NAPT MultiView News Brief
March 8, 2011

NAPT webinar has been archived
Our recent webinar titled "What Can You Learn About School Bus Transportation From Other Countries? Lots!" given by Peter Lawrence and Richard Fischer has been archived and is ready for viewing. Please go to our website, and click on "Webinar Series" under our communication category.More

NHTSA seeks to delay in-vehicle camera regulations
The Detroit News
The Obama administration has asked Congress for more time to finalize proposed new rules that would require car manufacturers to improve rear visibility in all new vehicles by 2014. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in December that the new regulations would likely lead to automakers installing backup cameras to all vehicles by 2014 — a move aimed at saving some 100 lives a year, the government said recently.More

Small airports, left behind
The New York Times
Residents of some of America's smaller cities may face a tough choice in the future: pay increasingly high fares to board a plane close to home, or drive farther to a bigger airport with lower ticket prices. While it is difficult to calculate how much fares are rising at places like Mobile, Ala., versus large cities like Miami — the Department of Transportation's most recent study of rural airfares was published in 1998 — industry executives and analysts agree that smaller markets are generally experiencing bigger price increases.More

Can buses enter the transportation race?
KALW Radio
Electric cars have been a symbol of transportation's future for a while now, but the buzzword nowadays is "high-speed rail." While the debate about high-speed rail has been raging, new bus services like Bolt Bus and Megabus have taken off. They service downtown areas. They're cheap, they're no hassle, and you don't need a lot of money — or new infrastructure — to get them going. They might not replace high-speed rail, but they might be something to ride while we wait.More

ASPIRE leads the way to greener flights, cleaner skies
Department of Transportation Fastlane
The Federal Aviation Administration has teamed up with its counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore as part of ASPIRE, the Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions. Their mission? To reduce aviation's impact on the environment.More

FMCSA expands pre-employment screening program
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration added a new feature to the screening program that gives carriers a look at the history of a driver who is applying for a job. The agency is making data available on co-driver safety and post-crash violations, in addition to the roadside inspection and crash records that employers already can see. The agency said it also has begun showing the date that a driver's safety records were updated.More

Double Coin tire prices to increase
Modern Tire Dealer
Double Coin and China Manufacturers Alliance LLC have hiked prices starting March 1 by an average of 13 percent on Double Coin Holdings' products. The price increases apply to the Double Coin radial truck and bus tires, all of its private brand radial truck, bus tires and Double Coin radial off-road tires.More

President's signature extends highway, transit programs for 7 months
AASHTO Journal
President Barack Obama recently signed into law a measure that extends until Sept. 30 federal highway and transit programs that had been slated to expire March 4. The seven-month extension averts a suspension of reimbursements from the U.S. Department of Transportation to the states for their ongoing surface transportation improvement projects, as occurred last March when a similar extension was delayed, and allows states to continue to commit projects just in time for the construction season to begin in earnest.More

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood: 'We believe in tolling,' says US open to tolling existing interstates
The Dallas Morning News
Would the federal government allow Texas to toll all the lanes on Interstate 35 between Dallas and San Antonio to speed up the hugely expensive — and badly needed — reconstruction of that interstate? It might. To toll an existing interstate — or to build a new one with tolls — a state has to get permission from Uncle Sam, and Texas never has asked to toll Interstate 35 headed to Austin. In fact, even the toll-road loving Texas Department of Transportation has set down in its own rules a prohibition of tolling existing highways.More

Obama administration defends Clean Air Act
The Press Enterprise
The Obama administration recently lashed back at GOP efforts to curb federal air pollution regulations, arguing that clear skies laws save lives and help the nation's struggling economy. Touting new estimates of the fiscal and public health benefits of the Clean Air Act, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson vowed to press forward with new regulations being sought in accordance with the landmark bill.More

Stopgap spending bill severs array of education programs
Education Week
The stopgap federal spending bill that President Barack Obama signed into law March 2 almost certainly spells the end of federal funding for more than a dozen education programs, at least until the end of the current fiscal year, and quite possibly for good. The bill would scrap all federal funding for the current year for a number of programs that were considered "earmarks" under congressional rules because they got non-competitive funds directed just for them. Some senators protested on behalf of the groups, but it may have been too late — the cuts went through anyway.More