NAPT MultiView News Brief
May 10, 2011

Downtime at the 2011 NAPT Summit?

Probably not much. Our goal is to keep you pretty darn busy. But if you have time before the conference starts or after it's over, you might want to check out the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. A variety of exhibits trace the terror-filled steps taken by impoverished but nevertheless determined fugitive slaves in the dark of night, sometimes across the frozen Ohio River, toward a delicate and often short-lived freedom. To learn more about the inspirational stories and heroes of this 19th century freedom movement, visit the website

Address: 50 Freedom Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
Call toll free: 877-648-4838.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Adult admission: $10.More

HISD unveils school bus ads
Local children are being encouraged to think about college as they board their buses to school. Houston ISD unveiled its first-ever school bus advertisements recently. The college board has purchased ads on 50 buses as part of a new campaign to promote the benefits of a college education.More

As gas prices rise so does bus ridership
Transportation Nation
Ahead of the busy summer travel season, intercity bus ridership continues to climb despite the trio of recent crashes in the Northeast. Robert Schwarz, executive vice president of Peter Phe said, "It's definitely increasing and we're very optimistic for where it's going to go this summer." He added of rising gas prices, "It's very good for the intercity bus industry" because travel is a discretionary item and habits can change with relative costs.More

Keeping America's children safe from hyperthermia
Department of Transportation Fastlane
When we think about cars and summertime, it's usually about making sure the car doesn't break down while we're driving toward our family vacation. But warm-weather safety doesn't stop with making sure the car works properly on the road. It also means making sure we don't leave children alone in the car — ever.More

Emotional video fights distracted driving
Bits via The New York Times
The latest public service announcement warning against distracted driving has an interesting twist: It presupposes that people know about the dangers of multitasking behind the wheel. Instead, it illustrates the emotional toll for those who are affected by an accident caused by a person texting or talking on a phone.More

LaHood outlines new bus safety measures
It would be harder for tour bus companies to win permission to operate and easier for the government to put rogue operators out of business under a series of bus safety steps announced recently by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Other proposals announced by LaHood would make it easier for the government to take away bus drivers' commercial licenses if they violate drug and alcohol laws while operating a vehicle other than a bus or if they fail to pay fines.More

Bullying grabs global attention
CNN Living
The guilty pleas of students in a recent Massachusetts school harassment case this week thrust the spotlight back on bullying in the United States, but the issue also is drawing more attention beyond America's borders. Across the United States, 19.9 percent of students in grades 9 through 12 say they were victims of bullying on school property over a one-year period, according to a 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of a representative sample of United States youth. But bullying is also a global issue, according to the United Nations Children's Fund.More

Looking to speed security for frequent fliers
The Wall Street Journal
In what would be a major shift in procedures, the Transportation Security Administration is working on a concept that could let "trusted travelers" keep their shoes on, leave laptops in bags and avoid body scanners altogether — one of the biggest improvements at the airport since 2001. Drawing data from airline frequent-flier programs, the TSA plans to identify trusted travelers and indicate their status with a bar code on their boarding passes, said John Pistole, the agency's administrator.More

Childrens' posters remind commercial drivers to 'Be ready. Be buckled.'
Department of Transportation Fastlane
One of the most important safety measures folks can take while traveling on our nation's roadways is to wear their seatbelt every time they're in a car, bus or truck. To reinforce that important safety message, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro went to Capitol Hill recently. But instead of speaking to members of Congress, she spoke to a group whose powers of persuasion are arguably as effective: The student winners of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Partnership's annual "Be Ready, Be Buckled" poster contest.More

A foundation for safer driving
Transportation Research Board
TRB's Strategic Highway Research Program has released a project brief that summarizes research preliminary to the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study. Conducted through the second Strategic Highway Research Program, which is administered by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the SHRP 2 naturalistic driving study supports the program goals of advancing solutions for highway safety, renewal and congestion.More

Highway call boxes becoming obsolete
San Francisco Chronicle
Pity the highway call box. After years of faithfully assisting stranded, often desperate, motorists, the bright-yellow emergency call boxes increasingly are shunned.More