June. 15, 2011

Walmart Express makes its debut
Walmart has unveiled its new smaller-format store concept, dubbed Walmart Express, opening its first store in Gentry, Ark.More

Placing ads in images a new way to sell products
San Francisco Chronicle
Some of the nation's largest publishers are starting to sell ad space in what may be the final frontier of digital advertising: the trillions of images displayed across the Internet. More

Facebook-only strategy offers lessons
A little over 100 days ago, a community news blog in Rockville, Md., took a big leap. Founder and Publisher Brad Rourke and Editor Cindy Cotte Griffiths moved the entire operation of Rockville Central to a Facebook page.More

For media companies, digital is now the central driver
Although digital currently accounts for just over a quarter of total industry revenues, it is expected to account for 58.7 percent of all growth in spending during the next five years, globally. Digital spending in the U.S. is expected to account for 28.5 percent of all entertainment and media spending in 2015, up from 20.6 percent in 2010.More

Who owns the relationship with digital subscribers?
The ascent of smartphones and tablets is causing a seismic shift in the way media companies reach consumers. Media companies have rapidly realized that they can use the new platforms to increase engagement with their existing audiences while also reaching new consumers who have grown up with Internet-based media as the norm rather than the exception.More

Online video content: Adapt for 'any screen' consumption, or bust
Current statistics state that online video accounts for 50 percent of all traffic on the Internet. Those same statistics say that 25 million Americans watching online video also do so from their smartphone or tablet device.More gets $200 million investment
The Associated Press via Google News
Digital coupon provider Inc. has received $200 million from undisclosed institutional investors, making it the latest Internet company to attract significant attention from the investor community. More

Small marketers drive YouTube past 20,000 advertisers
AdAge Digital
YouTube is busy funding content channels in hopes of bringing more brand dollars to video. But it turns out that like search, there is a long tail for video advertising. More