NAPT MultiView News Brief
March 16, 2010

Analysis finds uneasy mix in auto industry and regulation
The Washington Post
Dozens of former federal officials are playing leading roles in helping car makers handle federal investigations of auto defects, including those for Toyota's runaway-acceleration problems.More

Lodi Unified School District to discuss closing schools, eliminating buses
Lodi News-Sentinal
Small schools could be consolidated and bus routes eliminated under reports to be discussed by California's Lodi Unified School District board members. The cost-saving items are among $29 million worth of ideas recommended by Superintendent Cathy Nichols-Washer's Budget Advisory Committee.More

West Virginia to turn school buses into ticket machines
the newspaper
Faced with a $120 million budget deficit, West Virginia lawmakers are turning to school buses to bring in desperately needed revenue. The House of Delegates voted 98-0 to give final approval to House Bill 4223 which allows county school boards to deploy buses to issue $500 automated tickets.More

Two school bus safety bills proposed in Connecticut
24/7 Press Release
Laws and regulations are often evaluated after an accident occurs, and this is the case for two new school bus safety bills in Connecticut. According to the Hartford Courant, the first bill would require seat belts in all public school buses. While the second bill proposes higher fines for bus drivers with repeat traffic offences, as well as telephone information displayed on each bus so that other drivers can call and report unsafe or reckless driving.More

School bus seatbelts
A very recent school bus wreck in Florida's Gadsden County is renewing questions about seatbelts on buses. The student who died was thrown through the bus' windshield. And the bus was not equipped with the safety devices. School officials throughout the region say they're continuing to equip buses with seatbelts, but it's been a long, slow process.More

Despite violations, buses stay in service
Despite fines for safety violations, some school buses in Connecticut continue to stay in service, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.More

Finding the best 'school run' for the environment
Click Green
New research indicates that educational policies can affect the environmental, health and financial impacts of school commuting. It found that the most effective school-enrolment policy for reducing traffic emissions is to send children to the school closest to where they live.More

Laura Armstrong: Moms should ask tough questions, accept no excuses
The Marietta Daily Journal
If it seems I'm harping on the school bus controversy, well, I am. You see, I have a beautiful little boy who will be turning 5 years old on the first day of school on Aug. 2. All things considered, the thought of putting him on one of Grisham and Warner's buses not only concerns me, but angers me as well.More

Bus safety program is paying off, officials say
Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinal
It was no fluke that an undercover Milwaukee County sheriff's deputy was aboard a Route 19 county bus last month, when a 17-year-old boy brandished a pellet gun that looked like a real handgun.More

HART brings bus information to cell phones
Tampa Bay Online
Tampa Bay, Fla., HART passengers who use cell phones can use the devices to find out when the next bus is scheduled to show up at their stop as well as system service updates and bus stop locations.More

How good is your business intuition?
Yahoo! Small Business
In my earlier working years, I got a real eye opener about the nuances behind estimating. In my subsequent 40 years in business I've come to learn several more lessons about how to sharpen estimating skills.More

Seeking more about potential drivers
Philly Burbs
Should school bus drivers be held to higher standards than other drivers when it comes to their driving records?More

Highway deaths drop to lowest level since 1950s
The Associated Press via Google
The roads today are full of hazards: Runaway Toyotas, teen drivers texting, commuters using the rearview mirror to check their hair while juggling cups of scalding coffee. Nonetheless, the number of people dying on the highway is the lowest since the 1950s.More

Transit tests out hybrid bus
Times Colonist
The "most technologically advanced bus on the planet" is shadowing B.C. Transit buses on Greater Victoria streets this month to test it out as a potential new type of vehicle to carry a growing number of riders. More

Fla. license plates may become profitable ad space
Business Week
A Mickey Mouse license plate courtesy of Walt Disney World? How about a tag emblazoned with McDonald's golden arches, Nike's swoosh or, maybe, a Coke or Pepsi logo? That's the latest moneymaking idea being floated in the Florida Legislature in these hard economic times.More

Education in 2020: What will our schools look like in 10 years?
The Daily Telegram
What will education in Michigan's Lenawee County look like in 10 years? Fewer school districts and more sharing of services are both likely developments, said Del Cochran, a former Adrian Public Schools superintendent who's now a consultant for the Lenawee Intermediate School District working on ways local school districts can work together to save money.More