NAPT MultiView News Brief
June. 28, 2011

NAPT and ZONAR Systems offer $50,000 equipment grant
NAPT/Zonar Systems
NAPT and Zonar Systems Inc. recently announced a $50,000 grant to provide state-of-the-art, best-practice, fleet-management technology to a school system whose transportation director is a member of NAPT.More

McDonald nominated to run for NAPT affiliate member director
Dave McDonald, director of business development and technical sales for Rosco Vision Systems Inc., has been nominated to run for NAPT affiliate member director.

The position will be available this fall when current Affiliate Member Director Mike Roscoe, Director of School Business Products for CE White, steps down after fulfilling a two-year term, at the conclusion of the 37th Annual NAPT Conference & Trade Show in Cincinnati.

McDonald was nominated by John Doswell, vice president of sales and marketing for Collins Bus Corporation, and Craig Leonard, trade show manager for Thomas Built Buses.

Elections for president-elect and director of Region 2 and director of Region 4 also will be held during the conference. Visit for additional information.

Any person who wishes to be a candidate for NAPT president-elect, regional director or director at large must be an active individual member of the association for at least two years; a candidate for affiliate member director must be current business partner individual members.

Anyone interested in running for president-elect, regional director or director at large must be nominated by a minimum of two active individual members of the association; candidates for regional director must be nominated by individuals from that particular region. Individuals running for affiliate member director must be nominated by at least two current business partner individual members.

The president-elect and at-large directors are selected by vote of all active members. Regional directors are selected by vote of only those active members whose mailing address is within that specific region. The affiliate member director is chosen by NAPT Business Partner Individual Members only.

Call 800-989-NAPT for additional information from NAPT headquarters.More

After 55 years, where are we on highways?
June 29 marks the 55th anniversary of President Eisenhower's signing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act. The statute created the Highway Trust Fund, which was designed to pay for 90 percent of highway-construction costs. Today, the surface-transportation funding system waits in limbo for a congressional reauthorization; revenue from the gas tax slowly is declining, and transportation industry participants grouse about unmet infrastructure preservation and maintenance needs.More

US House bill calls for ban on holding cellphones while driving
Detroit Free Press
Motorists couldn't hold cellphones while driving, under legislation introduced June 23 in the U.S. House. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., said the Safe Drivers Act of 2011 would direct the Department of Transportation to set a national standard prohibiting all drivers from holding mobile devices, except in certain emergencies.More

NTSB: Texting poses deadly threat for nation
The Washington Post
The nation risks a surge in deadly accidents unless it makes distracted driving — talking, texting and browsing the Internet while operating cars, boats and trains — as taboo as drinking and driving, members of the National Transportation and Safety Board said. "Many people continue to think it's just going to take a moment to call or text," NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman said. "How do we change that mindset? Not just the NTSB, but all of us."More

OLI advances Rail Safety Challenge
Operation Lifesaver Inc. has unveiled the Rail Safety Challenge, a new videogame-style online experience that prepares professional drivers for situations they could face on the road. OLI says the program has been prompted by statistics showing approximately 1 out of 4 railroad crossing crashes involve vehicles that require a commercial driver license to operate.More

Korea's advanced public transportation system
Every day, 13 million people utilize public transportation in Seoul, South Korea. This number now is rising because of the recent spike in gas prices.More

AAA: July 4 travel expected to fall 2.5 percent in US
Nashville Business Journal
The nearly $1 increase in the price of gas over the past year is expected to put a crimp in travel plans for July 4, according to AAA. The automotive organization estimated that 39 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Independence Day holiday weekend, a 2.5 percent decline from the 40 million people who traveled a year ago.More

Challenges to red light cameras span US
Today News
In more than 500 cities and towns in 25 states, silent sentries keep watch over intersections, snapping photos and shooting video of drivers who run red lights. One of the places is Los Angeles, where, if the Police Commission gets its way, the red light cameras will have to come down in a few weeks. That puts the nation's second-largest city at the leading edge of an anti-camera movement that appears to have been gaining traction across the country in recent weeks.More

NTSB unveils new 'Most Wanted List'
The Trucker
The National Transportation Safety Board has revamped its list of the most critical transportation issues that need to be addressed to improve safety and save lives, moving away from a specific to-do list to federal transportation agencies. Instead, the new "Most Wanted List" highlights 10 safety issues that impact transportation nationwide. More

EPA plans to expand biofuel standard
Fleet Owner
The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to increase the "percentage standards" for biofuels next year. The proposal would increase the allowable amount of organic-based biofuel within blended products, such as biodiesel. This move is welcomed as many see it as a way to make diesel engine technology cleaner and more environmentally friendly.More

Schools expanding bus tracking system
Students across the east are enjoying summer vacation right now while school administrators are already busy, preparing for next school year. Duplin County Schools in North Carolina are trying to expand their $300,000 tracking and surveillance system for school buses. This bus tracking technology made headlines earlier this month when district officials tracked down a rogue bus in Duplin County and had the driver charged with driving while intoxicated. "It's all about the safety of our children," says transportation director Jeff Thigpen.More

TSA changes policy on child pat-downs
USA Today
Airport security screeners must try to avoid invasive pat-down searches of children, the head of the Transportation Security Administration said. The TSA has been criticized for intrusive pat-downs of children and elderly travelers.More