April 6, 2011

Who's up and who's down in Twitter's top 25 newspapers
At 3,062,437, The New York Times remains the only U.S. newspaper with more than a million followers. The Chicago Tribune, at 829,742, is number two, followed by The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.More

Facebook test mines real-time conversations for ad targeting
Ad Age Digital
The model is being tested by 1 percent of Facebook users worldwide — a focus group of 6 million. With real-time delivery, the mere mention of having a baby, running a marathon, buying a power drill or wearing high-heeled shoes is transformed into an opportunity to serve immediate ads.More

Social networking is fastest growing content form
Figures from comScore say that as of the end of February, a full one-third (33 percent) of all smartphone users in the U.S. were using Android-powered smartphones, as smartphone penetration in the market is now approaching 30 percent of all mobile handsets.More

AdKeeper aims to keep advertisers by appealing to publishers
Having convinced a number of major marketers to give interactive ad clipping service AdKeeper a try before its full launch in August, the company’s founder Scott Kurnit is now working on securing deals with publishers to reserve a spot on their sites for his "keeper box."More

Latinos wield $1 trillion in consumer spending power
Food Product Design
Market research publisher Packaged Facts released its "Latino Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Americans, 8th Edition" report that reveals Latinos in the United States are a growing consumer segment with an estimated $1 trillion in spending power that will grow to $1.3 trillion by 2015. More

Online shopping just got easier
Fast Company
Google's just improved its Google Commerce Search powers, giving online retailers a richer interface to offer online consumers trying find the right goods.More

Smartphone app lets Valpak put coupons on real-time street
Promo Magazine
Coupon platform Valpak has branched way out from the iconic blue envelope as a delivery channel, launching a website, rolling out its own branded mobile apps and integrating with online couponers such as More

Radio's future is a lot brighter than it looks
Media Life Magazine
These past few years have been hard for traditional radio, and the recession has only been part of it. There's a feeling among radio people that their medium no longer gets the respect it deserves as the great workhorse of media, especially among a very critical audience, media planners and buyers. More

TV advertising is not dead yet
Researcher eMarketer now predicts that TV ad spending will account for over 39 percent of all major media spending by advertisers in 2015, fractionally higher than its share this year.More