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Oct. 8, 2014

Journal of Managed Care Medicine new website released

The Journal of Managed Care Medicine (JMCM) has released its new website at www.jmcmpub.org. The website features current issues, past issues, supplements and much more. Be sure to visit the website for updates on the latest topics in managed care medicine.

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Fall Managed Care Forum 2014

The Fall Forum will feature the first Annual Innovation Awards for the NAMCP Medical Directors Institute, AAMCN and AAIHDS. If you are interested in applying for this award, please contact Katie Eads at keads@namcp.org or 804-527-1905 and we will send you an application.

The Fall Forum will be held Nov., 12-13, 2014 at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada for medical directors, nurses and administrators.

The Forum features up-to-date, useful information on the ACA and healthcare changes, trends and how to improve patient outcomes.

Click here to see the agenda, speakers, register and for more information on the conference.More

Experts: Walking is the superfood of fitness
Reuters via Yahoo News
Walking may never become as trendy as CrossFit, as sexy as mud runs or as ego-boosting as Ironman races, but for fitness experts who stress daily movement over workouts and an active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games, walking is a super star. For author and scientist Katy Bowman, walking is a biological imperative like eating. In her book, "Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement," she suggests there are movement nutrients, just like dietary nutrients, that the body needs.More

What kinds of exercise can boost long-term memory?
Medical News Today
Think that improving your memory is all brain training and omega-3 supplements? Think again. A new study from researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta suggests that working out at the gym for as little as 20 minutes can improve long-term memory. Previous studies have shown that memory may be improved by several months of aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling or swimming. More

No time for exercise?
The Huffington Post
Time. There never seems to be enough. This is especially true for busy executives and business travelers, not to mention parents, coaches, teacher, doctors, nurses ... well, just about everyone in his over-scheduled world. Unfortunately, when Mr. Timecrunch visits, it's usually our health that picks up the tab. Higher stress levels, binge eating and, perhaps, the most detrimental, missed workouts. In fact, the No. 1 excuse individuals give for not exercising is lack of time.More

Could dining with a fat friend ruin your diet?
CBS News
The size of your dining companions may influence how much you eat, new research suggests. The heavier that people who eat with you or near you are, the more food you are likely to eat and the less likely that food is to be healthy, said study researcher Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, in Ithaca, New York.More

3 tips for following low-carb diets
Live Science via Fox News
Doesn't it seem like a new fad diet pops up every day? One may think that we would eventually run out of food combinations, but new trends just keep emerging. Many of them are variations on the same core principles and any way you cut it, low-carb and low-fat diets are still all the rage. But do they work?More

Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an obsession
Life by DailyBurn via CNN
Three years ago, after suffering from chronic abdominal pain, digestive problems and a crushing breakup that left her depressed and sluggish, Ashley Bailey started researching whether "clean eating" could help her feel better. After learning that some people are intolerant to dairy, she cut milk and cheese from her diet and was relieved when her heartburn disappeared. But she didn't stop there.More

Heavy coffee drinker? Blame your genes
The Boston Globe
Ever wonder why you can’t get through the day without your two cups of java, but your spouse and college-age daughter shun the brew? A new study led by Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital researchers found genes may be at least partly to blame — and not necessarily those that govern our taste buds.More

Study links declining fitness, sleep complaints
Medical Xpress
A new study from the University of Georgia finds a link between a person's fitness level — specifically cardiorespiratory fitness — and sleeping ability. Led by Rodney Dishman, a professor of kinesiology in the College of Education, the study featured in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise analyzed data collected over 35 years.More

Study: Exercise protects the brain against depression
Evidence from many credible studies shows that exercise is potent medicine for the mind. Both strength training and cardiovascular exercise yield benefits above the shoulders, like greater endurance under stress and more mental elasticity to bounce back from difficult situations. We know that some of these benefits come from exercise elevating brain chemicals, like endorphins, that produce a sense of well-being. More

3 simple ways to make exercise a habit
A lot of people want to build an exercise habit that sticks. Of course, wanting to make exercise a habit and actually doing it are two different things. More

Exercise keeps BP steady despite age
MedPage Today
A progressively rising blood pressure trajectory is not an inevitable part of aging in men who remain active and maintain high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness, a prospective, population-based study found.More

Sit less, live longer?
The New York Times
If people need motivation to get up from their office chairs or couches and become less sedentary, two useful new studies could provide the impetus. More

10 sports supplements that actually work
Yahoo Health
Walk the aisles of any nutrition or health food store, and you’re bound to be overwhelmed in less time than it takes to chug a protein shake. But not all supplements are bunk: Research shows that some can help you work out longer or harder, recover better and facilitate a host of other benefits. Here are 10 that are worth your time.More

Popular supplement is culprit in itchy rash
Live Science via Fox News
A 55-year-old man in California who went to a dermatologist with an itchy rash over his face, torso, abdomen and scalp turned out to be suffering from a side effect of taking a popular supplement called kava kava, according to a recent report of his case.More

Why do you need supplements if you are eating a healthy diet?
The Christian Post
By fully committing to a raw, plant-based diet, you bathe your body with extraordinary nutrients that continuously feed your cells with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that support optimum health. If that’s the case, then why do you need supplements? Shouldn’t your healthy diet be sufficient?More