NAMIC Diversity Digest
Jul. 17, 2014

ABC's Paul Lee talks diversity, scheduling and last season's stumbles
The diversity featured in ABC's upcoming prime time lineup is no accident, ABC Entertainment Group prexy Paul Lee told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. ABC has a high volume of shows that come from minority creators and showrunners, and shows that deal directly with racial and ethnic experiences, such as comedies “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Cristela” and “Blackish.”More

Marvel announces new Captain America will be black
Another day, another announcement that Marvel is diversifying its heroes. Just one day after announcing that its new Thor would be a woman, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada appeared on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to announce that the new Captain America would be a black man.More

Google and Adobe develop new font for east Asian languages
NBC News
Over a billion people now have access to a new font, thanks to Adobe and Google. The font, called Source Hans Sans by Adobe and Noto Sans CJK by Google, is an open-source typeface family for East Asian languages, according to statements released by the two companies. More

Deciphering the new game in tech: Do businesses value diversity?
The Grio
Vast wealth, massive disruption, formidable power —these are just the few of the big-ticket prizes behind some of the doors of the high stakes game known as the tech industry. For many years, it has been an exclusive, members-only sort of sector but now, new players try to shoulder their way in to a seat at a table brimming with abundance. There’s a new breeze beginning to blow in the thin, exclusive air of the tech giants’ offices in this country, and the direction seems to be that of a call to action for diversity. But with just as many complexities as entrants, how things will truly shake out in the long run is almost anyone’s guess. More

Africa Channel to launch morning show that will air live in Africa and US
Target Market News
The Africa Channel announced that it will make television history with the soft launch of a new morning show on Friday, July 18, the birth date of Nelson Mandela. The weekday show, "Expresso," will be the first series to ever air live on the African continent and then on tape the same day in the U.S. upon its official premiere in the fall. More

Aereo tries to stay alive as cable-like service
Aereo Inc. said it believes it can survive by operating like a cable-TV provider after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the streaming-video service violated broadcasters’ copyrights. After the court said the startup operates much like a cable-TV service, Aereo said it should now be entitled to pay to license programming and its transmissions won’t infringe broadcasters’ rights, according to a letter to U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan in Manhattan.More

Star Trek's John Cho breaks barriers as romantic lead
The Toronto Star
Asians are among the most under-represented minority group on TV, and Asian males in romantic leads are practically unheard of. But John Cho now finds himself starring in a modern remake of Pygmalion and the color-blind casting of himself as “Henry” with co-star Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley in ABC’s Selfie for the fall TV season.More

ABC brings new Shonda Rhimes show aboard with Viola Davis
New York Daily News
ABC is proudly promising a stronger lineup and greater diversity this fall — in no small measure because it has handed Thursday nights over to Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes has written two of the network’s major building blocks from recent years, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” and this fall they will be paired on Thursdays with a third Rhimes show, “How to Get Away With Murder.”More

Univision, ESPN score digital victories during 2014 World Cup
Germany may have won the World Cup, but official U.S. broadcasters Univision and ESPN are both celebrating their digital performances. Across all its platforms, Univision Digital said it had more than 27.5 million uniques during the global soccer competition. It had 25 of its highest trafficked days during the games, reaching the apex with 10.3 million visits on June 23.More

People remember ads more when they binge on TV shows
Watching huge blocks of a given TV show all at once is becoming the new normal, and that could be beneficial to advertisers. Binge viewers pay more attention to advertisers than people watching TV in smaller increments, according to a new study. More

How the Hollywood marketing machine tailors campaigns to Hispanics
While Hispanics are woefully under-represented in the casting of feature films, marketers have helped Hollywood embrace Hispanic moviegoers more thoroughly and effectively than in years past. More