NAPT MultiView News Brief
Jan. 10, 2012

When you're on the spot, come to the 'spotlight'
Business partners are special members of NAPT. They provide expertise, products and services to the pupil transportation industry, helping to maintain and improve upon the safety and efficiency of operations and processes. Knowing who to call when you're on the spot is important.

To help you find solutions, we highlight three of our business partners in a scrolling logo format on the NAPT homepage every two weeks. All you need to do is click on the company logo to find out more.

Featured on our website under "Business Partner in the Spotlight" through Jan. 12, are the following businesses: Bully Free Bus, Ventech and Westmatic. Please take a moment to become familiar with the products and services offered by these companies.

Please feel free to visit our web site anytime,, and check out the featured scrolling logo posted near the bottom left hand side of the home page. You never know, you may find just the solution you are looking for.

Bully Free Systems, presents a school-wide anti-bullying program; Ventech provides liquid heat generator (lhg) heating systems and Westmatic offers a large vehicle wash system.More

FMCSA announces Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt art contest
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt art contest is accepting entries through Feb. 14. To view the video promoting this year's contest and for more information, click here. The video can also be viewed on DOT's YouTube channel. More

California rural schools struggle to keep school buses running
California Watch
There are no sidewalks, bike lanes or public transportation in Forks of Salmon, a tiny, forest-shrouded community deep in the mountains of Siskiyou County, Calif. For seven of the 10 students at Forks of Salmon Elementary School, getting to class means taking a 45-minute school bus ride on 18 miles of a narrow, two-lane road that twists and turns with the Salmon River.More

Thomas built buses supports local suppliers, creates jobs and contributes to the community
As a leading provider of school buses with a 95-year manufacturing history in North Carolina, it's not surprising that most people in the Carolinas think of Thomas Built Buses when they see those iconic yellow school buses. In the Carolinas, each Thomas Built school bus represents more than safe, reliable access to education, it represents another good manufacturing job. More

Violations of school bus yield laws seen rising
Door County Advocate
With violations rising, the Sturgeon Bay Police Department in Wisconsin has issued a reminder regarding the laws about stopping while school buses are loading and unloading. When you see the stop sign come out and the lights activated on a school bus, you are required by state law to stop at least 20 feet from the bus in all directions unless on a divided highway.More

The hidden health benefits of a cellphone ban
In December 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board touched off a torrent of kudos and criticism when it recommended that all 50 states and the District of Columbia adopt laws prohibiting texting and talking while driving, including the use of hands-free devices. The move was made in the hopes of saving the more than 3,000 lives lost annually to the two main causes of distracted driving.More

Kentucky's hybrid school bus fleet is leading the nation, cutting fuel costs
The Courier-Journal
A statewide push to use more hybrid electric school buses could save Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky more than $75,000 a year in gas. And that amount could rise as the district adds 18 more of the fuel-efficient buses this spring, bringing its total to 50 — more than any other district in the country.More

GOP hopefuls favor scaled-back K-12 federal role
Education Week
Though education has played second fiddle so far to other domestic issues in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the narrowing field includes GOP candidates with compatible views on scaling back the federal role in K-12, but big contrasts in policy specifics and experience.More

Is your school bus driver a risk to your children?
The Huffington Post
Over 480,000 school buses travel the nation's roads every day. Twenty-six million children, more than half the nation's school-aged population, rely on the bus to transport them to and from school. Drivers must be patient, focused and alert to safely transport children each day. More

Chinese Safety standards May push school bus prices up
CRI English
Industrial insiders are saying that excessively strict safety standards for school buses may end up making them unaffordable for schools in poorer areas. Beijing has just held a national conference seeking feedback on drafting new school bus standards following a series of fatal bus crashes last year. Some companies say the Western-style safety standards drafted by Yutong Group, one of China's biggest bus manufacturers, do not correspond to the reality in China. A number of companies point out that a big school bus costs at least 350,000 yuan, depending on the number of seats. However, a large number of villages and townships can't even afford ordinary school buses, let alone buses that meet U.S. standards.More

Free shipping on your 13-month calendar at NAPT
Here's a great idea from your friends at NAPT — we are offering free shipping with a $10 purchase of our 13-month NSBSW poster calendar.

These National School Bus Safety Week poster calendars will help everyone stay organized and enjoy award-winning student artwork from across the country. This colorful, easy-to-write-on calendar features state and national conference dates so you can keep track of important industry events. Office mates and relatives alike are sure to appreciate the safety messages and enjoy the talent exhibited in this calendar. (Dimension — closed: 10.5" W x 8" L)

Student artwork is created each year to celebrate National School Bus Safety Week. The NSBSW poster theme for 2012 is "Stand Back from the Yellow and Black." Students may draw the theme from September 2011 to September 2012. School Bus Safety Week is Oct. 22-26.

Happy New Year!More