Feb. 16, 2011

Retail sales hit another new high in January
The Atlantic
The bad weather didn't keep all Americans from shopping in January. U.S. sales for retail and food services rose for the seventh month straight to $381.6 billion.More

Walgreens launches campaign to push store-brand products
The New York Times
The drugstore chain has started a national advertising campaign for Walgreens-branded health and wellness products. The campaign is the first time Walgreens has gone beyond Sunday newspaper circulars and in-store signs to advertise its own brand.More

Neiman Marcus opens customer door wider
The Wall Street Journal
After a recession that cost the company $1 billion in annual revenue, new chief executive officer Karen Katz is on a mission to make the posh chain a bit more inclusive.More

Pandora plans to diversify into sports and news content
In its recent IPO filing, online radio station Pandora has revealed several of its future plans to move beyond music in order to build a long-term business.More

Consumers are downloading — not clipping — coupons
NACS Online
A report from Inc. indicates that digital coupons accounted for more than $1.2 billion in savings in 2010, representing a 41 percent growth over the previous year.More

National spot radio up 17.7 percent in 2010
Radio and Television Business Report
After a dismal 2009, national spot radio bounced back with a strong year in 2010. The 17.7 percent increase was driven by strong demand across auto, telecomm, retail, consumer products and entertainment, along with an active political season in the run-up to November's elections.More

Print newspapers have a place in a tablet-heavy future
Nieman Journalism Lab
Jason E. Klein, president and CEO of the Newspaper National Network, argues that tablets aren't going to sweep away the print newspaper business anytime soon.More

The state of play for paid content
Editor & Publisher
The late, though not necessarily lamented, 2010 was supposed to be the Year of the Paywall for newspapers. But consumers overwhelmingly repudiated the efforts of the few publishers who dared to demand payment for access to the news.More