NAPT MultiView News Brief
Feb. 9, 2010

Bill would fine drivers who leave kids on school buses
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
State Sen. Sean Logan, D-Monroeville, Pa., plans to introduce legislation aimed at tougher penalties for school bus drivers who leave a child on a bus or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.More

FY11 budget plan folds ed tech into new program
eSchool News
President Barack Obama's proposed budget for fiscal year 2011 calls for sweeping changes to programs within the U.S. Department of Education, including a restructuring of federal education technology grants.More

Profile of Education Secretary Arne Duncan
The New Yorker
President Obama has allotted Secretary of Education Arne Duncan more than seventy billion dollars in federal economic-stimulus funds to hand out to the states—more money "by a factor of a lot," as Duncan puts it, than any Secretary of Education has had before him.More

LaHood fears spread of in-car technology
The Detroit News
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is concerned that a host of technologies in new vehicles are distracting drivers. More

President's 2011 budget includes NLC priorities
National League of Cities
President Obama introduced his $3.8 trillion fiscal year 2011 budget proposal. While the proposal reflects the discretionary budget spending freeze the President announced during his State of the Union address and does not include funding for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, an NLC priority, it calls for level funding and in some cases increases in several programs important to fostering a climate of economic vitality in cities and towns.More

States, cities target handicap parking fraud
USA Today
A growing number of states and cities are cracking down on handicap parking scofflaws with stiffer fines and placards that are less susceptible to fraudulent use.More

School bus drivers nationwide honored for safe, reliable service during February's 'Love the Bus'
The Sun News
Thousands of school children across the country are making Valentine's cards for someone extra special in their lives this year—their school bus drivers.More

Study: Cell phone bans don't reduce accidents
A new study suggests laws banning the use of hand-held devices while driving have not reduced the rate of accidents in three states and the District of Columbia.More

Bill targets school bus drivers
The Sun News
Drivers in South Carolina's state fleet of 5,000 public school buses would be forbidden to text-message or talk on cell phones while transporting students under a proposal before the House Transportation Subcommittee.More

School Committee tables vote on bus fees
The Standard Times
A Massachusetts School Committee tabled a vote on a proposed Town Meeting article to create a revolving account for bus fees.More

School bus driver fired over handgun
Vicksburg Post
A school bus driver who failed to report a 13-year-old girl with a pistol on his bus or at a bus stop has been fired.More

When gas becomes a luxury
Blue Print America
First the bad news: gas will rise to $20 per gallon. Now the good news: gas will rise to $20 per gallon. It's going to happen whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter if the Democrats are in control, the Republicans, or even Ron Paul. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming or disbelieve in evolution.More

New warning system warns of driver drowsiness and distraction
Science Daily
Scientists have developed the latest version of a driving assistance system which controls the driver's attention level and helps to avoid accidents caused by drowsiness or distractions at the wheel.More

What's the best way to curb distracted driving?
National Journal of Transportation
The ban on texting by commercial drivers that the Transportation Department announced on Jan. 26 was only the latest in a series of developments that have catapulted distracted driving to the top of the nation's - and Secretary Ray LaHood's - transportation safety agenda. More