NAPT MultiView News Brief
Jun. 18, 2013

This year's Summit is packed!

Our SUMMIT agenda is packed with professional development, workshops, banquets, special events, a 2-day trade show and captivating keynotes speakers. NFL Referee, John Parry will be on hand to discuss lessons learned in the NFL and beyond; film maker Daniel Blake Smith will present the Impact movie – a story about the Carrollton, Ky., crash and the inspirational stories of survivors; meet Victoria Arlen, a teenage sensation who won gold and silver medals in the 2012 U.S. Paralympics., who asserts that "people with disabilities are not much different from those who don't. It's just that our obstacles are obvious! Obstacles are obstacles - whether it's a wheelchair or any other circumstance that stands between you and your dream." Her presentation is made possible by Sure-Lok/Q'Straint. In addition, we'll have an update on the Dubai project and officials from the NTSB will review the results and implications of recent crash investigations.

Headliners & Spin Offs

Fifteen PDS courses and five SNT courses will be available at the NAPT Summit this year and we'll be offering workshops on each of these topics every day:

Safety & Security
Special Needs Transportation
Fleet Operations & Maintenance

Each day, we will have at least one general session (called a headliner) featuring experts who'll discuss these topics for 15 minutes. Immediately following each general session, you'll be able to choose which of the sub topics (Spin-Offs) you'd like to attend to drill down into greater detail. For example, one of the Safety and Security topics will be an analysis of the recent Safety & Security survey that was undertaken at NAPT headquarters. A review of the survey will be offered in the general session and if you're interested in hearing more about this topic, you can adjourn to the spin off. Spin-offs are about 30 minutes in duration. You'll want to hear an overview of each of the sub topics before you choose. If you haven't registered yet, please do so soon. Note: Saturday and Thursday are pre and post-con days - we are offering a total of 10 PDS courses on these days. Please make travel plans with this in mind.

Can't wait to see you in GR (Grand Rapids), October 19-24, 2013!More

Oct. 20 opening session: 'Impact: After the Crash'

Daniel Blake Smith is a writer and filmmaker who loves to tell true, compelling American stories. He will join us in Grand Rapids, Mich., at the NAPT Summit with a full screening of the May 14, 1988 Carrollton, KY crash that took 27 lives. The film, entitled Impact: After the Crash reenacts the catastrophic incident but also shares the inspirational stories of survivors during this 25th anniversary year. You won't want to miss this Sunday morning opening session, co-presented with NASDPTS. (Click here for a view of the movie poster.)More

2013 NAPT SUMMIT At A Glance

8 a.m.-5 p.m.: PDS 502 & PDS 609
8 a.m.-5 p.m.: NHTSA Child Seat Class
8 a.m.-5 p.m.: LED Initiative
8 a.m.-noon: 2 PDS Courses
Lunch on own
1-5 p.m.: 2 PDS Courses
2-4 p.m.: Pre-Con Roundtable
8:30 a.m.: Keynote
Headliner & Spin Offs
Lunch on own
1-5 p.m.: NAPT Trade Show
8-11 a.m.: Certification Exams
8-11 a.m.: Join NASDPTS/NAPT Session
8 a.m.: Opening & AM Keynotes
Lunch on own
1-5 p.m.: 2 PDS Courses
Headliners & Spin Offs
2-5 p.m.: Certification Exams
7 p.m.: NAPT Awards Banquet
8 a.m.-noon: NAPT Trade Show
Lunch on own
1-5 p.m.: 2 PDS Courses
Headliners & Spin Offs
3:30 p.m.: Closing Ceremony
7 p.m.: Evening Event - IC Bus
7:30 a.m.: Business Session
8:30 a.m.: Special Event TBA
Headliner & Spin Offs
Lunch on own
1-5 p.m.: 2 PDS Courses
Headliner & Spin Offs
7 p.m.: Evening Event - Thomas Built
8 a.m.-noon: 3 PDS Courses

PDS and SNT 2013 Summit Courses

PDS (Professional Development Series) Courses
203 – Communication Skills for Transportation Professionals
302 – Budget Development
304 – Data-Driven Decisions
402 – Managing Human Resources: Employee Relations
501 – Overseeing a Fleet Maintenance Program
502 – Advanced Shop Maintenance (8-hours, on Saturday)
505 ─ School Facility Planning
602 – School Bus Routing & Scheduling II
608 – Developing A Safety Program
609 – Accident Investigation
702 – Personal Skills for Managers
703 – Personal Skills: Time Management
704 – Strategic Planning
901 – School Transportation Security Assessment
902 – Crisis Communication

SNT Courses (Special Need Transportation Training)
SNT 101 – Special Needs Transportation Training
SNT 102 – (NHTSA Class, 8-hours, on Saturday)
SNT 104 – Trade Show Report
SNT 105 – Special Needs Student Behavior
SNT 106 – NAPT Special Needs Capstone More

NAPT announces 2013 Scholarship and Grant opportunities

Peter & Linda Lawrence Scholarships
Peter and Linda Lawrence have endowed four scholarships to defray the cost of conference registration to NAPT members attending the Annual Summit on Oct. 19-24 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The application deadline for the NAPT Conference scholarship is Sept. 13. Log on to for more information.

Zonar Scholarships
Zonar Ten – We are pleased to announce Zonar Systems is graciously endowing 10 scholarships for attendance to the 2013 NAPT Annual Summit in Grand Rapids, Mich. Applicants do not have to be NAPT members - Zonar will include the cost of NAPT membership. The application deadline is Sept. 13. Log on to for more information.

Zonar $50,000 Equipment Grant
NAPT and Zonar are jointly sponsoring a $50,000 grant competition, for state of the art, fleet management technology that will enhance a school district's safety security and efficiency. NAPT will accept and evaluate applications from NAPT members for a single award or multiple awards of $50,000 worth of equipment/hardware provided by Zonar Systems, Inc. The filing deadline is Sept. 13 to NAPT. Log on to for more information or consult your Zonar Account Manager at More

2013 NAPT Awards Program — application deadline is Sept. 16

The National Association for Pupil Transportation, together with support from our sponsors, is proud to offer an annual awards program to individuals and operators responsible for the safe transport of school children. Please consider nominating one of your dedicated staff, as we are accepting applications for the following awards:

Driver Trainer Award sponsored by IC Bus — Established to recognize school districts with exemplary driver training programs. Deadline: Sept. 16

Special Needs Transportation Award sponsored by Sure-Lok — Created to recognize superior special needs transportation service. Deadline: Sept. 16

Heroism Award sponsored by Blue Bird — Established to recognize heroism or acts of courage relating to school transportation. Deadline: Sept. 16

Continuing Education Award sponsored by Thomas Built Buses — Founded to encourage professional growth in the student transportation industry. Deadline: Sept. 16

Please log on to our website for applications and additional information: More

NAPT PDS and SNT courses available at many upcoming conferences

For NAPT members interested in pursuing career development, certification and recertification, and/or the NAPT Special Needs Endorsement, we will be announcing dates and locations of our course offerings throughout the year.

If you wish to receive NAPT credit for PDS or SNT course offerings at upcoming events, and an official course completion certificate from NAPT, please click on the specific location you are interested in (below). You'll be taken to a registration page that details all the information you need, including a link to the conference site.

VAPT (Virginia Association for Pupil Transportation): Course Web link

OPTA (Oregon Pupil Transportation Association): Course Web Link

ASTSBC (Association of School Transportation Services of British Columbia): Course Web link

MAPT (Missouri Association for Pupil Transportation): Course Web link

PSBA (Pennsylvania School Bus Association): Course Web link

NCPTA (North Carolina Pupil Transportation Association): Course Web link

ILAPT (Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation): Course Web link

The NAPT Professional Development Series is the industry's only comprehensive training program designed exclusively for school transportation professionals; offering nearly 40 different courses for the classroom and many are now available online.

Visit our website: NAPT PDS page.

The NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training Program was created to encourage individuals involved in school transportation to enhance their knowledge about transporting students with disabilities and promote excellent leadership skills for the community of transportation personnel serving children of all ages with special needs.

For more information, click here: SNT Brochure.More

NHTSA: More research needed on risks of driver hands-free texting
The Detroit News
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief David Strickland says more research is needed to determine whether the government should impose regulations on hands-free texting behind the wheel. Strickland said in a brief interview on the sidelines of an event here that a new AAA study was important and the agency planned to review it. But more research is needed to link cognitive distractions to driving ability behind the wheel.More

Inspections key to bus safety
VideoBrief School buses are designed for the safety of children when built, but just like any vehicle wear and tear happens. That's why safety inspections are vital. The Bowling Green Independent School system in Kentucky has each and every one of their buses sent to a state regulated inspector once a month to ensure maximum safety.More

Bill could require three-point seat belts in new school buses
East Brunswick Sentinel
Inspired by recent school bus accidents in Old Bridge, N.J., including a crash in which several children were injured, state Sen. Sam Thompson, R-12, will present legislation to make school buses safer. More

School bus riders safer than ever, analysis shows
The Poughkeepsie Journal
With many children to worry about, standards for school bus safety have to be strict, said Mary Sansaricq, state education director of pupil transportation. Statistics show they are safer now than they have ever been.More

Peter & Linda Lawrence Scholarships
Peter and Linda Lawrence have endowed four scholarships to defray the cost of conference registration to NAPT members attending the Annual Summit on Oct. 19-24 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The application deadline for the NAPT Conference scholarship is Sept. 13.More

Why children bully: Because they're popular
Mean children, mothers tell their wounded young, behave that way because they have unhappy home lives, or feel inadequate, or don't have enough friends or because they somehow lack empathy. But a new study suggests some mean children actually behave that way simply because they can.More

Ohio schools test bus drivers' physical skills
The Columbus Dispatch
"Jennifer" needs help. Depending on the day, the schoolgirl has fallen, suffered an asthma attack or bumped her head on the bus. All driver Gary Geschke recently knew was he needed to get her off his bus. Geschke was undergoing an ability test as part of his annual physical as a driver for Westerville, Ohio, schools. It's his job, regardless of the emergency, to get students safely off his bus. To make sure he and other drivers can, the district has worked with OhioHealth staff members for four years. Beyond an exam-room physical, a five-minute ability test in and around a school bus is required of Westerville's 130 drivers. More

Rapid rise seen in use of digital tools for professional development
Education Week
Teachers and principals are becoming increasingly comfortable using online tools to hone their professional skills, and are turning to options from social networking to Web-based classes to do so, a new nationwide survey reveals. The findings, which cover a lot of ground, were included in the Speak Up 2012 survey, "From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom." The survey found that the number of principals who said they support professional growth through some form of social networking more than tripled, from 8 percent in 2008 to 25 percent today. More

FRED: Schools unveil summer meals/academic bus
Federal Way Mirror
Three big green buses with a friendly frog on the side will make the rounds throughout Federal Way, Wash., this summer, in a joint effort between Federal Way Public Schools and United Way-King County. Named FRED by the district for Fun, Read, Eat, Dream, the three buses are part of the summer meals program FWPS has provided to all children ages 19 and under since 1989. The program also ties into a One Million Meals program that United Way is rolling out this summer.More

Bullying in children: When parents are the bully
The Star-Ledger
Every once in a while, you may hear a story about bullying in children in which a parent is the bully. This is one of those shocking and taboo ideas in parenting. No one likes discussing blatant bad parenting unless it's physical abuse, sexual molestation and drug addiction. Every other type of child neglect gets an explanation and a disclaimer to stop judging another mom and stop assuming against a dad. If bullying in schools is harmful, isn't bullying at home worse?More

Walking school bus picks up steam in Redondo, as does Blue Zones Project
Easy Reader
They come from all directions, rolling backpacks behind them and clutching books and papers in hand. Despite the early hour, energy is high as a dozen elementary school students wait for the bus on one of their last days of school for the year. At last, the bus is ready to leave. But there is no key turning in the ignition, no rumbling engine, and no puff of exhaust. Instead, many pairs of little feet move together toward Beryl Heights Elementary School. This Walking School Bus is 1 of 13 that meet early in the morning to safely and actively get children to school.More