Jun. 12, 2013

NAA keeps the heat up on federal shield legislation

In the wake of revelations that the Justice Department seized phone records of Associated Press reporters as well as phone and e-mail records of a Fox News reporter, Attorney General Eric Holder has held several meetings with media executives as part of the department's review of internal guidelines for requesting subpoenas for reporters' confidential source information. President Barack Obama called on Holder to review and propose an update for these guidelines by July 12. NAA President and CEO Caroline Little attended a meeting with Holder on June 7.

During that meeting, the attorney general reiterated — as previously detailed in this and other media accounts — the desire to update the guidelines, which have not been modified in more than 30 years. NAA has been lobbying members of Congress in support of a federal shield law (H.R. 1962/S. 987), arguing that clear rules, administered by an independent federal judge, are the only way to prevent government overreach into newsgathering practices. View Little's response to a recent Washington Post column on this issue.More

Single-Copy Summer Webinar Series launches June 13

Hear all about "Scan-Based Single-Copy Innovations" at 2 p.m. ET June 13. This first of three sessions in the Single-Copy Summer Webinar Series details NAA's latest research study of more than 300 newspapers and how they are adapting to the evolving retail model. Mark your calendar for "The Best of the Best: Sales Programs That Work" on July 11 and "Merchandising for Measurable Gains" on Aug. 8.More

API workshop focuses on mobile product opportunities

ESPN and The Boston Globe are seeing strong engagement around their unique mobile products. Hear from leaders who have shaped new mobile experiences for audiences and discuss strategic paths forward at "Future of Mobile" on June 17 in Boston. This Transformation Tour event is presented by the American Press Institute with The Poynter Institute. Attendees also receive an exclusive tour of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab the evening before the workshop.More

Webinar delves into boosting site engagement

Learn from two digital vendors, Chartbeat and Disqus, about how to optimize traffic and revenue by taking advantage of below-the-fold engagement in "Beyond the Click: Cutting-Edge Insights on Boosting Website Engagement." This webinar, scheduled for 2 p.m. ET June 19, features the latest data on "engaged time," a new metric that newspapers and advertisers should heed as they revamp content strategies. More

Can 30-second ads save newspapers?
A researcher from Murdoch University's Audience Labs suggests economically pinched news outlets should take advantage of positive attitudes to online TV ads as a better way to balance the books.More

When retailers try to 'retrain the customer'
Retailers love the idea that consumers can be trained to view certain price points and markdowns as terrific deals. Just tweak the prices and wait for shoppers to bite. And when consumers get to the point that they can see through the manipulative promotions? Then it's time to retrain them.More

Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom scoop up execs to lure shoppers back
Business Insider
Coupled with the tactile, physical experience of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, online tactics have the ability to elevate the shopping experience for greater customer satisfaction and retail strength. But this shift requires more than just new strategies; it takes people to make these changes come to life. We're seeing a new trend in offline retailers recruiting talent with online experience, creating new leadership roles to lead the change. More

Another down year for movie advertising
MediaLife Magazine
After a down year in 2012, when movie ad spending declined more than 10 percent, it appears that the decreases will continue in 2013. The dip can be attributed to several reasons, including the lackluster summer lineup, which is expected to produce fewer hits than last year, and movie studios' increasing desire to push their films via cheaper digital avenues.More

Ad formats at Facebook to be fewer
The New York Times
When it comes to advertising, Facebook has decided it needs a new friend: simplicity. A prospective advertiser is confronted with 27 types of ads from which to choose, like online coupons and a bewildering assortment of sponsored posts that can be sent to the news feeds of Facebook users.More

Increasing audience engagement is future for news media
The World Press Trends survey shows that the biggest challenge for publishers continues to be how to increase the engagement of audiences on digital platforms. While more than half of the digital population visit newspaper websites, newspapers are a small part of total Internet consumption, representing only 7 percent of visits, only 1.3 percent of time spent and only 0.9 percent of total pages visited.More

Report: Desktop ad spending will peak in 2014
Desktop-based advertising will peak in 2014 as more spending goes toward mobile advertising, according to a new study from eMarketer. The researcher predicts that U.S. desktop advertising will hit $35.39 billion in 2014, but then begin falling off in 2015. More

What journalists need to know about Twitter's expanded lists
Before Twitter updated its lists feature, users could create only 20 lists with 500 accounts in each; now, they can create 1,000 lists with 5,000 accounts in each. The update impacts the role Twitter plays as an international news source by enabling journalists to be even more organized and save time as they gather, report and share news and information.More

Local mobile spend varies widely
Local mobile advertising is on track to double this year, according to new estimates — but the macro trend is playing out quite differently from one market to another. In some markets, the number may be in the tens of thousands of dollars, while the largest markets could see more than $100 million in local mobile advertising, according to a new forecast from Borrell Associates.More

Google: Video ads for news tripled last year
Publishers are pumping more videos onto their sites and ad money is following quickly, according to a new survey from DoubleClick. According to the research, news publishers are running three times more ads than a year ago while also relying increasingly on automated real-time exchanges to sell the ads.More

How bad measurement is holding the mobile app economy back
Mobile app usage is exploding, but the lack of reliable app measurement, particularly for understanding what app audiences look like, could throw a wrench into the mobile ad spending machine. Mobile analytics firms, traditional Web measurement vendors and startups aim to overcome the challenges of app audience measurement, and are coming at it in a variety of ways.More

The Dallas Morning News encourages innovation by funding employee idea
In an effort to encourage problem-solving and innovations at every level of the organization, The Dallas Morning News initiated an "Innovative Idea Share" program that encourages employees to identify revenue-generating opportunities.More

Ray Chelstowski to lead Newspaper National Network LP
Ray Chelstowski has been named chief executive officer of the Newspaper National Network LP, a private partnership owned by 25 of the largest U.S. newspaper companies and administered by NAA.More

NAA tracks latest developments in push for federal shield law
A top public policy priority for NAA is enactment of a federal shield law that would enable journalists to protect confidential sources when subpoenaed in criminal and civil cases.More

ProJo adds food videos
News & Tech
The Providence (R.I.) Journal launched Media Program Network's recipe and food video service on In addition to the full library of 625 videos, MPN provides more than 2,800 text-only recipes. Each video is accompanied by a list of ingredients and recipe instructions.More

How newspapers can make augmented reality sexy — and profitable
PBS MediaShift
Publishers in the United States have been slow to embrace augmented reality, technology that lets people hold smartphones or tablets up to their newspapers and magazines and view exclusive video and other editorial and advertising content. Brands, on the other hand, have been quick to jump on the augmented reality bandwagon, according to a report by Juniper Research, which expects AR mobile apps to generate almost $300 million in revenue this year. More

Push notifications, better background downloads and more of Apple's new promises
Nieman Journalism Lab
Joshua Benton looks at Apple's new product announcements from the perspective of news organizations developing for the iPhone and iPad. "While most of the action was elsewhere, there were a few new developments worth noting. And that's beyond the aesthetic refresh that Newsstand is getting," he writes.More