NAPT MultiView News Brief
June. 7, 2011

NAPT awards program
The National Association for Pupil Transportation, together with support from our sponsors, is proud to offer an annual awards program to individuals and operators responsible for the safe transport of school children. Please consider nominating one of your dedicated staff, as we are accepting applications for the following awards:

IC Driver Trainer Award — Established to recognize school districts with exemplary driver training programs. Deadline Sept. 1.

Sure-Lok Special Needs Transportation Award — Created to recognize superior special needs transportation service. Deadline Sept. 1.

Blue Bird Heroism Award — Established to recognize heroism or acts of courage relating to school transportation. Deadline Sept. 1.

Thomas Built Buses Continuing Education Award — Founded to encourage professional growth in the student transportation industry. Deadline Sept. 1.

NAPT Larson Award — This comprehensive assessment tool highlights current quality standards and helps districts find areas that need improvement. Deadline June 15.

For applications and additional information, please log on to our website:

Bullying tied to sleep problems
Medpage Today
Aggressive schoolchildren appear to be more likely to have sleep-disordered breathing than their more mild-mannered counterparts, a cross-sectional study showed. Conduct problems, parent-reported bullying and school disciplinary problems all were associated with higher scores on a measure of sleep-related breathing disorders, according to Louise O'Brien, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues.More

Fuel prices slip, but will stay high overall
Fleet Owner
The recent dip in the price of diesel and gasoline is reflective of a modest pullback in oil prices due to falling demand. However, experts caution that much uncertainty remains in the global oil market, especially in terms of the ongoing civil war in Libya. Therefore, fleets should not expect a significant decline in diesel prices for the rest of the year.More

School buzz: Bus reading program in New York
In Homer, N.Y., one bus driver has turned the daily commute to and from school into something special. A trip on a school bus can be a rowdy ride, but driver Onna Jean Votra has found a way to keep things under control. "As I was reading to my child it dawned on me: Look how quiet he's being. He's really interested in the story. So I came up with the idea: let's try reading a book," Votra said.More

US presses to rein in Web gadgets in new cars
The Wall Street Journal
As consumers clamor for more tools to help them stay connected to online media on the road, automakers are coming under fresh pressure to minimize distracting gadgetry in new cars. "There's absolutely no reason for any person to download their Facebook into the car," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in an interview. "It's not necessary."More

As summer driving season heats up, so do your tires
Department of Transportation Fastlane
As the weather warms up, it's especially important for drivers to inspect their tires for proper inflation and signs of tread wear and damage before driving. With the onset of the heavy summer driving season and National Tire Safety Week, June 5-11, the Department of Transportation is urging motorists to ensure that their family trip doesn't turn into a tragedy because of neglected tires.More

Equal access to transportation: A right for all Americans
Department of Transportation Fastlane
Transportation is about a lot more than just getting around. Our roadways, runways and railways connect people with all of the things that make life worth living: family, education, job opportunities and recreation. That's why the Department of Transportation — and the entire Obama Administration — are laser-focused on improving access to transportation for all Americans.More

Bus-safety rules examined
USA Today
A recent bus wreck that killed four people in Virginia prompted two senators to consider putting interstate bus drivers under the stricter time-off requirements that apply to long-haul truckers. "We should at least look at what the federal government has asked the truckers to do," said Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. "I like that requirement," said Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, who co-wrote a pending bus-safety bill with Brown.More

What the debt ceiling vote means for transportation
Everyone pretty much agrees that the debt ceiling needs to be lifted. If it's not, the U.S. will default on its debts and worldwide financial pandemonium will ensue. But does it make sense to keep deficit spending, particularly on transportation?More

Catch misspellings, help a child read with Google campaign
Digital Life via
VideoBriefKan you reed this? Catch the spelling errors? Good. Then you can help children learn to read and write correctly in a new campaign by Google that will benefit UNICEF's Education Fund.More

BMW steps up with powerful anti-texting campaign
Department of Transportation Fastlane
BMW joined the Department of Transportation's fight against distracted driving with a new national campaign called, "Don't Text and Drive: When the engine starts, the texting stops." Soon, people across America will see BMW's powerful new television ad, as well as print and online advertisements reminding drivers that no call or text is worth the risk.More

eSN special report: Turning data into achievement
eSchool News
Although No Child Left Behind has its many faults, one important outgrowth of the law has been a focus on using student assessment data to drive instruction. This special report looks at how a handful of K-12 schools and districts have taken this critical next step of turning data into achievement.More