Sep. 9, 2015

The Greensboro News & Record Renews Funding Partnership to Boost Arts Coverage

North Carolina's third largest newspaper, The Greensboro News & Record, recently renewed its partnership agreement for a second year with ArtsGreensboro, a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports local arts and that will underwrite the newspaper's arts coverage.More

Five Answers with Jodi Pushkin, Tampa Bay Times NIE Program

Newspaper in education (NIE) programs have done their homework to start the school year right. NAA caught up with Jodi Pushkin, manager of the Tampa Bay Times NIE program, to learn about her curriculum plans. She also described how students use newspapers.More

How One Day University Works with Newspapers

Rock star professors are electrifying new audiences under a partnership between One Day University and newspapers. One Day U and more than 20 newspapers present events featuring professors who educate and entertain. The events are held in cities across the country.More

6 Misconceptions about Programmatic Advertising

Carl Kalapesi, vice president of industry initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and Alanna Gombert, CEO of Gombert Consulting, spoke with NAA to clear the confusion surrounding some of the major misconceptions about programmatic advertising.More

Five Answers with Jeff Hartley, Morris Publishing Group

Jeff Hartley, vice president of consumer revenue for Morris Publishing Group, runs, a blog that provides weekly updates on the newspaper industry. He told NAA his primary business objective as well as the biggest surprise about his blog.More

CEO Column: Witnessing the Evolution of the Newspaper Industry

Four years ago, most of us wouldn't have predicted TV series would debut via online streaming, and it seemed unlikely that people would prefer online music streaming and radio apps over CDs and iPods. And four years ago, most of us wouldn't have imagined we would get our news updates on our watches.More

How GateHouse Media's Center for News and Design is Tackling Football Coverage

GateHouse Media's Center for News and Design stands ready to help newspapers score points with readers and advertisers. Newspapers outside GateHouse can purchase NFL and college football pages from the Center. Once newspapers get the pages, they can customize them with their ads, folios and logos.More

NewsPix Tool Helps Newspapers Remain Visible to Digital Audiences

Newspapers can engage their digital audiences in a new way by keeping their brands in front of readers each time they open a new Web browser tab. NewsPix makes it possible for readers to constantly return to their preferred newspapers' website and help news organizations create deeper relationships with their online audiences.More

Nation's Largest Paper Chains Talk Merger in Ad Revenue Push
New York Post
Five of the nation's largest — and battered — newspaper chains are in hush-hush talks about banding together to form a new company to sell ads to national advertisers in 30 major metro markets. Gannett, Newhouse-owned Advance Publications, the family-owned Hearst Corp., McClatchy Newspapers and Tribune Co. are the companies huddling.More

Awash in Data, Thirsting for Truth
The New York Times
Mark Twain complained about "lies, damned lies and statistics" more than a century ago. "Figures often beguile me," he wrote, "particularly when I have the arranging of them myself." Now, in a numbers-soaked era when the word "algorithm" seems to be on everyone's lips and entire news outlets, like Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight or The Times's own Upshot, are based on interpreting statistics, some core journalistic questions arise.More

Why are News Organizations Letting Journalists go but Recruiting Technologists?
The Media Briefing
A single ratio came to capture the fundamental shift taking place in news organisations as I researched my book "Innovators in Digital News," the ratio of digital technologists to journalists. Many have been puzzled by the apparent anomaly of cash-strapped legacy newspapers shedding journalists, yet at the same time hiring expensive digital specialists. More

Why the Sale of Old Newspaper Buildings Isn't All Bad
Columbia Journalism Review
The building at 615 W. Lafayette Blvd. looms above the Detroit street like a castle, its concrete facade commanding an entire city block. Carved above its top windows, figures of Franklin, Gutenberg, and other masters stand guard over the structure's front entrance, where letters reading "The Detroit News" and "Detroit Free Press" span a half-moon arch. More

Newsonomics: 10 Headlines We May See This Fall About the Future of News
Nieman Lab
Summer appears gone; prepare to mark the first day of fall in the traditional fashion, with a new set of announcements from Apple. On Wednesday, Apple will dazzle with new iPhones, a new Apple TV, iOS 9, and a few more reveals about Apple News. The event has gotten many in the media business moving, prepping their technology and meeting frequently, both with Apple and internally, to get things sorted out.More

AOL Confirms It Is Buying Millennial Media in $238 Million Deal to Expand in Mobile Ads
Tech Crunch
This just in: AOL, itself acquired by Verizon for $4.4 billion earlier this year, has announced that it is making another purchase of its own. It is buying Millennial Media as it continues to build out its presence in digital advertising and specifically mobile ads. AOL will be paying $1.75/share for publicly traded Millennial, working out to an enterprise value of $238 million after accounting for debt. More

Widely Cited Ad Blocking Study Finding $21.8 Billion Loss Is Incorrect
In recent weeks, multiple news outlets — including The New York Times, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal — published stories based on a study that claimed publishers will lose $21.8 billion dollars this year due to ad blocking. The study's claims quickly sent waves through the advertising and publishing industries, parts of which applied the word "crisis" to the situation. More

Instagram: The New Political War Room?
For some time now, Donald Trump has been attacking Jeb Bush, mostly in media appearances or on Twitter. But, over the last few weeks, Trump has been using Instagram in his fight. Trump has been posting campaign-style short videos to his Instagram feed, attacking Bush's record of support for the Iraq War and even posting a video of Jeb's mother, Barbara, urging him not to run for president. More

Soon, Publishers Will Be Able to Determine When Smartphone Users Are Bored and Push Content at Them
Nieman Lab
Researchers out of Spain have developed a machine-learning model that they say can recognize when mobile phone users are bored, then push content at those users. "Being bored makes mobile phone users more open to consume suggested content," wrote the researchers, three of whom are from Telefónica Research in Spain.More

Do Article Tags Matter? Maybe Not For Traffic, But Publishers Are Using Them to Glean Insights
Nieman Lab
Like all Nieman Lab stories, the one you're reading right now will be anchored by a handful of tags connected to the themes, people and companies mentioned within. Theoretically, keywords like "tags," "tagging," "article tags" and "metadata" would be helpful in directing people to this, or other, stories, about the mechanics of news discovery. More

So You Want to Start a Podcast?
Columbia Journalism Review
For media organizations, launching a successful podcast often takes more than two witty hosts, a microphone and an iTunes feed. Unless an outlet already has the expertise and resources, creating great audio journalism can be daunting. Podcasting is still a nascent medium, without standardized ways to advertise, track listeners or make money. Modes of production, promotion, distribution and hosting are continually in flux. More