May. 29, 2013

New infographic available from NAA

The latest Nielsen and Scarborough research shows that not only do newspaper media reach a huge audience, they also reach an engaged audience. Using that data, we've created a new infographic illustrating the undeniable value of newspaper media. Because even as our industry continues its transformation in the digital age, one thing remains true. Newspapers deliver.More

Five retailer-newspaper partnerships recognized in NAA's 2012 Merchandiser of the Year Awards

Newspapers continue to execute great partnerships with local retailers, and the NAA Merchandiser of the Year Awards program captures some of the best. This year the NAA Single-Copy Committee selected "Five Great Partnerships" as deserving special recognition, including Home Depot, Dunkin’ Donuts, Circle K, Hy-Vee and RaceTrac. Each winning program is an example of strong relationships, good collaboration and great results for both the newspaper and the retailer in selling newspapers and increasing store traffic.More

A tour of MIT Mobile Experience Lab

Join API for an insider look at the famed MIT Mobile Experience Lab in Cambridge, Mass., June 16. Founded in 2006 by Director Federico Casalengo, the MIT Mobile Experience Lab seeks to "radically reinvent and creatively design connections between people, information and places, using cutting-edge information and mobile technology." Casalengo will lead a personal tour of the lab and its ideas.More

Sears turns in a loss as revenue falls
The Wall Street Journal
Sears Holdings Corp. swung to a fiscal first-quarter loss from a profit a year earlier, when the retailer booked a large gain on asset sales. Revenue and margins also weakened in the latest period.More

McDonald's Warsaw captivates with hand-drawn chalkboard ad campaign
The Drum
McDonald’s has shunned high-tech advertising to go back to basics at is restaurant in Warsaw by presenting its daily offers on a hand-drawn chalkboard menu. The large billboard is updated twice daily with the switch from breakfast to lunch.More

Shoppers prefer personalized brick and mortar vs. online
MediaPost News
According to a recent study from Synqera, by Instant.Ly, more than two-thirds of Americans prefer to shop in traditional, brick and mortar stores than online commerce sites. The survey found that shoppers gravitate towards retail locations that offer customized shopping experiences, but that checkout remains the number one pain point for 73 percent of U.S. consumers.More

Why Reddit is betting on original content
The '80s cliché is that video killed the radio star. Now it's quickly killing other priorities as a growing number of media concerns put greater focus on original programming, all in a quest for higher CPMs. Some are new players. Reddit is now making a concerted effort to court top brand-name consumer advertisers by weaving them into original video programming.More

A flashy bet for Yahoo on a shift in social media
The New York Times
Yahoo's $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr is a huge coup for the young founder of the even younger start-up and a splashy move by Marissa Mayer to shake up her company. It also heralds a larger shift in social media.More

Social media driving mobile video discovery
Mobile Marketing Daily
The video viewing habit is migrating quickly from desktop to devices, but some of the familiar discovery mechanisms may not be porting over in quite the same way. For instance, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive of more than 2,000 users on behalf of social video community Telly, only 41 percent of mobile video watchers say they are discovering new streaming media from the traditional search engines.More

Instagram for newsrooms: A community tool, a reporting tool, a source of Web content
For news organizations, Instagram isn't just about pretty pictures. It's about the people they're interacting with and the stories behind the images. "Instagram is so immediate and intimate that it creates this close connection with the user," said Cory Haik, executive producer for digital news at The Washington Post.More

NY Times CEO calls digital pay model 'most successful' decision in years
"The launch of the pay model is the most important and most successful business decision made by The New York Times in many years," CEO Mark Thompson said.More

How some news orgs use Tumblr
What do you do with a blog service full of cat GIFs and memes? If you're Yahoo, you buy it for $1.1 billion.More

At The Miami Herald, tweeting's about breaking news in the a.m. and conversation in the p.m.
Nieman Journalism Lab
Nikki Usher writes: "When I went to The Miami Herald as part of a much larger project looking at newsrooms and news buildings, I was pleasantly surprised to find...More

Trinity Mirror launches Buzzfeed-style brand
The "experimental" digital humor and entertainment publishing brand has been named "Us vs Th3m" and will sit separately to the Daily Mirror newspaper operation. The project hopes to appeal to the younger audiences who visit Buzzfeed, and is positioned as a mobile- and tablet-first brand.More

The Guardian newspaper announces a new '.com' domain
The Next Web
British national daily newspaper The Guardian has unveiled plans to create a new global online identity, one that will serve as a home for its various digital properties around the world. The Guardian’s publisher, Guardian News & Media, announced it will introduce a single portal on, which will host, and its upcoming Australian edition, which is scheduled to go live later this year.More

Objectivity and the decades-long shift from 'just the facts' to 'what does it mean?'
Nieman Journalism Lab
Jonathan Stray writes: "If I had only one short sentence to describe it, I'd say that journalism is factual reports of current events. At least, that's what I used to say, and I think it's what most people imagine journalism is. But reports of events have been a shrinking part of American journalism for more than 100 years, as stories have shifted from facts to interpretation."More