Jul. 8, 2015

Five Answers with Guy Tasaka, Calkins Media
Calkins Media is doing innovative work in the over-the-top (OTT) space, where media is delivered over the Internet. NAA caught up with Guy Tasaka, chief digital officer and vice president at Calkins, to learn more about his company's OTT strategy and technology.More

How to Leverage Data and Analytics to Grow Audience Revenue — Part 3
This guest article is the last of three by Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics, examining how data and analytics offer opportunities to improve business performance in the three primary functions: editorial, advertising and audience.More

How Brands and Publishers Can Reach the 'Liquid Audience'
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and YuMe, a provider of digital video brand advertising, recently released "Digital Advertising Audiences: The New 'Liquid Consumer' Paradigm." The white paper offers insights into the new "liquid audiences" that find content across devices and platforms.More

NAA Statement on State of Oregon Settlement with Bogus Subscription Renewal Companies
NAA is pleased to learn that the State of Oregon has reached a $3 million settlement agreement that protects consumers from unauthorized and misleading subscription renewal practices.More

How to Leverage Data and Analytics to Grow Advertising Revenue — Part 2
This guest article is the second in a three-part series by Matt Lindsay, president of Mather Economics, examining how data and analytics offer opportunities to improve business performance in the three primary functions: editorial, advertising and audience. More

The New York Times and Financial Times launch free digital access program for hotels
The New York Times and the Financial Times recently launched a joint digital access program in premier hotels across North and South America to offer travelers a seamless news experience on the go.More

NAA Roundup: NNN rolls out programmatic offerings
The Newspaper National Network (NNN) is introducing programmatic offerings for online. NNN, a marketing partnership of the nation's top 25 newspaper companies, is partnering with GroupM to provide programmatic offerings across select brands.More

Five Answers with Lisa Glowinski, More Content Now
Lisa Glowinski, general manager at More Content Now for GateHouse Media, will speak at the Local Media Native Advertising Interactive Summit in the DC area next week. NAA caught up with her to learn more about innovation at More Content Now.More

A Program in New Jersey is Trying to Get People to Care About Local News Through Community Organization
In all the conversation around the changing nature of the news business, the advocacy group Free Press thinks one group has been left out of the conversation too often: consumers. As a result, the group launched News Voices: New Jersey, an 18-month pilot program that will use community-organizing tactics as part of an effort to connect with news consumers across the Garden State and get them interested in the state of local news.More

Global Newspaper Industry's Business Model Undergoes 'Seismic Shift'
WARC via The Guardian
"The basic assumption of the news business model — the subsidy that advertisers have long provided to news content — is gone," said Larry Kilman, secretary general of WAN-IFRA, the global organization for newspapers and news publishers. He told the congress delegates: "We can freely say that audiences have become publishers' biggest source of revenue."More

Added Value: How Harvard Business Review Thinks it Can Add Subscribers While Getting More Expensive
Harvard Business Review is trying to walk a fine line: The magazine thinks it can raise the price for a subscription and still attract close to 100,000 new subscribers. Harvard Business Review thinks readers will be willing to pay more for a subscription because the magazine is adding new products it hopes will offer additional value for the added cost.More

10 Things You Must Ask Your Sales Staff
Editor & Publisher
An advertising director recently confided that the job was far simpler in newspapers' past boon times. Today, the job description is much more complicated, and the measurements by which advertising sales professionals are judged are newly challenging. Here are 10 things directors must be prepared to ask their sales staff.More

Spending on Native Advertising is Soaring as Marketers and Digital Media Publishers Realize the Benefits
Business Insider
By creating advertisements that are in the same format as the content audiences are there to consume, marketers hope to provide a much less disruptive advertising experience. Exclusive data finds that spending on native ads will reach $7.9 billion this year and grow to $21 billion in 2018, rising from just $4.7 billion in 2013.More

Mobile TV Preferences Register Uptick, TV Set Preferences Drop for Teens
Big TV screens are still dominating preference for overall viewers over other devices. But increasingly far less so for young viewers. A new study from Accenture with analysis from Sanford C. Berstein & Co. says 52 percent of all viewers prefer big TV sets for TV shows and movies — but that is a 13 percent decline from the last reading of the annual survey.More

Facebook is Testing Ad-Supported Videos, Will Share Revenue With Creators
Advertising Age
The question of how Facebook will try to rival YouTube's ad business may have been answered. While Facebook has been running auto play video ads in people's news feeds for over a year and has been courting media companies and digital video stars to upload their videos to the social network, the company hasn't offered a way for advertisers to piggyback those creators' videos and for those creators' to make money from the videos they post to Facebook. Now it has.More

Newspaper Racks for The Post and Courier Entering the Digital Age
The Post and Courier
Low-country newspaper stands are going digital. In partnership with Indiana-based RedPost, The Post and Courier has installed new digital newspaper racks at 47 indoor locations in Charleston, South Carolina and Dorchester County, South Carolina. The new stands feature a wooden display screen that will change every eight seconds.More

Hats Off to Web Advertising. No, Really.
The Wall Street Journal
What if everyone is wrong about ads? What if ads, in a fairly direct way, are responsible for much of what is magical, automated and "smart" about out gadgets and the Internet today? Since the debut of the Web banner ad in 1994, ad tech has been the finishing school for some of the greatest minds in tech history.More