Jul. 31, 2013

Upcoming webinar will explore effective merchandising tactics that drive sales

2 p.m. ET Aug. 8
The third session of the 2013 Single-Copy Summer Series, "Merchandising for Measurable Gains" will be devoted to covering the basics of merchandising and how they work. Presenters will share examples of the most effective POP and general merchandising tactics that will drive sales, and demonstrate how to take full advantage of today's news and content — from championship events to everyday shopping information. More

Against all odds, Hispanic print ad revenues increase
Spanish-language media was the big exception in the Q2 2013 Kantar advertising expenditures figures, being the only media that substantially grew compared to the same period of 2012. Interestingly the Kantar figures also included a 1.4 percent increase in Spanish-language newspaper advertising. Hispanic newspapers continue to distance themselves from the general market newspaper malaise, partly because of their distinct feature of community newspapers, a category that is also doing relatively well among general market newspapers. More

Is this musical poster with interactive paper the future of print and outdoor ads?
Talk about a loud poster! Novalia in England has developed a drum-kit poster you can play with your fingertips. The interactive paper works like a touchscreen and produces seven different drum sounds, including cymbals. More

Native advertising in an online world: 3 questions for marketers
They are called many thin:s. Advertorials, sponsored content, special report or advertising features. To me, these native advertising concepts are content produced by either the publisher or the brand themselves to indirectly, subtly put forward their marketing message to their target audience.More

Mad Men need friends in digital age
The Wall Street Journal
Madison Avenue is famous for setting trends. Now, two of its biggest players are scrambling to catch up with the times. Advertising giants Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe surprised the media world over with an agreement to enter a merger of equals. A key motivation for the deal: create a larger company with more knowledge and power to purchase digital media controlled by Silicon Valley hotshots like Google and Facebook. More

Carmakers rev creativity in shift to digital ads
The Detroit News
Automakers are turning up spending and creativity as they move to more nontraditional advertising, videos and social media campaigns to reach customers who aren't spending much time in front of the TV. Companies such as Ford Motor Co. say they are spending more money and dedicating more resources in the digital advertising space. More

Time Warner temporarily removes CBS in major cities
The New York Times
CBS stations were temporarily removed from cable systems in millions of homes in major cities — including New York and Los Angeles — after protracted negotiations between CBS and Time Warner Cable over fees collapsed. More

PolitiFact gives BuzzFeed sponsored post a 'Pants on Fire'
Ad Age
If "native" ads are designed to mimic editorial content, should readers expect the same rigorous attention to detail that they find in news stories? BuzzFeed, a vanguard of native advertising online, caught flak recently after one of its listicles, sponsored by Mini USA, raised the hackles of PolitiFact Rhode Island. More

Al Jazeera America promises to stand out in cable news market, but concerns loom
Huffington Post
Kate O'Brian, a 30-year ABC News veteran named president of Al Jazeera America, says the soon-to-be-launched network will stand out in today's cable news landscape. "I think there is a gap in the market and I think that the other competitors to Al Jazeera have stayed doing certain kinds of stories," O'Brian said in an interview in The Huffington Post. More

Limbaugh: Don't worry about Cumulus
Rush Limbaugh has responded to a recent report about negotiations with Cumulus Media by telling listeners not to worry and hinting that a move away from the broadcaster could mean wider reach for his program on Clear Channel and other syndicators. More

Google shakes it up with Chromecast
USA Today
Google Chromecast is a USB device or "dongle" that plugs directly into any HDTV so that you can wirelessly play video and music from the Internet on a big screen. It doesn't use a remote, doesn't have a set-top box, and has no interface to speak of. It's supposed to be close to plug and play. You download an app in order to connect it to your Wi-Fi service. And then you click on a button to watch a video or play music on your TV.More

Hashtags boost online brand visibility
Hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and now Facebook are becoming a powerful tool in a marketer's multichannel arsenalMore

With digital video, newspaper companies could disrupt local TV
Street Fight
A lot of recent moves in local media have involved traditional media companies splitting up their print and broadcast operations and/or buying up more broadcast properties.More

Not just for mobile anymore: Flipboard magazines come to the Web
All Things D
The social magazine app Flipboard made a name for itself by being one of the first reading apps to take advantage of the iPad's form factor upon its debut.More

Apple's most important new product isn't a wristwatch
Yahoo Finance
Rumor has it that Apple is working on a television set, a wristwatch and even its own cable TV service. But the most important product in Apple's stable this year is the same one that's been critical to the company's success for the past five years — the iPhone. More

As brands start building digital newsrooms, what do they need to succeed?
Today, tools such as Twitter and WordPress have led to an explosion of brands producing and spreading content, competing with traditional media for audience attention and employing journalists as creative storytellers. More

Bloomberg Media recruits a new chief from The Atlantic
The New York Times
Justin B. Smith, whose digital strategy swiftly transformed The Atlantic, one of the statelier media vessels around, is about to get a bigger boat. Bloomberg will announce that Smith, the president of Atlantic Media, will be named chief executive of the Bloomberg Media Group. More

Why the time is right for The Washington Post and others to boost video initiatives
The Washington Post formally launched PostTV — a big gamble that it can widen audience and win significant advertising revenue by producing digital video programs and distributing the segments to various partners. More

Twitter drives more traffic to The Guardian than any other social media platform
All Twitter
Speaking at the recent #TweetsFromTheTop Twitter event for chief executives, Guardian News & Media CEO Andrew Miller announced that Twitter drives more referral traffic for key breaking news stories to The Guardian than any other social media platform. Ten percent of the newspaper's online traffic currently comes from social media, and Twitter plays an integral role.More

Why the New York Times is moving on from the Herald Tribune
The Guardian
The change is the logical consequence of the paper being wholly owned by the New York Times and the company's strategy in these digital days to broaden the international appeal of the core title. What this development indicates is the determination of the New York Times to build a world-wide audience through both print and online platforms. More