NAPT MultiView News Brief
May. 29, 2012

Can youth change the world with technology?
At least one thing is true of youth in every country: give them access to technology and a bit of guidance, and they're capable of changing the world for the better. Helping young people do exactly that has been the job of the State Department's Ronan Farrow for the past year. Farrow has served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's special advisor on global youth issues since the middle of 2011. He firmly believes that technology is radically altering what it means to be a young person today, as social networks give them an unprecedented opportunity to have their voice heard and connect with other youth around the world to fix the problems they face.More

Transportation boss 'on rampage' about texting
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood says text messaging and other distractions are a serious threat to driver safety, especially among teens whose social lives often revolve around their cellphones. More

Annual Click It Or Ticket effort saves lives with simple message: Buckle up, for real
U.S. Department of Transportation FastLane
From 2006 to 2010, seat belts saved the lives of more than 69,000 people in motor vehicle crashes. However, if all passenger vehicle occupants aged 5 and older in 2010 had worn seat belts, an estimated 3,341 more lives could have been saved. More Americans than ever are connecting the dots. They understand that seat belts are a major factor in whether crash victims survive or perish, so they're doing the smart thing and buckling up. And in 2011, 84 percent of vehicle occupants used their seat belts.More

Harassment, bullying and free Expression: Guidelines for public schools seek middle ground
The Huffington Post
When Sally tells Jimmy that he's going to hell for believing in a false religion, is that Sally exercising her First Amendment right to free expression, or is that Billy getting bullied? A broad coalition of educators and religious groups — from the National Association of Evangelicals to the National School Boards Association — recently endorsed a new pamphlet to help teachers tackle such thorny questions. Authored chiefly by the American Jewish Committee, "Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression: Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools," contains 11 pages of advice on balancing school safety and religious freedom.More

Fuel savings where the rubber meets the road
The Cutting Edge News
A new study by civil engineers at MIT shows that using stiffer pavements on the nation's roads could reduce vehicle fuel consumption by as much as 3 percent — a savings that could add up to 273 million barrels of crude oil per year, or $15.6 billion at today's oil prices. This would result in an accompanying annual decrease in CO2 emissions of 46.5 million metric tons.More

Out-of-towners pay higher highway tolls even when using same electronic toll reading system
The Associated Press via Star Tribune
Some tolling authorities have found a way to give local motorists a discount on tolls while charging out-of-towners a higher rate for using the same roads and bridges. The E-ZPass electronic toll reading system used by 24 tolling agencies in 14 states in the Northeast and Midwest is able to differentiate where motorists bought their passes and apply varying prices.More

New consumer checklist from FMCSA helps you 'protect your move'
U.S. Department of Transportation FastLane
May is National Moving Month because, traditionally, it's the start of the busiest relocation season. Each year 37 million Americans move, and roughly two-thirds of those people — 24 million — move during the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Moving can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge. Fortunately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is on the job protecting consumers from unscrupulous carriers. The FMCSA is adding to its "Protect Your Move" toolkit a new "Consumer Checklist."More

Bosch: Diesel engine has a place in the clean energy future
Fleet Owner Magazine
Although alternative power is a hot topic in the transportation industry these days, diesel engines still have much to contribute to the clean and efficient energy future, according to Andreas Hoyler, manager engine lab and emissions, diesel systems in North America for Robert Bosch, LLC. Fleet Owner recently had the opportunity to talk with Hoyler about the role the company sees for diesel power today and going forward.More

Buses are safer: Now fix the big problem
The Advertiser
If tougher penalties really do prevent illegal behavior, then Louisiana parents can feel better about the safety of school buses. House Bill 485 by state Rep. Ledricka Thierry, D-Opelousas, which creates a graduated scale of tougher punishments for drivers who pass buses improperly, has passed both chambers of the Legislature. The bill drew 135 affirmative votes along the way, and was opposed by no one.More

Summer gas prices expected to be modestly lower
The New York Times
Nationwide, the price of a gallon of regular gasoline has been drifting lower by about half a cent a day over the last month, and energy analysts say that trend should continue over the next few weeks, in at least some states. "Drivers are getting a respite," said Rodney L. Waller, a senior vice president at Range Resources, an oil and gas company based in Fort Worth. "But it's a tenuous respite based on all the changes in the global oil market and the opening and closings of refineries across the U.S."More

Teen suspended for controversial anti-bullying video returning to school
VideoBrief Jessica Barba, the New York teen suspended from school for making a controversial anti-bullying video, recently returned to school, NBC News reports. A morning meeting with the Middle Island, N.Y., school district ended with the high school freshman's suspension removed from the record. Jessica's father Michael Barba told NBC News that all went well. "I am the proudest father in the world."More

NAPT SNT certificate registration for CSPTA Roadeo and Trade Show
Make plans now to attend the NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training opportunity being offered by the Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association. The courses will be held on June 19-20, in Pueblo, Colo.

To sign up for SNT class #103 — Roadeo Report and/or SNT #104 — Trade Show Report, click here.

If you have any questions regarding the CSPTA events and CSPTA registration, please visit If you have any questions regarding the SNT courses and registration, please call 800-989-NAPT (6278).More