NAPT MultiView News Brief
March 2, 2010

Life-saving mandate? Every Oregon school would have an automatic defibrillator
eSchool News
It's likely that every Oregon school will be required to have an automatic heart defibrillator available by 2015, reports the Oregonian.More

State DOTs use social networking to get the word out
Trucking Info
More and more state transportation departments are using social networking sites to get the word out to the traveling public, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.More

Parents win battle, buses will have winter tires
Tire Review
Transport Canada has told school districts in New Brunswick to outfit their multi-purpose vehicles with winter tires by the end of this week.More

School bus movies to fight bullying and bad behavior
BBC News
Films and TV programs are being screened on school buses across north Wales, U.K. in a bid to reduce noise and bad behavior on the way home.More

Glimpse the wireless future of transportation
The coming convergence of how we communicate and how we travel is spawning technologies that will change how we get around — and make transportation safer and more efficient, at the same time. The promise of vehicles communicating with each other and with the road, coupled with advancements in transportation infrastructure, has planners, technocrats and futurists creating an Intelligent Transportation System. More

Road salt melts snow, but it contaminates groundwater and damages habitats
The Washigton Post
With all the snow, road crews have been spreading loads of salt all over the sidewalks and roads. We know it wreaks havoc on our cars. What does it do to the environment?More

Bill would require school boards to examine transportation safety issues
Journal Star
Nebraska state, the federal government and Lincoln Public Schools all have programs encouraging students to walk or bike to school for good health reasons. Sen. Ken Haar of Malcolm sees that as somewhat at odds with putting schools in places where children must cross major highways or walk in ditches to get there.More

Cell Cease application reduces cause of distractions and accidents for teens
A new cell phone application named the Cell Cease application has been designed to limit all the distractions caused during driving. This application will block all the calls and texts while a vehicle is in motion.More

New legislation could change transportation for non-public school students
Legislation is currently making its way through the Capitol that would change transportation for non-public school students. Currently public schools must transport private and charter school students. While the state offers funding to offset those costs, it is not enough to cover them completely.More

Cashing in
The Salt Lake Tribune
Rep. Jim Bird is thinking outside the bus in a well-intended attempt to come to the rescue of hard-hit elementary and secondary schools, by proposing House Bill 393 to allow districts to sell advertising space on the outside of school buses. More

How to track your company's critical numbers
Working with a great accountant is an asset; leaning too hard on one can be a flaw. Any executive should have an easy-to-update balance sheet of critical numbers to turn to anytime. We walk you through the key steps to boosting your financial literacy.More

10 examples of tremendous business leadership
Open Forum
Great leadership can be hard to come by. With all the politics and blaming that can go on within an organization, many companies are lacking good, solid leadership from people who are willing to stick to their word.More

DPS to privatize bus services
Detroit Free Press
The 22,300 Detroit Public Schools students who take the school bus will soon be transported by private firms, according to a recent announcement.More

All Wisconsin Metro buses soon to have video cameras
Wisconsin State Journal
Metro Transit is set to finish installing surveillance cameras on all 203 of its buses by mid-March, something officials say has improved safety both on and near buses.More

The truth about student fares: MTA a huge bargain for state and city
Streets Blog
A new round of MTA Board hearings gets started this week, and the biggest flashpoint is sure to be the student MetroCard program.More

Anti-terrorism program trains Texas bus drivers
Channel 25 News-TV
It's not just security cameras local school districts rely on, it is their faith in school bus drivers trained by a special program. The same team that trains anti-terrorism tactics is showing schools how to deal with criminal and suspicious activity.More