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Jan. 2, 2013

Free birth control, preventive service in new year with healthcare law
The Plain Dealer
The new year may bring an unexpected holiday gift for many women: No-cost birth control. That's right. Free birth control. Under the Affordable Care Act, most women with private insurance are eligible for eight preventive care measures with no cost-sharing, such as co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance. Those measures include FDA-approved contraceptive measures such as the pill or an intrauterine device.More

Weight gain after adolescence has repercussions for hypertension
The Medical News
Individuals who gain weight in adulthood as well as those who are overweight in adolescence and adulthood are at increased risk for hypertension, research suggests. Moreover, the risk for hypertension varied across racial/ethnic groups, with Hispanic men having a 2.74-fold increased risk for hypertension, while black men had a 4.36-fold increased risk, and white men had a 6.38-fold increased risk, compared with Hispanic, black and white men of normal weight. Hispanic women had a 6.46-fold increased risk for hypertension, while white women had a 6.38-fold increased risk, and black women a 4.36-fold increased risk, compared with Hispanic, white and black women of normal weight.More

Travel-based interventions may be as effective as diet on BMI
HealthDay News via Doctors Lounge
Cutting car travel can be as effective as reducing calories in lowering body mass index, according to research published online in Preventive Medicine.More

Want to lose weight? Drive less and walk more
People focused on weight-loss resolutions for 2013 might want to simply start driving less and start walking more, according to a new study in the journal "Preventative Medicine." More

More food for hungry students: USDA tweaks school meals
A viral video of students complaining about skimpy school meals prompts much-needed adjustments to cafeteria menus. Schools across the country continue to struggle with implementing the first new nutritional guidelines in 15 years governing meals served to nearly 32 million U.S. students every day.More

Study: 2 cups of milk a day best for toddlers
CBS News
Some pediatricians are advising that parents only give their toddlers two cups of milk a day, because too much of it could deplete them of necessary nutrients. A new study, published online in Pediatrics, found that 2.1 cups of milk a day gave young children the sufficient amount of vitamin D without lowering levels of iron, a potential side effect of drinking too much milk.More

FDA approves 1st anti-diarrheal drug for HIV/AIDS patients
Infection Control Today
The Food and Drug Administration has approved Fulyzaq to relieve symptoms of diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients taking antiretroviral therapy, a combination of medicines used to treat HIV infection.More

Pharmaceutical firms cash in on HGH abuse
The Associated Press via USA Today
A federal crackdown on illicit foreign supplies of human growth hormone has failed to stop rampant misuse, and instead has driven record sales of the drug by some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, an Associated Press investigation shows.More

HIV infection risk especially high for teens
Chicago Tribune
Risky sexual behavior and a lack of testing and education are leaving younger people vulnerable to HIV and AIDS, experts say. According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 26 percent of HIV patients are ages 13 to 24. More

Fasting may protect against disease; may even be good for the brain
The Washington Post
A new surge of interest in fasting suggests that it might indeed help people with cancer. It might also reduce the risk of developing cancer, guard against diabetes and heart disease, help control asthma and even stave off Parkinson's disease and dementia. More

Study: A few extra pounds may cut risk of early death
USA Today
Folks who are just slightly overweight but have resolved to lose weight in the new year may give their plans second thoughts in the wake of a controversial new federal analysis.More

Fiscal cliff deal repeals CLASS Act, creates long-term care commission
The New Year's Day budget agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff includes two key measures that could be critical to people receiving long-term supports and services and their caregivers. The first repeals the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act. The second creates a new national commission to develop a plan for better financing and delivery of long-term care services.More