NAPT MultiView News Brief
Apr. 3, 2012

Electronics top distractions for teen drivers
CBS News
A new study of teen driving behavior has found that the use of electronic devices is the leader among distracted driving behaviors, and that teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to use cellphones or other electronic devices while driving. More

NTSB chief: Technology makers share blame for distracted driving
Automotive News
The top U.S. transportation safety investigator criticized companies such as Intel Corp. that are investing in in-car information technology, saying they're slowing efforts to reduce hazards from distracted driving. "If the technology producers focused more on what is safe, than what sells, we'd see highway fatalities go down," National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman said recently as she convened a distracted-driving forum in Washington.More

Newly revamped US Department of Education bullying website

The U.S. Department of Education has released a revitalized website.

Building on the momentum started a year ago by the Obama administration and relaunched in partnership with the Department of Education, the new site emphasizes action steps individuals can take to prevent and stop bullying in their schools and communities. It also features easy-to-use tools and resources for community leaders, young people and families, including:

The new site can help you share ideas and start discussions about the role you can play in preventing bullying in your community. Show your support on your own website with widgets and badges and subscribe to email updates to find out about new content on the site. You are also encouraged to consider submitting your materials for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Education resource database. For more information on how to take action, you can also follow on Twitter or Facebook.

Please also look for the yellow boxes at the bottom of most pages. This is a new user feedback tool, which you can use to communicate whether you found the page useful or not. You can also share your ideas for how to improve it.

In addition, all of the Federal government agencies' bullying prevention efforts — including HRSA's Stop Bullying Now! Campaign — have been transitioned to one central location. Consider replacing the Stop Bullying Now! logo with the new logo and swap the HRSA URL ( for if you provide links from your site. More

Survey: Rising fuel prices will alter travel plans
USA Today
Rising gasoline prices are likely to make business and leisure travelers alter their travel plans this summer, a survey to be released today by the U.S. Travel Association finds. More than half, 54 percent, of leisure travelers who planned to travel by car say higher fuel prices would affect their plans. A smaller percentage, 26.8 percent, of business travelers would reconsider their plans. It would take an increase of at least 26 cents to $1.25 a gallon for travelers to alter their behavior.More

Obama administration trying to curb distracted driving among public transit employees
The Hill
The Federal Transit Administration recently said it is partnering with the Florida Department of Transportation in an effort to reduce distracted driving among employees of public transit systems. The FTA and the FDOT said they were releasing an 30-minute instructional course for transit employees that it hopes will remind public transportation drivers of the dangers of distracted driving.More

Women bicycling across US for Safe Routes to School
U.S. Department of Transportation Fastlane
Safe Routes to School is a Federal Highway Administration program dedicated to making it easier for students to walk or bike to school by addressing the safety risks associated with walking and riding a bike. In 1969, 50 percent of all school children walked or rode a bike to school, but by 2005 that number was down to just 15 percent. More

House, Senate extend US highway programs through June
House and Senate lawmakers voted to extend U.S. highway programs through June 30, averting a shutdown of construction projects and the furlough of 3,500 federal-government workers. The temporary measure now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature.More

Robo-readers: The new teachers' helper in the US
Reuters via Yahoo News
American high school students are terrible writers, and one education reform group thinks it has an answer: robots. Or, more accurately, robo-readers — computers programmed to scan student essays and spit out a grade. The theory is that teachers would assign more writing if they didn't have to read it. And the more writing students do, the better at it they'll become — even if the primary audience for their prose is a string of algorithms.More

School bus catches fire in Wilmington
VideoBrief It was a close call for some Delaware school children who had a lesson in fire safety recently, but it was no drill; the school bus they were on caught fire. A quick thinking school bus driver managed to get children to safety.More

Keeping LGBT students safe from bullying
The Washington Times
America's parents are worried. Every day, moms and dads watch their children go to school hoping that they will learn what they need to become happy and productive members of society. But with a recent high profile string of teen suicides linked to harassment in public schools, parents are also worrying about their children's safety in ways they never have before. More

The cost of fuel keeps inching up
Fleet Owner Magazine
The cost of diesel and gasoline kept on climbing over the past week, though not as fast as earlier in the month, largely because crude oil prices continue rising, according to the Energy Information Administration. More

Texas schools get on board with school bus ads
Bowie County Schools' hopes are now riding on school bus ads to raise funds in the face of rising transportation costs and state budget cuts. "It's been 27 years since the state has increased the funding for public school transportation," says Bowie County Transportation Department Director Jim Norman.More

April webinar

WHO: Lida Citroen — Personal Branding and Reputation Management Expert

WHAT: "Stand Apart from the Competition: Power up your personal brand!"

WHEN: April 3, noon to 1 p.m. EASTERN

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As NAPT continues to set industry standards for pupil transportation professionals, the value of the individual's contribution increases in importance. Each year presents new challenges, meaning that professionals must adapt, or find they themselves replaceable. Economic conditions, eroding funding resources, safety and security concerns mean that NAPT members and their leaders need to reinvent (or develop) their brand to maintain the public's confidence that the school bus is the safest mode of transportation for students.

Drivers are not "just bus drivers." They are pupil transportation professionals and the manner in which they convey that value directly impacts the public's perception of their role. Every person has a personal brand — either by design or default. Your personal brand is how you are known and the value other people assign you. Right or wrong, perception is reality!

Developing your personal brand allows you to attract opportunities by becoming known for your value. Lida Citroën helps professionals take ownership of their personal brands and manage their reputation, enhancing their value.

In this one-hour webinar, Citroën will show your audience how to:

An accomplished speaker, writer and advisor, Citroën captivates audiences with her empowering message about intentionally managing your personal brand and reputation. She also presents a compelling program on "Building your reputation through social media," wherein she highlights opportunities and pitfalls of the online platform. For more than 20 years, Citroën has delivered her unique, engaging and actionable techniques to clients, earning her acclaim internationally as an expert in reputation management and personal branding.More