March 30, 2011

Consumers like mobile shopping sites, apps
Because it can go to the store along with shoppers, the mobile phone as a tool for shopping actually has the potential to bridge traditional retail and digital retail in a way that couldn’t have been otherwise possible.More

Newspapers follow Groupon's lead
Ad Age
Media companies are seeing their own Groupon-style deals bring in new revenue. Better yet, the revenue is often from entirely new customers.More

Consumer spending rose 0.7 percent in February
The New York Times
Consumer spending rose for an eighth consecutive month in February as households faced higher food and energy prices.More

WSJ launching single-issue downloads for iPad
Looking to get more subscribers for its iPad app, The Wall Street Journal will start selling single-issue digital versions of its morning paper for $1.99 in the within the existing free app.More

Newsy raises $1.5 million in funding for mobile news
Newsy, a multisource video news service that analyzes the world's news coverage, announced that it has closed a $1.5 million series B round led by a St. Louis-based private equity firm. The second round adds to the $2.75 million in funding Newsy has already raised, bringing total investment to $4.25 million. More

Google shifts to ads, cloud services, YouTube
Google employees may be redeployed to focus on the richest veins the company is exploring: visual online ads, cloud-based Google Apps, YouTube and Android.More

Why mobile advertising will be bigger than TV advertising
Business Insider
When we push past the nuts and bolts of campaign implementation, we almost always reach the same conclusion: mobile advertising will one day inevitably be larger than advertising on TV and every other digital channel. Inevitable, yes. But when?More

ABC board changes advertising requirement for digital magazines
Folio Magazine
Recognizing the fluid state of digital magazine publishing, the ABC board of directors has just modified a key requirement for qualifying a "replica" digital edition. Advertising in the print and digital editions no longer needs to be identical. More

Long-form journalism finds a home
The New York Times
The Atavist is a tiny curio of a business that looks for new ways to present long-form content for the digital age. All the richness of the Web — links to more information, videos, casts of characters — is right there in an app displaying an article, but with a swipe of the finger, the presentation reverts to clean text that can be scrolled by merely tilting the device.More