Jan. 12, 2011

Large retailers increase e-mail promos
The New York Times
Retailers have been stepping up their reliance on promotional e-mail for years; the volume of e-mail sent per subscriber has increased by double-digit percentages every year since 2006.More

Shoppers to spend more, stay thrifty
Shoppers will continue to spend more this year, spurred by a slowly improving job market and an uptick in income, but enough shoppers are still struggling with their finances that any increase will be modest.More

Less worried about layoffs, jobholders spend more
The Associated Press via Google News
Consumer spending is critical because it powers about 70 percent of the economy. It rose for five straight months through November, kicking off the strongest holiday shopping season since 2006.More

Murdoch, Jobs said to unveil iPad news publication
Bloomberg Businessweek
News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch will introduce a tablet-computer news publication at an event next week with Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, according to a person familiar with the plan.More

How will tablets affect the news publishing business model?
Seeking Alpha
The Consumer Electronics Show is shining a bright light on The Year of the Tablet. Tablet sales are projected to reach 70 million in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012 (50 million of them iPads). Early survey results, such as the Reynolds Journalism Institute's study, are showing longer news session times, more-than-snippets-reading, and a renewal of lean-back, pleasurable longer-form reading.More

iPad-only publications ramping up
News & Tech
In the midst of the frenzy of publishers taking their print magazines to the iPad, Virgin Media caught the attention of consumers with the November launch of its iPad-only Project magazine. The magazine, priced at $2.99 an issue, undercuts some of the most popular titles downloaded on the tablet.More

A TV-Internet marriage awaits blessings of all parties
The New York Times
The blending of television and the Internet is inevitable. But will it happen in concert with the major cable and satellite distributors, or in spite of them? More

Watch a newspaper reinvent itself
The New York Times
When The Register Citizen in Torrington, Conn., moved from its dilapidated 105-year-old home into a renovated factory space meant to embody a full-bore embrace of the Internet, it provided one metaphor for how journalism is trying to reinvent itself.More

Market your way out
Editor & Publisher
Newspaper publishers know a percentage of the population likes to hold the printed newspaper in their hand. It's a comfortable old shoe. It's easier on the eyes. They like breaking up the sections to share with family and folding it up to swat a fly. They read the stories. They look at the ads. But the number is quickly shrinking.More