Sept. 8, 2010

Stores get back-to-school bump after all
Despite experts' concerns that consumers were spending less as economic news worsened over the summer, Kantar Retail says that retail sales grew by 3.4 percent in August — better than the 2.9 percent same-store sales gain last month, and a happy improvement from the 2.4 percent decline in August of last year.More

Could ads be coming to book publishing industry?
Publishers, seeing profits drop as more and more consumers choose to read cheaper books on electronics devices, are beginning to take steps in this direction, believing advertisements may be necessary to save book publishing.More

Newspaper ad spending drop is least in four years amid Web's strength
Bloomberg Businessweek
U.S. newspaper publishers reported the smallest drop in second-quarter advertising spending in four years as online sales strengthened, Newspaper Association of America data show. Online advertising has helped bolster revenue from advertisers as sales of print editions shrank. Web sales have grown in the first two quarters of this year.More

Paywall subscribers are worth a quarter of print readers
Even if newspapers migrate every print reader to paying online, they will still face big losses. Switching off the presses, after a hypothetical future print-to-digital tipping point, might save newspapers 25 percent of their total costs – but this is not enough to make up the gap from the smaller online income.More

Some newspapers, tracking readers online, shift coverage
The New York Times
Because of technology that can pinpoint what people online are viewing and commenting on, how much time they spend with an article and even how much money an article makes in advertising revenue, newspapers can make more scientific decisions about allocating their ever scarcer resources.More

Growth of paid search puts spotlight on technology
Online Strategies Magazine
As budgets have become more significant and the stakes have become higher, the number of advertisers paying for bid management and related search marketing technology has increased accordingly.More

News articles now displayed in Facebook search
Facebook has made another update, with news articles now being displayed in its search results. Users will now be able to view articles in the search results if their friends have "liked" a story.More

The Atlantic to pursue premium mobile app strategy
A paid premium content app will be the third phase of The Atlantic's mobile strategy, which currently includes two free iPhone apps and a single-edition paid iPad app.More

Ramping up for a bigger content publishing strategy
With the ascension of meaningful social content dissemination across networks, as well as the signals those networks send to search to rank those pages, it is now more important than ever for marketers to strategically refocus their attitudes and philosophies toward content in a big way.More