Keeping in Touch with NAMA
Sep. 19, 2012

Small businesses' perspective on tax changes
The Examiner
Jeffrey Porter, vice chair of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee, recently delivered a hearing entitled "Adding to Uncertainty: Small Businesses' Perspectives on the Tax Cliff," to the House Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access in Washington. The goal of the hearing was to urge Congress to reach an agreement on expiring tax provisions as soon as possible so small businesses can again work on long-term tax and cash flow planning to make informed decisions.More

Small business health insurance: Costs still going up
The New York Times
The news for small businesses — not particularly surprising and not particularly good — in the Kaiser Family Foundation's latest study of employer-sponsored health insurance is that the trend lines are unchanged. Costs continue to go up, and the number of companies offering insurance does not.More

Brazil's arabica coffee discount widens as New York futures rise
Buyers of coffee from Brazil, the world's largest producer, were getting a bigger discount for arabica beans recently, with futures in New York rallying, according to Flavour Coffee and Cazarini Trading Co.More

Cup of Joe fast becoming teens' best friend
The News Journal
Caffeine. It's not just an adult choice for a quick morning pick-me-up or anytime-of-the-day boost. Today, it's a popular choice among teenagers and young adults, especially when their nonstop, year-round schedule includes school, sports practice, extra-curriculars, conditioning, performances and games along with club involvement, religion classes, jobs and social time. All encompass a work load, dedication and commitment we as adults never experienced as kids.More

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. pledges over $2 million to fight hunger in Indonesia
Rock Hill Herald
As part of its ongoing effort to fight hunger in coffee-growing communities, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. announces it has pledged over $2 million to food security projects in the Aceh province of Indonesia. The Company has sourced coffee from this region for more than 10 years, much of it Fair Trade Certified and organic. More

New Coke vending machines accept charity donations
The Coca-Cola Company has debuted vending machines that will accept donations to the American Red Cross. Coca-Cola Interactive Vendors installed the machines in malls across metro Atlanta. The new machines give people the option of making a donation with their credit or debit card after they've bought a drink. Customers can also choose to donate without buying anything.More