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Jan. 26, 2012

Art for Health Program Offered at Lincoln Hospital in New York City
The Associated Press via The Wall Street Journal
A new program lets uninsured New York City artists exchange their art for medical services. Under the program, artists will earn "health credits" for every creative service they perform. In exchange they'll be able to obtain doctor's visits, laboratory tests, hospitalization, emergency care, dental care and prescriptions at Lincoln. Their services could include performances at special hospital events and painting murals in Lincoln's clinics.More

3 of 4 Uninsured Americans in States That Have Yet to Adopt Health Overhaul Plans
The Associated Press via The Washington Post
Three out of 4 uninsured Americans live in states that have yet to figure out how to deliver on its promise of affordable medical care. States were supposed to be partners in carrying out the biggest safety net expansion since Medicare and Medicaid, and the White House claims they're making steady progress. But an analysis by The Associated Press shows that states are moving in fits and starts. Combined with new insurance coverage estimates from the nonpartisan Urban Institute, it reveals a patchwork nation.More

Little Research on Overuse of Health Care in U.S.
Modern Healthcare
Despite concerns about the high cost and inefficiency associated with the overuse of health care, research is limited and often addresses only a few medical interventions, according to a new analysis. Most studies measure overuse of antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, coronary artery bypass grafting, coronary angiography, and carotid endarterectomy, said the authors, who reviewed data from more than 170 articles on the use of tests, procedures, and medications. Research has been mostly confined to those four areas because there are clear parameters for judging appropriateness of care, they added.More

Parkland Hospital's Laundry Recycles Water for Green Savings
VideoBrief Inside the campus at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas sits a 47,000-square-foot facility for one purpose: to wash 10 million pounds of laundry every year. The hospital now has a new high-tech system that will save money and recycle water. "We're recycling about 70 percent of the water we use," said James Tucker, who is heading up Parkland Hospital's new green initiative. The savings are big — nearly 15 million gallons of water every year.More

Lack of Dental Coverage Sends Patients to ER for Pain
USA Today
While government-managed health care programs such as Medicaid pay for emergency room visits for adult enrollees seeking temporary relief from toothaches, tooth abscesses, and other dental emergencies, coverage of outpatient dentist office treatment for those problems varies greatly from state to state, according to a 2011 federal Medicaid report. Federally mandated preventive and other dental care usually ends when Medicaid recipients enter early adulthood. As a result, many adult government health care program enrollees — as well as uninsured Americans — are turning to emergency care providers nationwide to manage the pain from dental problems.More

Meth Fills Hospitals With Burn Patients
The Associated Press via USA Today
A crude new method of making methamphetamine poses a risk even to Americans who never get anywhere near the drug: It is filling hospitals with thousands of uninsured burn patients requiring millions of dollars in advanced treatment — a burden so costly that it's contributing to the closure of some burn units. So-called shake-and-bake meth is produced by combining raw, unstable ingredients in a 2-liter soda bottle. But if the person mixing the noxious brew makes the slightest error, such as removing the cap too soon or accidentally perforating the plastic, the concoction can explode.More

A New Weapon in Fight Against Superbugs
The Wall Street Journal
Researchers in Israel have developed a novel method of restoring antibiotic sensitivity to resistant bacteria, according to a study in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The process could eventually be used to fight hospital superbugs, researchers said. An estimated 70 percent of hospital-acquired infections in the U.S. involve bacteria that are resistant to at least one antibiotic.More

Antimicrobial Scrubs May Reduce Bacterial Burden on Health Care Worker Apparel
Infection Control Today
The use of antimicrobial-impregnated scrubs combined with good hand hygiene is effective in reducing the burden of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on health care workers' apparel and may potentially play a role in decreasing the risk of MRSA transmission to patients, according to a new study. Previous findings have shown that hospital textiles may contribute to the transmission of pathogens through indirect contact via the hands of hospital staff and that antimicrobial textiles may reduce the bioburden.More

Norton Healthcare: Documenting the Journey to Accountable Care
Sandy Laycox, MFA
NAPH's web writer/publications editor describes a Commonwealth Fund case study profiling NAPH's new member, Norton Healthcare. The report documents the organization's process of becoming an accountable care organization, providing guidance for traditional health care organizations looking to make the transition.More

Find Out What's New With NAPH Members
A University of Utah Health Care professor is chosen to receive the 2012 Edward Novitski Prize from the Genetics Society of America. Broward Health honors 44 primary care practitioners for their unwavering commitment and dedication to serving the uninsured and underinsured in Broward County.More

Innovators Legislative Event — Feb. 29-March 1
NAPH members are leading the way in innovation and efficiency, and now is a crucial time to share that good work with policymakers in Washington. Register now to join NAPH and your colleagues at our upcoming spring Legislative Event in D.C. Bring one or two individuals who have brought innovative changes to your organization. They'll join government relations professionals and CEOs on the Hill and will showcase their innovation before congressional staff.More