NAPT MultiView News Brief
Feb. 2, 2010

Ventura gets first plug-in hybrid electric school bus in Southern California
Los Angeles Times
Major automakers are readying a wave of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles for consumers, but one local school district is already taking advantage of the technology.More

School board plan for busing upsets parents
Ottowa Citizen
Ottowa's Barrhaven public school parents say a plan to harmonize bus transportation with the Catholic board will make life difficult for many families as they struggle with changes to school start times.More

LISD heads to try hands at teaching
Lubbock Online
Karen Garza was in her second month as Lubbock Independent School District superintendent last Aug. 14 when she announced to the annual convocation of school district employees she and her administrative team would substitute teach for half a day during the fall semester.More

Sen. Buttars to ax high school bus for 12th grade
The Salt Lake Tribune
When times get tight, it's not unusual for schools to cut teachers, staff and activities. But busing for high school students? That's what at least one Utah lawmaker has in mind. And while many educators oppose getting rid of funding for high school busing, others say it's not such a crazy idea.More

Columbus and other districts aren't fully monitoring private bus drivers, despite state warning
Dispatch Politics
Three years after missing background checks brought Columbus schools to a standstill and sounded a statewide alarm, the district is unsure whether all the private bus drivers it uses are safe to drive kids, an audit says.More

Hawaii's school board needs to be fixed, say three ex-governors
Honolulu Advertiser
Prompted by widespread discontent over public school furloughs, three former Hawaii governors say it is time to overhaul the state's education system and they've drafted a manifesto of education reform.More

Police hit motorists with stiff fines for passing school buses
Greenwich Times
Some of the reasons motorists give after they are nabbed for passing a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing defy logic, said an officer in the town's traffic unit.More

EDTA speeds up electric car timeline
Green Car Reports
The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), the industry's leading network for the electric vehicle industry, has created a new "action plan" for policymakers to continue the momentum in the coming year.More

Take the long view when negotiating with your vendors
For many businesses, the prices your vendors ask can make or break you. And even if price is no object, your vendors' abilities to deliver products or services on time, while avoiding errors or damaged products can control the fate of your business. However, if you take care to negotiate contracts with your vendors that protect your business, you can create a long-term relationship that will help your business grow.More