Sep. 3, 2014

How reporters can use LinkedIn to open doors

Before knocking on doors, reporters can tap on their smartphones to prepare for impromptu meetings and last-minute interviews. LinkedIn has two features that may be particularly useful for journalists. LinkedIn's publishing platform for long-form posts is being rolled out to all members, and LinkedIn's new mobile profile launched on July 28. More

Statement from NAA President and CEO Caroline Little on the murder of journalist Steven Sotloff

"The Newspaper Association of America is appalled by the murder of freelance journalist Steven Sotloff. A video released Tuesday shows the beheading of Sotloff, the second American journalist killed by Islamic State. NAA stands with the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), the World Editors Forum and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) in the condemnation of the gruesome murder."More

NAA Quiz Archive

How much do you know about newspapers? In an effort to educate and entertain, NAA has regularly shared interactive quizzes on different topics related to the industry. Test your knowledge about newspapers, those real and those imagined.More

NAA Series: Proven Strategies and Practices for Building Audience

In this series, NAA will take an in-depth look at newspapers that have increased their total audience over the past two years. The newspapers selected for the series were identified based on data from Scarborough Research and published by the Alliance of Audited Media as among the 25 fastest-growing U.S. daily newspapers. More

Webinar: Innovative Events Driving New Revenue Growth

In this webinar for NAA members on Tuesday, Sept. 9, the successes of Utah Media Group through innovative disruption will be discussed by Jed Call and Dan Hartman. A prime example is the development of their events and ticketing division, which has seen dramatic growth over the last few years. Learn about the types of events that they are producing and keys to launching new events. More

Guardian's guardian
Capital New York
Three years after The Guardian sailed stateside with a website designed to import the newspaper’s British sensibility to Americans, Guardian U.S. is embarking on the next leg of its voyage. The operation is heading west with a Silicon Valley-based office that will complement its New York flagship and small D.C. bureau. Expansion is likewise in the cards at the downtown Manhattan home-base, which has snowballed from around a dozen employees at the time of its September 2011 debut to nearly 70 today. More

Florida news outlet sees more success with print than digital
Columbia Journalism Review
When Mary Kate Leming found herself among the 300 Palm Beach Post employees who lost their jobs in a sweeping downsizing in 2008, she enacted an unlikely Plan B, taking out a home equity credit line to start a print newspaper. After 22 years at the Post, she didn’t want to leave journalism yet, and she and her husband, also a newspaper exile, saw a need in their own community for professional news coverage.More

When it comes to chasing clicks, journalists says one thing but feel pressure to do another
Nieman Journalism Lab
Online media is made of clicks. Readers click from one article to the next. Advertising revenue is based on the number of unique visitors for each site. Editors always keep in mind their traffic targets to secure the survival of their publications. Writers and bloggers interpret clicks as a signal of popularity.More

Data is future at Dallas Morning News
Data is the engine driving everything forward on The Dallas Morning News’ digital platform. In an interview, Joe Weir, the paper’s VP and chief revenue officer of digital, tells Michael Depp that soon every ad campaign run by the paper will be guided by better-managed user data, improving targeting for its customers and giving them better transparency into their campaigns’ performance.More

Mail Online's sponsored content strategy has a BuzzFeed twist
Mail Online may not be known for the most serious journalism or the prettiest homepage, but the site is putting both its design and its tabloid sensibility at the center of its sponsored content pitch to brands. The Daily Mail’s massively popular digital site, which gets over 38 million unique visitors a month, according to ComScore, has discovered that its scale and editorial sentiment are two of its biggest advantages at a time when seemingly every publisher is opening a branded content studio. More

Nielsen: Brands targeting online more narrowly, missing greater share of intended targets
While the ad industry has embraced conventional audience ratings as a method for determining the reach of their online ad campaigns, new trend data from Nielsen indicates that brands are basing their digital audience buys on increasingly narrower targets. The data suggests that marketers target more narrowly with digital media than with television, and that as more advertisers begin utilizing digital media ratings, they gravitate toward increasingly narrower segments.More

How Facebook plays content gatekeeper
On Aug. 6, USA Today’s sports website For the Win had the exclusive on a rap video created by the NFL’s royal family of star quarterbacks: Archie, Eli and Peyton Manning. Naturally, the YouTube video was almost instantly turned into a post by every sports and pop culture publication on the Web. But when it became a trending topic on Facebook, For the Win’s story wasn’t included on the page.More

Netflix petitions FCC to block Comcast/TWC
Multichannel News
No big surprise here, but Netflix has petitioned the FCC to deny the Comcast/Time Warner Cable, citing interconnection issues as a big reason. Netflix has complained that the paid peering deal it struck with Comcast (and subsequently with TWC) was essentially under duress and to prevent Comcast from slowing or degrading its traffic. Comcast has disputed that characterization. More

The Huffington Post to host inaugural political debate
Capital New York
The Huffington Post is getting into the debate game. The website will host an Oct. 6 showdown at California's San Jose State University between Silicon Valley Democrats Ro Khanna and Mike Honda, who are vying for a congressional seat. The debate, HuffPost's first, will be moderated by Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim, who told Capital the prospect of the two opponents facing off has been "a hot issue in the Bay Area."More

Snow-blind: The challenge of voice and vision in multi-media storytelling
There has been no American feature story more honored — or over-praised — than “Snow Fall” by the New York Times. Don't let the key word in that last sentence — over-praised — to detract from the story’s historic achievement. It won a Pulitzer Prize in 2013 for feature writing; it set a standard for multi-media reporting at a time when we were wondering about the viability of that form of storytelling; and it attracted attention from far and wide, lending encouragement that journalism in the digital age has an exciting future.More

How reporters can use LinkedIn to open doors
Before knocking on doors, reporters can tap on their smartphones to prepare for impromptu meetings and last-minute interviews. LinkedIn has two features that may be particularly useful for journalists. LinkedIn's publishing platform for long-form posts is being rolled out to all members, and LinkedIn's new mobile profile launched on July 28. More

August 2014: NAA back-to-school ad for newspapers
Download NAA’s latest ad and showcase why newspaper are the best resource for advertisers in August. Eight in ten adults with children in their household used the newspaper and took some action as a result of an ad in a print newspaper in the past month. Newspapers make back-to-school shopping as easy as 1, 2, 3.More

The Omaha World-Herald builds its digital audience with targeted sites
The way readers consume news online has changed dramatically the past few years. Readers are now less likely to type in a newspaper’s homepage and scroll. Recently, newspaper sites have taken advantage of this new approach by creating niche sites and blogs devoted to special interests.More

Why Mashable centers its video strategy on YouTube
Most publishers pushing into video try get people to their sites and then use YouTube for marketing. Not so for Mashable, which is centralizing its video strategy firmly around YouTube. Over the last year, the tech news and Web-culture publisher has aggressively built a bigger presence on the Google video hub, allocating a substantial chunk of its recent $14 million funding round to video production efforts. In recent months, Mashable has tailored its editorial video content strategy around the young YouTube community.More

The video revolution will not be televised
In the ongoing fragmentation of media that has already transformed the newspaper and music industries, the television business is the biggest and perhaps last traditional media giant to be dramatically affected. Netflix and Hulu are eroding the base of this powerful industry. YouTube and Vimeo are destabilizing it. The advertising implications will be enormous as this industry is disrupted. More