Oct. 9, 2013

Celebrating newspapers and newspaper carriers

National Newspaper Week is Oct. 6-12, 2013, culminating with International Newspaper Carrier day on Oct. 12. Help promote and observe these important events with free, downloadable materials from the Newspaper Association Managers and the Newspaper Association of America.More

Newspapers are still the cornerstone of democracy, says NAA President & CEO Caroline Little

We’ve been calling it the end of an era for a long time now. It’s supposed to be the end of newspapers, according to naysayers who have been predicting their ultimate demise for years. But the facts prove the newspaper industry is growing and transforming rather than dying. Of course, there are always bumps in the road to innovation, but as it turns out, we’re actually in the midst of a promising and exciting time.More

Perfecting the paywall, then going beyond it

There has been no shortage of paywall news the past month with the end of The Dallas Morning News paywall following the fall of San Francisco Chronicle paywall just four months after its launch. However, talking exclusively about paywalls may ignore other opportunities to generate revenue.More

Double Exposure: The story behind the story of outing an FBI informant

A panel hosted by the National Press Club, titled Double Exposure, takes a look at one of the most celebrated photographers of the Civil Rights era, Ernest C. Withers, and the revelation that he was also an FBI informant paid to keep tabs on the Civil Rights leaders he was snapping pictures of.More

The strategic issues in AAM reporting — and what you need to do today

Thursday, Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. ET
Effective Dec. 31, 2013 the Alliance of Audited Media put in place new mandatory reporting requirements for most newspapers. The changes reflect how newspapers are increasingly going to market with multiplatform solutions for advertisers in search of targeted audiences and will also help us better serve our advertising customers while providing newspapers the opportunity to report multiple products and publications. The session will address the changes, the role of the AAM Consolidated Media Report, and the steps newspaper executives need to take now to prepare for the new reporting requirements. REGISTER NOWMore

The downside of real-time advertising
The advertising industry makes claims we are in an era of lean-machined responsiveness. Yet, all we see is the short term, rigid and rationalised. Whether it’s clients pushing for quick wins, the agencies opting for comfort, or else faulting the economy, more often than not, campaigns remain short term. We are “real time” obsessed.More

Study reports majority of marketers spend less than 10 percent on paid social
Search Engine Journal
A new study reported by eMarketer and administered by media software company STRATA reports that 92 percent of marketers polled only spend up to 10 percent of their total marketing budget on paid social media. The study also asked participants which social media networks they would most likely use to conduct their paid social media campaigns. Facebook was the clear winner, with over 90 percent responding that they would use the social network for a client’s paid social media campaign. YouTube and Twitter were nearly tied at 55 and 53 percent, respectively, with LinkedIn (35 percent), Google+ and Pinterest (25 percent) rounding out the top six.More

Yelp launches new CPC advertising program
Search Engine Watch
Yelp is offering a new cost-per-click (CPC) program bundled with its enhanced listing option. To be clear, the ability to bid on a CPC basis isn't new, but this new program includes a discount bundle with some enhanced features. These programs are offered on a six or 12-month initial term. If you cancel prior to the end of your contract, there is an early termination fee equal to one month's maximum charge ($200).More

Instagram's careful advertising dance
Beloved photo app Instagram recently turned 3 years old. In tech startup years, that's the equivalent of becoming a teenager. Like most teens, it seems it's time for Instagram to start pulling some of its own weight and earning money. Last week, the company announced it will begin dropping ads into photo streams in the United States. The advertisements will roll out gradually sometime in the next two months.More

Circa wants to be a mobile wire service for breaking news — one that learns what you know
Circa, the mobile news service that was co-founded and funded by Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh, recently launched the second generation of its platform, including an Android version of the app — but the real meat of the launch is Circa’s focus on breaking news, and its plan to become a kind of one-stop mobile wire service for major news stories. Co-founder and CEO Matt Galligan said Circa will now start offering breaking news alerts, combined with the service’s existing ability to “follow” and get updates to a story.More

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment adds more digital muscle
San Antonio Business Journal
Clear Channel Media and Entertainment continues to add more firepower. The latest addition is Nancy Abramson, who will fill the company’s newly created position of director of digital affiliates for national media groups. Abramson comes to Clear Channel from The Wall Street Journal Radio Network and will be based in New York. She will report to Julie Talbott, president of content and affiliate services for national media groups.More

Digital devices give a big boost to book reading
USA Today
In an age of countless digital distractions, a significant number of Americans, especially those ages 18 to 40, report they are reading more books thanks to their E-readers and tablets. A national poll of adults, conducted for USA TODAY and Bookish, a website designed to help readers discover and buy books, finds a growing community that's both literary and digital.More

Flipboard CEO explains how brand is monetizing users
After raising an additional $50 million in funding last month, personal magazine app Flipboard is poised for expansion. Started in 2010 by tech entrepreneur Mike McCue and ex-Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll, the service allows people to create their own digital magazines using social feeds and third-party content and now has 85 million users worldwide. More

Are Flipboard and Currents marketing partners or scams that take advantage of publishers?
Tablet-based reading services like Google Current and Flipboard — which says it has doubled its userbase to 90 million in the past six months — are a boon for anyone who wants to consume content quickly and easily in magazine-style format. But are they good for publishers? Josh Marshall, founder of the political blog network Talking Points Memo, doesn’t think they are. In fact, he said in a note posted on the site that they are “a scam against publishers,” and that he has removed TPM’s feeds from both services.More

Twitter defines itself by what Facebook isn't
Fast Company
Ask Twitter CEO Dick Costolo or any of his lieutenants what makes Twitter special and the answer is the same: “It’s public, it’s real time, it’s conversational, and it’s widely distributed.” It took Twitter a long time to find a message and get everyone on the same page. Notice something else, too: Twitter has tried to define itself by what Facebook isn’t.More

Nielsen measuring Twitter chatter, with an eye on advertising
Computer World
On Oct. 7 the measurement company announced the launch of its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, a measurement system designed to give TV networks more information about how many eyes see TV-related tweets. Previously, only the number of tweets about television programs could be measured, the analytics company said. But with the new system, networks can also find out how many people are actually seeing those tweets. It's a question that apparently has eluded marketers for some time. More

Web video players Alloy Digital and Break Media get bigger by getting together
All Things D
People have been predicting a Web video consolidation wave for years. Here’s another sign that it may actually be happening: Break Media, which specializes in clips aimed at young dudes, is merging with Alloy Digital, which specializes in clips aimed at even younger dudes. The new company will be called Defy Media.More

Celebrating newspapers and newspaper carriers
National Newspaper Week is Oct. 6-12, 2013, culminating with International Newspaper Carrier day on Oct. 12. Help promote and observe these important events with free, downloadable materials from the Newspaper Association Managers and the Newspaper Association of America.More

The device that could change the internet
Depending whom you ask, Chad Russell and Charles Butkus' invention is either a step forward for the Internet — or a death knell for free content. Their AdTrap device intercepts online advertisements before they reach any devices that access your Internet connection, allowing you to surf the Web — even stream videos — without those annoying ads.More

Postal rate changes offer good news as well as uncertainty for newspapers
The Postal Service on Sept. 26 filed proposed postal rate increases with the Postal Regulatory Commission that would lower rates for newspaper Total Market Coverage products going at High Density Plus rates, but potentially dramatically increase rates for all mail products.More

Sports Illustrated is testing a new type of paywall
Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first. The provider is Selectable Media, which has been testing consumers’ willingness to watch video ads for free Wi-Fi, music and games. This is its first public test with a major consumer magazine. With ad dollars under pressure, publishers are looking to consumers to generate revenue, but with so much news and information freely available, paywalls have had mixed success (The Dallas Morning News and San Francisco Chronicle recently dropped theirs).More

Execs share methods to bolster print
News & Tech
Four newspaper executives shared details of their initiatives to bolster the printed product during News & Tech’s panel session, “Keeping Print Strong in Your Newspaper Brand” during the Print 13 show. “Disruption in our industry has definitely caused us to rethink how we approach print,” Tribune Media Group’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Targeted Media Joseph Schiltz told attendees. “Our goal is to innovate in the print product space as much and as long as possible.”More

At The Dallas Morning News, digital is a complement to print, not a substitute
There’s definitely something different about The Dallas Morning News’ new premium website: Unlike the Boston Globe’s two-website strategy, for instance, people who subscribe aren’t getting exclusive articles, but they are getting more photos and fewer ads.More

A year after daily publication ceased in Alabama and New Orleans, media market is 'fractured'
B.E. Mintz is attuned to the irony: After the 176-year-old New Orleans Times-Picayune ceased daily publication a year ago, “people took the position, ‘I’m so angry that I have to read the newspaper online, that I’m going to go read my news somewhere else online,’” he said. Mintz is editor and publisher of NOLA Defender, a 3-year-old news and arts website. Not coincidentally, he said, the site’s readership has doubled and its advertising revenue has increased by more than 50 percent since the T-P’s cutbacks were announced.More

Newspapers more relevant than ever before
Journal Sentinel
Once upon a time, the very first newspaper was painstakingly carved on stone or metal and posted daily in Rome's public spaces. Today, The New York Times tweets its headlines to more than 9.5 million followers — and then they are retweeted, shared, and commented on to millions more people online. We've come a long way from the carved and handwritten dailies that were distributed just a few hundred years ago.More

Justin Smith sets Bloomberg's priorities, announces '100-day' strategy plan
It's been pretty quiet since Justin Smith started as CEO of the Bloomberg Media Group Sept. 18. But he recently sent around a memo announcing a “hundred-day strategy process” to chart the company’s course for growth for the next few years. The effort will involve 100-plus people at the company, including many top managers, working in 10 to 15 groups on ways to grow the company's various platforms. Bloomberg LP’s terminal business pulls in an enviable billions of dollars, but it’s still trying to figure out how to make its media business a household name with consumers.More