Feb. 17, 2010

NAA: Newspaper inserts face increased challenges in coming years
Newspaper inserts, which account for half of newspaper retail advertising, will face increased digital competition and other pressures over the next several years, according to a report from the NAA.More

Gas-reward discount programs are growing
Minneapolis Star Tribune
If you're looking for redemption in these troubled times, BP gas stations have a deal for you. After a year of testing in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin, BP is beginning a nationwide rollout of fancy gas pumps that automatically redeem grocery store gas-reward cards, sometimes for hefty discounts on fuel.More

McDonald's uses Olympics to tout smoothies, food quality
Advertising Age
McDonald's is tapping Olympic athletes to help lend credibility to a message it has been pushing for the past four years: that it uses only quality ingredients.More

Retail logistics: a moving trend
Electronic Retailer Magazine
For the last decade, retail merchandise from the Far East was synonymous with the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach. It was an accepted fact that merchandise being manufactured in Taiwan or China would move through these two major ports on their way to your favorite retail store. In a peak year of 2006, over 15 million sea containers passed through these two ports, forcing them to work 24-hour shifts, seven days a week. Run the calendar a mere four years and the impact looks completely different. Why? More

Retail sales rebound in January
According to the January 2010 Advance Monthly Retail Trade Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. retail and food service sales rose 0.5 percent, from $353 billion to $355.8 billion, last month. U.S. retail and food service sales have been in a seesaw pattern in recent months, with sales falling 0.3 percent in December 2009, 1.5 percent in September and 2 percent in July, but rising 1.8 percent in November 2009, 1.4 percent in October and 2.7 percent in August.More

Digital coupon growth outpaces newspaper coupons
It is no secret that the readership of newspapers has switched to a primarily online readership. Now, news that coupon clipping is also moving online. According to the latest research from, for the first time digital coupon growth outpaced newspaper coupon growth by a margin of 10 to 1.More

iPad subscriber info a 'dealbreaker' for publishers
Poynter Online
Newspaper publishers are pushing for more access to customer data and a larger share of subscription sales revenue as they negotiate distribution deals on Apple's new iPad. Apple has traditionally shared no customer data with content and software developers who sell their products in the iTunes store.More

How much are keywords really worth?
For years marketers have tried to determine the correct budget to allocate for keywords by estimating the revenue each would generate. Now several companies have introduced keyword tools aimed at optimizing the amount of funds spent for search engine marketing.More

Making the most of earned media
Thanks to the social Web, anyone can publish opinions for the world to see. As a result, word-of-mouth reaches further than ever, and brands have a tremendous opportunity to tap into their loyal customers and advocates to help spread their marketing messages through earned media.More

The information divide between traditional and new media
In the era of the real-time Web, information travels at a greater velocity than the infrastructure of mainstream media can support as it exists today. As events materialize, the access to social publishing and syndication platforms propels information across attentive and connected nodes that link social graphs all over the world. Current events are now at the epicenter of global attention as social media makes the world a much smaller place.More

Publishing industry will rebound in time
Democrat and Chronicle
Magazines, newspapers and books all face challenges — not only because of the slow economy, but also because of technology that has created so many alternatives to print. But somehow the industry will sort things out, says John Palattella, literary editor of The Nation.More

Web players rush into the $15 billion local Web ad space
Until recently, the online local space was considered sleepy at best, dormant at worst. Yet no one doubted its potential at some point down the line. But now, a confluence of factors is spurring interest in the local Web. As a result, several major online media companies are embarking on ambitious content plays in the segment, including AOL's local news project and's purchase of Plus, both Google and Microsoft have recently shown interest in purchasing the local listings guide Yelp.More

Consumer magazines emerge from recession in good shape
Press Gazette
More than 1 billion consumer magazines were sold in 2009 — and consumer magazine sales dropped just 1.3 percent overall in the second half of the year. It seems the magazine industry has emerged from recession in much better shape than the regional and national press or broadcasting.More