June. 9, 2010

Magna: Online advertising to reach $100 billion in 2015
An unusually optimistic forecast for digital advertising growth comes from Magna Global. The research division of IPG's Mediabrands says that on a global basis, online advertising will grow 12.4 percent this year to $61 billion.More

Why the mobile advertising wars have just begun
Business Insider via San Francisco Chronicle
Google's acquisition of AdMob is the beginning of the era of mobile advertising. It creates a big fish in a small pond, but the acquisition was also the first stick of dynamite to explode on the dam holding back mobile advertising.More

Results show shoppers starting to trade back up
As shoppers inch their way toward pre-recession spending levels, they are changing channels again, and May retail results indicate just how elusive defining the "new normal" may be.More

Times' paywall won't affect social sharing, either
Arthur Sulzberger, chairman of The New York Times Co., said at the Conversational Media Summit in Manhattan that the paywall, scheduled to appear in early 2011, will not hamper efforts to improve the Times' distribution via social-media platforms.More

Read all about it — digitally
Yahoo! News
Can the iPad and online subscriptions save newspapers? Newspaper stocks have rallied off their lows on improved results thanks to cost cutting. But publishers still face wrenching changes as they transition from a paper product, a.k.a. "dead tree" editions, to electronic displays and the Internet.More

The Internet: That's entertainment
Remember when the Internet was the "information superhighway," putting the world's knowledge at your fingertips? Now, consumers are as likely to regard it as an entertainment medium. A survey released this month by Edelman examines some of the implications of this transformation for the ways in which consumers regard entertainment more broadly — including the factors they value and are inclined to pay for.More

Google acquires real-time ad bidding tech
Google announced its acquisition of Invite Media, a company that has developed a system for real-time bidding on display ad space. Google is expanding its investment in this area at an interesting time, while competitors such as Yahoo step up their own real-time bidding functionality and as the possibility of regulatory action grows stronger.More

It's a new marketplace: Will you be able to adapt?
Electronic Retailer Magazine
The DRTV media roller coaster surely blessed riders with its share of thrills and chills over the past 10 years, with no dip or rise untouched. Where rising rates were once the only predictable variable in the industry, everything from new cable channels to an influx of brand advertisers to changes in buying methodologies impacted the way DRTV media buyers do their jobs, producers create commercials and marketers generate profits. Rewind 10 years and the scene was quite different.More

Newspaper journalism isn't dead; just look at the numbers
Online Journalism Review
This doomsday outlook for newspapers has been repeatedly reiterated in study after study. From polls showing dwindling circulation numbers to surveying the social media platforms that people now use for news, these studies have shown that traditional newspapers are no longer a thriving business model.More

New breed of newspaper owners writing a different story
The Chicago Tribune
The newspaper industry is starting to meet its new bosses — the hedge funds and banks that are moving in as rich family owners and button-down executives move out. While the objectives of these new owners remain unclear, insiders say the transition period promises more upheaval at newspapers just as they begin to emerge from bankruptcy.More

Venture into media's future
The media industry is changing and many traditional news companies are struggling to adapt to it. While many traditional media companies flounder to keep their subscription rates and their online clicks up, technological entrepreneurs — and the venture capital investors that back them — say the industry's uncertainty offers great opportunities for new disruptive innovations.More