April 27, 2011

Social media remakes rules of advertising
TheStreet via The Mercury
Companies have long known word of mouth is among the most powerful tools in building and maintaining a brand's reputation. Social media now offers them a way to leverage an army of users to do what Madison Avenue can't do as directly.More

Consumer confidence rises more than forecast in April
Six straight months of job growth along with joblessness at a two-year low in March are helping sustain consumer purchases, which account for about 70 percent of the economy. At the same time, bigger gains in sentiment may be difficult as households spend more for food and gasoline.More

Tablets will drive data demand
According to a new report, tablet PCs like Apple's iPad will generate nearly five times more data traffic than the average smartphone.More

How digital editions can help save newspapers
Editor & Publisher
Virtually all newspapers have websites that look good and have great functionality. So why aren't they all producing acceptable amounts of profit?More

NYT gets 100,000 paid digital subscriptions in first weeks of paywall
With these kinds of numbers so early — The Washington Post reportedly took more than a year to hit a similar figure for digital subscriptions — it'll be interesting to see how the next quarter goes for the site.More

Google launches instant previews for ads
The preview box will appear next to ads featured in search results, allowing users to quickly scan the advertiser's page.More

Demand builds for TV ad time
The Wall Street Journal
As rising gasoline prices and stubbornly high unemployment hold back the U.S. economy, one marketplace still appears to be as hot as ever: TV advertising.More

The Washington Post launches Trove
Los Angeles Times
Trove pulls news from 10,000 sources across the Internet and sorts content by what a user's interests are. Users can personalize content on the site and in apps by adding or subtracting "channels" that filter news on specific topics.More