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Aug. 17, 2011

Financing your small business in a tough economy
Small businesses are still struggling to get financing, and that has many entrepreneurs wondering how to go about getting the cash they need to either start or maintain their business. Nearly two-thirds of privately held businesses said they were denied by banks when they applied for a loan, according to a recent Pepperdine University survey. So, many entrepreneurs are having to get creative when it comes to raising money.More

Starbucks' Indian supplier may acquire instant coffee maker
Tata Coffee Ltd., Asia's largest publicly traded grower of the bean, plans to spend more than five billion rupees ($110 million) to acquire an instant coffee maker in Europe in a bid to boost profit margins. The company is planning to increase its instant coffee production by 75 percent to 14,000 metric tons in the next four years in part by acquiring a plant in Europe.More

Which fast food coffee gives you the best buzz for the buck?
Daily Finance
For years, Dunkin' Donuts reigned supreme as the king of fast-food coffee, towering over a field of lesser brews. Then, one day, Starbucks came along with pricier gourmet options, and the war was on. Recently, as the two waged their bitter battle to become the country's caffeine champion, McDonald's entered the fray with McCafé, a brave attempt to muscle in on America's growing taste for premium coffee. To get a better idea about which coffee is best — and which offers the best bang for the buck — Daily Finance contributors decided to conduct a semi-scientific survey of the big three: Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's and Starbucks. More

Bottled water industry endorses Senate recycling resolution
International Bottled Water Association
The International Bottled Water Association applauds Senator Thomas R. Carper , D-Del., and Senator Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, co-Chairs of the Senate Recycling Caucus and others, for their introduction of U.S. Senate Resolution 251, which expresses support for "the improvement of collection, processing and consumption of recyclable materials throughout the U.S." and "policies in the U.S. that establish the equitable treatment of recycled materials."More

Mon dieu! Baguette vending machines in France?
Los Angeles Times
The quintessential Paris experience is to enter a boulangerie, inhale the heavenly smell of fresh bread and buy a baguette for an impromptu picnic on the Seine. Now imagine stuffing a euro into a vending machine that dispenses warm baguettes with all the cachet of an ATM machine. Talk about a buzz kill.More

Why the recovery eludes small business
Bloomberg Businessweek
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released a study to explain why employment at small businesses dropped so much more than employment at large companies during the Great Recession. The upshot of the Fed's analysis: Small employers cut staff so severely because of a drop in consumer demand. Scott Shane, writing for Businessweek, explains that he thinks two factors — reduced access to credit and the concentration of small businesses in the worst hit sectors of the economy — play a bigger role than the Fed researchers acknowledge.More

Luxury corporate brands: Is their corporate social responsibility credible?
The Nonprofit Quarterly
There's a theory that consumers seek out and prefer to buy from companies with strong corporate philanthropic and social responsibility track records. Most corporate executives believe, according to a McKinsey survey, that corporate social responsibility adds to "long-term shareholder value." But do all CSR messages work the same? If a CSR strategy is coming from a seller of luxury goods, will consumers buy it?More