Apr. 25, 2012

Webinar introduces Google's new online revenue product

More than ever, publishers are seeking new ways to monetize online content. Display ads don't always bring in sufficient revenue and newspapers are still testing the waters with walled-off content. What if you could charge visitors to access your site without making them pull out their credit cards? In an exclusive May 7 webinar for NAA members, learn more about Google Consumer Surveys. This new tool gives businesses an easy way to conduct custom market research and provides publishers with a revenue opportunity. The webinar features Amy Adams Harding, head of publisher development for Google Consumer Surveys, who will introduce the product and share results from Google’s eight-month test over 30 sites. Also scheduled to participate are representatives of several partner newspapers that have implemented this tool.More

Inland seeks input for compensation survey

Newspapers face a number of challenges. Business models are changing. Readership is shifting. Staffing limitations pose a particular threat to a newspaper's health. Providing compensation that fits the budget but still attracts, motivates and retains employees adds extra pressure to this delicate balancing act. Inland Press Association provides newspapers with a tool to make this task easier: the Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey. The deadline to participate is April 27. MORE More

Conference focuses on multiplatform delivery

Produced by the Software & Information Industry Association, the Content VIA Platforms conference addresses content distribution across multiple platforms – Web, mobile, tablets, social media and aggregation channels. A special rate is available for NAA members to attend the event, which runs May 9-10 in San Francisco. Enter promo code VIANAA (for an individual registration) or VIACNAA (for the corporate registration package good for three executives). MOREMore

Apps become key to mobile advertising
Ads within smartphone applications are turning into a key driver for mobile advertising, as apps become the main distribution method for media on mobile phones, according to a report from research firm Strategy Analytics.More

Ikea's tiny banner ad jam-packed with links
Ikea has stuffed more than 2,800 articles into a wee banner. You can do everything, even shop, from it. Click on a product and you're sent to that article on a special Ikea site where you can buy it.More

Kimberly-Clark sees future in mobile, social
Jeff Jarrett, vice president for global digital marketing, spoke with eMarketer about the most effective ad formats for consumer packaged goods, and how online CPG sales have required the industry to establish a larger footprint in digital.More

Radio talks digital strategies
Radio World
After more than a decade of radio streaming, many people still are wondering whether the phenomenon can actually provide real profits. The answer depends on whom you ask, according to Skip Pizzi, director of digital strategies at the National Association of Broadcasters.More

Retail e-mail marketers rapidly adopting Pinterest
MediaPost News
Since mid-February, the percentage of major retailers that have used their email programs to promote their activity on Pinterest has grown from nothing to 24 percent. Pinterest links have appeared in retailers' e-mails much more quickly than links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or iPhone apps did, a sign that retailer adoption is likely to be very high.More

App downloads users' news when they leave home
TechCrunch, the newsreader app hatched in The New York Times' R&D lab and incubated at betaworks, has added a feature to its new iPhone app, which gives readers instant access to their news offline — whenever they leave the house.More

Consumers spending more on gadgets, services
MediaPost News
More than 40 percent of Americans download and pay for digital content, and they're spending more money on them than they ever have.More

Financial Times passes 2 million users for its HTML5 Web app
The Guardian
The Financial Times has attracted more than 2 million users to its HTML5 Web app 10 months after its launch. The app was launched in response to Apple's introduction of new rules governing subscription-based iOS apps.More

Which website component would you redesign first?
Editor & Publisher
A journalism student and a newsroom vet discuss which website component they would focus on revamping and why.More

Storify partners with Pulse in syndication deal
A partnership between curating application Storify and news reader Pulse will allow readers to subscribe to curated stories from a number of sources across tech, politics, social media and more.More

WSJ dives into live, continuous coverage with Markets Pulse
Nieman Journalism Lab
The Wall Street Journal has launched Markets Pulse, a platform for a continuous flow of news — including blog posts, articles, videos, tweets, photos, and other elements — that readers can dip into throughout the day from their computers or from a mobile device. The idea is to provide more choices to readers who are increasingly seeking news on the go.More

Strategies offered for reaching young readers
There's no reason to give up hope on reaching the digital and even print audiences of the future. Based on research and the advice of news outlets that do reach young people, there are eight important steps you can take.More