Jun. 10, 2015

Susan Jacobs Shares Insights into the MediaWorks Publisher Consortium

As the general manager and vice president of MediaWorks, Susan Jacobs helps deliver solutions that streamline advertising and enhance the effectiveness of media campaigns. She talks about how The Publisher Consortium can help news organizations.More

Innovative Ways to Boost the Impact of Advertising

There are several ways to generate advertising opportunities through branded content and innovative ideas. Fred Hurkmans, commercial and marketing director at NewsMaster, and Zohar Dayan, co-founder and CEO of Wibbitz, took the stage to talk about efforts to improve the impact of advertising at the World Advertising Forum last week in Washington, D.C. More

NAA Roundup: Gannett Acquires 11 News Organizations

Gannett Co. Inc. acquired 11 news organizations from Digital First Media. The deal includes publications in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Texas.More

How Programmatic Is Transforming the Advertising Landscape

Programmatic advertising is advancing rapidly but remains little understood. Tuesday at the World Advertising Forum in Washington, D.C., three U.S. and European advertising executives spoke on how programmatic is changing the way ad sales teams conduct business.More

How Technology Has Affected Hearst and The Washington Post

Media companies are aware that they need to transform their organizations, but it often takes an outsider to accelerate the tempo. At the session titled "Good. Better. Best?" Tuesday at the World News Media Congress in Washington, D.C., two executives offered an inside peek at how technology is revolutionizing their companies' operations. More

Can Mainstream Media Buy Its Way to Growth?

Large and mid-sized media companies face the same need to supplement their core activity with additional growth drivers. At the World News Media Congress in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, the session titled "Can mainstream media buy its way to growth?" looked at different strategies for growth that do not require the spending power of a big tech company or an investment fund.More

All of Germany Just Signed Up to This Micropayment App That People Think Is the Future of News on the Web
Business Insider
Blendle, the Dutch startup that allows users to pay small micropayments for individual newspaper and magazine articles rather than having to sign up to digital subscriptions, has just signed up all the major German national newspapers to its service. Not just some of them — all of them. Eighteen dailies and 15 weeklies. The app now has an almost complete lock on national news in Germany. More

Global Newspaper Circ Revenues Passed Ads in 2014
For the first time in the modern era, newspaper publishers around the world collected more revenue from circulation, including print and digital subscriptions and newsstand sales, than they did from advertising, according to a new global survey from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. Newspaper publishers in the U.S. still get most of their revenues from ads, although the proportion derived from circulation has increased dramatically in recent years. More

For News Organizations, This was the Most Important Set of Apple Announcements in Years
Nieman Lab
There wasn't a lot of buildup beforehand, but Monday's Apple keynote turned out to be the most important for publishers in years. (To be clear, there have been many more important Apple announcements for Apple. But this was the most important Apple announcement for news organizations since at least 2011, I think.) More

Should Journalists Know How Many People Read Their Stories?
The Atlantic
Soon, reporters at two of the country's leading newspapers will have access to the most basic type of digital analytics: They will be able to see web-traffic data for their own stories. That is, they will at least know how many people clicked on them, where they came from, and how long they lingered. On Thursday, The Washington Post — in a concession to its reporters' union — told journalists they would soon have access to this data, which they had long demanded.More

Why Journalists Need to Practice What They Preach
The Washington Post
The next time a journalist gripes about some newsmaker's unwillingness to play ball with journalists, he or she might consider this: Journalists aren't exactly an open book, either. When they're on the other side of a microphone or press pad, reporters can be as thin-skinned, controlling and paranoid as the people they cover. And they can be as unforthcoming about themselves and their organizations as any other source. More

Internet of Things Data Could Fuel Ad Targeting
Advertising Age
The Internet of Things has promised to turn our everyday interactions with stuff into data for logistical and marketing applications. But now that more and more corporations, including Diageo and Mondelez, have tested actual web-connected products in the market, the industry is approaching the next stage of connected appliances and food packaging.More

Marketers, Creative Ad Execs Adjust to Video Ads With No Sound
The Wall Street Journal
It's never been easy for advertisers to get people to pay attention to them. It's even harder when millions of people literally can't hear their commercials. But in a world where Americans are consuming more and more Web video on mobile phones, or in Web environments where video ads play without sound — particularly on Facebook — brands and top creative executives are having to adjust quickly. More

Read Arianna Huffington's Plan To 'Dominate the Industry'
CNN Money
CNNMoney has obtained a copy of the Huffington Post's strategy for growth that founder Arianna Huffington writes will position the site to "dominate the industry." The memo was sent to the top personnel at the site. Huffington Post was included in Verizon's $4.4 billion purchase of AOL. The deal appears to leave the HuffPo's future in doubt.More

Facebook's Experiment to Publish News Articles Has Gotten Awfully Quiet — Three Weeks After Everyone Was Freaking Out About It
Business Insider
On May 12, Facebook launched its much discussed publishing product designed to let media companies post their articles directly to its iOS app. Called "Facebook Instant Articles," the new format loads stories on mobile phones up to ten times faster than if readers click a link and head over to a publisher's website. More

Stop With the Millennial Niche News Sites Already
Chris Altchek he knows what you want — that is, if you're a millennial. In fact, he says he knows it. Altchek, the CEO of millennial news site Mic, has set out to build a "leading news and media company for young people" along with his cofounder, Jake Horowitz. They want to give a new generation of readers the news they want where they want to read it. More

Yahoo to Shut Down Maps Site, Other Products This Month
Los Angeles Times
Yahoo is shutting down its Maps site and other tools in the next few weeks. It's a sign that Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is looking for more dead weight to trim now that the company's profits won't be boosted by a big stake in China online giant Alibaba. Yahoo owned 15 percent of that company but announced in January it would spin off those shares into a separate company. More

Apple News vs. Facebook Instant Articles: How They Compare
At its Worldwide Developer Conference Monday, Apple announced a new mobile news-reading product, News, with dozens of big media partners including The New York Times, Condé Nast and ESPN. Due out in the fall, News is the latest overture by platforms from Snapchat to Facebook to encourage publishers to distribute their content directly on their apps. Just last month, Facebook launched a similar product, Instant Articles.More

How NYT is Using Reddit to Gain Insights Into Its Audience
Attempting to measure engagement is "one of the great neurosis" of the modern media industry, according to The New York Times' James G. Robinson. Discussions around metrics often focus too much on measurement and not enough around insights, Robinson, the outlet's director of analytics innovation, told delegates at the World News Media Congress in Washington D.C. More

The New York Times Gets Its Own 'Big Board'
The New York Times on Tuesday debuted Trending, a single page that breaks down the paper's most popular stories at any given moment. The feature — which is still in the experimental phase — subverts conventional news rankings by emphasizing stories that readers are interested in rather than stories that editors deem worthy of homepage treatment. More