campaigns. But what can your organization realistically expect in terms of sales?More

5 essential tips for growing your business
Small Business Trends
To say that getting a business off the ground is hard work would be an understatement. Whether you're still drafting your first business plan or recently opened your store, starting and running a business can be an exhilarating — and terrifying — experience. Here are five tips that can help you grow your business.More

Facebook to use Web browsing history for ad targeting
Advertising Age
Through its ubiquitous "like" buttons on publisher sites across the web, Facebook has long been able to watch the web surfing behavior of its 1.28 billion monthly users. Soon it will begin to use that information for ad targeting on Facebook. More

The ultimate guide for becoming a social salesperson
The way to create sales opportunities in the social age is to get a lot of first dates with your customers. It is a lot like dating. And in most cases you're dating above your league. But the more you pursue — the better your game becomes. You get better, you get more dates and you score more victories. In social selling, unlike traditional selling, when your quota is on the line, you either have game and can close quickly, or you don't and you move on to another career. Selling (like dating) online is different.More

The Space Station is getting a coffee machine
Thanks to the difficulties of engineering for zero-gravity, astronauts living on the International Space Station often have to go without creature comforts we take for granted. But if all goes well, they'll soon have one comfort that many here on Earth take for granted in the morning — a real, brewed cup of coffee.More

Starbucks program offers college students more than a coffee break
The Christian Science Monitor
Starbucks is giving new meaning to the idea of "working your way through school" with a College Achievement Plan that has the potential to empower students and parents to embrace educational opportunities and perhaps serve up a new business and food for thought. This is an investment in "human capitol" with the potential for substantive and far-reaching positive effects on families, if the program lasts. More

Bottled Water Industry applauds President Obama signing water infrastructure bill into law
International Bottled Water Association
The International Bottled Water Association applauds President Barack Obama for signing into law the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014. This important law supports a strong American public water infrastructure and creates the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority. This program will provide low-interest federal loans to communities, which will reduce the cost of financing large water and wastewater infrastructure projects.More

Coffee output in India climbing as rains spur bean growth
Coffee production in India, the third-largest grower in Asia, will probably rebound from the first decline in six years after plentiful rains spurred bean development, an exporters' group said. Shares of exporters gained in Mumbai, while coffee prices dropped. More

At Dunkin' Donuts, 'coffee regular' has a limit. And that limit is New York State
The Boston Globe
Boston commuters have their routines timed down to the minute. Most folks can tell if they'll be late to work by the length of the line at Dunkin' Donuts. That's why "coffee regular" is such a comforting phrase. For anyone who's lived here more than a week, "coffee regular" means "coffee with cream and sugar." It doesn't save you much time. It isn't jargon for something super complicated for the coffee purveyor. It's just a short, happy note of comfort during the dirge of the morning's song. It's part of the region's rhythm. It's a sign you belong here. But where is "here?" What are the geographic limits of "coffee regular?"More

Drink your coffee — it's good for you
Los Angeles Times via The Seattle Times
With food as with fashion, tastes change. Today, bread cubes dipped in a cheddar-cheese fondue seem about as dated as bell bottoms. Nutritional advice changes too. Foods that were once touted as healthful can suddenly gain unsavory reputations, and vice versa. Sometimes, a single study — and the media reports that go with it — can make or break a food's reputation, says Dr. David Heber, chief of clinical nutrition at UCLA. On closer inspection, some foods with unhealthful reputations are ready for a little redemption. Here are some supposed dietary offenders that are more healthful than you might think.More

The truth about bottled water
Fox News
Bottled water is supposed to be healthier than our tap water, but is it? Choosing the correct bottled water makes all the difference. Most tap water in the U.S. is of very high quality. Water treatment plants across America do an incredible job of storing, cleaning and distributing water to our homes. But that doesn't mean it is without problems. Due to concerns over pharmaceutical, pesticide or toxin contamination in municipal water, many people choose bottled water over tap water. But bottled water isn't perfect.More

5 ways to create a successful culture
The Tennessean
Tom Black writes: For the past five years I have been working with other companies to help them improve their sales results. We always talk about a "sales culture." So, I would like to share my observations with you about what makes a great sales culture.More

Blue Bottle Coffee expert shows us how to make the perfect pour over
The Huffington Post
Finding the best way to brew coffee isn't enough. We also need to know the very best way to use that brewer. So we turned to coffee expert Isabel Bernegger, a manager at the Blue Bottle Coffee NYC Chelsea store, to help us out. And that she did. Together we made a video guide on how to perfectly and optimally use your Chemex for the best cup of coffee you could ever hope for. More

8 tips for reaching maximum productivity
Fox Business
Remember when a phone was just a phone, and the most distracting thing it did was ring? Now, you can't get through a conversation, meal, or project without checking your inbox, retweeting a picture or responding to a text. In the past, people didn't battle with Facebook or Twitter. The modern world is distracted by these platforms, and constant connectivity only makes it harder to focus. Here are eight ways even the most inundated person can guarantee a more productive day.More

Could you run your car on coffee?
New research from our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies shows that waste coffee grinds could be used to make biodiesel. Oil can be extracted from coffee grounds by soaking them in an organic solvent, before being chemically transformed into biodiesel via a process called "transesterification." More

8 delicious ways to make iced tea
Now that it finally feels like summertime, it's only fitting that it's also National Iced Tea Month. Nothing beats sitting outside (with sunscreen, of course) and drinking a cold glass of iced tea. Looking to dress up your usual brew? Here are 8 refreshing recipes found on Instagram to help you beat the heat!More

Nestle takes aim at Japan market as demand for coffee rises
The Japan Times
The domestic coffee market hit a record high last year, with consumption reaching 446,392 tons, according to the All Japan Coffee Association. "Coffee was originally thought a social drink to be consumed at coffee shops," said Toyohide Nishino, the association's executive director. "But the trend is changing as Japan's food culture becomes more Westernized." Even convenience store chains are getting in on the brewing action.More

June is National Iced Tea Month: Try these iced tea cocktails from Tsukuro
Broward/Palm Beach News Times
Tea is the ultimate comfort drink. When you're sick, it can soothe the throat and jump-start the immune system. In the dead of winter, it's sure to warm you up from the inside and conjure images of balmy days. When it's hotter than a billy goat's ass in a pepper patch, a glass of iced tea will cool you down and distract your mind from the blistering heat. But like all consumable beverages, even tea is better with a bit of booze. In honor of National Iced Tea Month (June), we've asked Tsukuro for some alcohol-infused recipes from its tea cocktail menu.More

Nashville iced coffee microbrewery hopes to start java trend
The first wave of what could be a new trend in coffee has arrived in Nashville: microbrewed iced coffee. Bottles of Switters Iced Coffee have started popping up at stores around Nashville. Co-owner Sheri Young says she and her husband got the idea while traveling around Southeast Asia and wanting to create a similar iced coffee experience in their new home of Nashville.More

Coffee is pricier after Brazil drought
The Boston Globe
An unusual drought during the rainy season in Brazil sent coffee futures soaring earlier this year to their highest prices in more than two years. Months later, the effects are trickling down to consumers.More

The history of coffee began in a tiny city you've probably never heard of
Think coffee and you probably imagine a simple, black cup of joe, a mellow cafe au lait or the incessantly long lines at Starbucks to get your triple venti soy no-foam latte. For many, coffee has become a integral component to start the day, catch up with friends or take a casual business meeting. The origin of this ubiquitous beverage has been fiercely debated with stories of its birthplace ranging from the foothills of Latin America to a goat shepherd named Kaldi who noticed his goats behaved rather strangely after eating a mysterious fruit in Ethiopia.More

The premium bottled water springing out of Colorado
Vaspen CEO Steven Miller discusses the growing demand for premium bottled water with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." More

These popular plastic bottles may be messing with your hormones
Mother Jones
Many BPA-free plastics may leach BPA-like chemicals that are potentially damaging to human health, a dilemma Mother Jones explored in our expose on the plastics industry earlier this year. But consumers have had no way of knowing which of the items lurking in their pantries might wreak havoc on their hormones. Until now. A new paper in the journal Environmental Health identifies specific plastic products — including AVENT baby bottles, CamelBak sippy cups, and Lock & Lock food storage containers — that leach estrogen-mimicking chemicals. Perhaps more importantly, it also names a few options that are hormone free.More

Maximizing water efficiency
Environmental Leader
Upgrading old fixtures and altering occupant behavior are two key strategies to improve building water efficiency, reports Depending on their age, older faucets, toilets and urinals could be using 70 to 80 percent more water than newer equivalents. Newer toilets offer the greatest savings: older models typically use between 3.5 and 5 gallons of water per flush compared to between 1.28 and 1.6 gallons per flush for newer models, the website reports.More

How HR pros can boost sustainability and employee engagement
The age of sustainability is here. Some companies, industries and individual businesspeople have done more than others to adapt to it and benefit from it. Now is the time for HR professionals to join the ongoing revolution — and, we hope, to lead their organizations to increasing success in the remarkably challenging, dynamic and exciting new world emerging around us. More