NAPT MultiView News Brief
July 5, 2011

NAPT, US Department of Education anti-bullying training modules now available

In June, we announced the availability of bully prevention/intervention training — created jointly by NAPT, the Education Department's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and the Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center. We are pleased to announce the second module is available. Both training modules are free of charge to school districts across the country.

The first module, titled "See Something. Do Something: Intervening in Bullying Behavior," will teach drivers what does and does not constitute bullying, how to respond to the behavior on or around the bus, and specific strategies for addressing and reporting bullying as it occurs.

The second module, "Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying," focuses on building mutual respect on the school bus. The training will encourage drivers to consider what a supportive bus climate looks like and how it prevents bullying; and learn and commit to perform simple, concrete strategies to build positive relationships on the school bus.

Both modules include a step-by-step trainer's guide, a PowerPoint presentation, handouts for driver activities, palm cards for drivers and posters that can be displayed in the transportation department or throughout the school system to reinforce the messages.

To download your free copy of the bullying prevention/intervention training modules that are available, visit our website at

"We have no tolerance for bullying, and stopping it is one of our national public policy priorities," said NAPT Executive Director Mike Martin. "We are very pleased the United States Education Department agrees with us and was willing to work with us on this project."More

Weisinger and McDonald nominated to run for NAPT affiliate member director
Marisa Weisinger, CDPT, technical specialist for Innovative Transportation Solutions in Houston, and Dave McDonald, director of business development and technical sales for Rosco Vision Systems Inc., have been nominated to run for NAPT affiliate member director.

The position will be available this fall when current Affiliate Member Director Mike Roscoe, Director of School Business Products for CE White, steps down after fulfilling a two-year term, at the conclusion of the 37th Annual NAPT Conference & Trade Show in Cincinnati.

Weisinger was nominated by Steve Barker, OEM business development manager for Sure-Lok and Dwight Gleaves, vice president of sales for Hydrotex. McDonald was nominated by John Doswell, vice president of sales and marketing for Collins Bus Corporation, and Craig Leonard, trade show manager for Thomas Built Buses.

Elections for president-elect and director of Region 2 and director of Region 4 also will be held during the conference. Visit for additional information.

Any person who wishes to be a candidate for NAPT president-elect, regional director or director at large must be an active individual member of the association for at least two years; a candidate for affiliate member director must be current business partner individual members.

Anyone interested in running for president-elect, regional director or director at large must be nominated by a minimum of two active individual members of the association; candidates for regional director must be nominated by individuals from that particular region. Individuals running for affiliate member director must be nominated by at least two current business partner individual members.

The president-elect and at-large directors are selected by vote of all active members. Regional directors are selected by vote of only those active members whose mailing address is within that specific region. The affiliate member director is chosen by NAPT Business Partner Individual Members only.

Call 800-989-NAPT for additional information from NAPT headquarters.More

LaHood on 2025 fuel standards: 'We want to get it right'
The Detroit News
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is optimistic regulators and automakers can reach agreement on new fuel efficiency standards for the 2017-2025 timeframe. In a recent Detroit News interview on the sidelines of an event on Egypt, LaHood pointed to the May 2009 ceremony in which automakers backed a big jump in corporate average fuel economy requirements, or CAFE standards, for the 2012-2016 model years. More

June 'On the Go' talks livability, sustainability, traffic safety
Department of Transportation Fastlane
VideoBrief Check out the newest episode of "On the Go with Ray LaHood," which includes questions about what DOT is doing to promote livability, sustainability and traffic safety.More

GreenRoad enhances driver system
Commercial Carrier Journal
GreenRoad, a provider of fleet driver performance and safety management, announced it has added new functionality to GreenRoad 360. The new functionality extends the system's ability to deliver fuel efficiencies and reductions in crash incidents for fleets, including bus, coach and van fleets, the company says.More

NTSB chief: Distracted driving not just limited to motorists
Detroit Free Press
Distraction is not just an issue for motorists, said Deborah Hersman, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, who has investigated cases where riverboat and airline pilots have crashed or overflown their destinations. More

US opens new round of transportation grants
States, cities and local governments can now compete for $527 million in transportation grants, the federal government said June 30. The budget passed in April provided money for another round of the popular TIGER program created in the 2009 economic stimulus plan to grant money for road, bridge, rail and public transportation projects as well as streetcars and bicycle and pedestrian paths.More

State DOTs embrace technology
These days, state DOTs are finding new technology platforms can help better manage and store road data. What type of technology does your state's DOT use for mapping and maintaining roads and bridges?More

Bullying commission recommends that districts report incidents
Enterprise News
A commission led by state Attorney General Martha Coakley recently recommended Massachusetts public, charter and some private school districts should be required to submit data on the number of bullying incidents. The commission, charged the last year with studying the state’s anti-bullying law signed by Gov. Deval Patrick, said by reporting incidents, officials could ensure compliance and address individual districts "based on the severity" of bullying there.More

California cities start recycling roads
Good Transportation
Recession is the mother of invention. With transportation infrastructure in a sorry state in California — the proliferation of potholes in Los Angeles, for example, is incredible — more cities are turning to a method of repairing roads by recycling them.More

Thomas Built rolls out bus rental program
Greensboro News & Record
Thomas Built Buses is turning to a first-of-a-kind rental program to spur interest in the company's vehicles. The High Point-based school bus manufacturer recently announced it will make 14-passenger MyBus vehicles available for short- and long-term rental through its dealers that carry the MyBus. It's the first time that Daimler Trucks North America, Thomas Built Buses' parent company, has offered a rental option to bus customers.More

Todd Zwillich: Democrats chase the transpo spending unicorn
Transportation Nation
The partisan politics that swirl around the much-maligned $787 billion stimulus has all but erased any chance of new transportation infrastructure spending, at least until the economy improves. But listen to top Democrats — including President Barack Obama — over the last couple of days, and you wouldn't know that both the Republican Party, as well as much of the public, has lost their appetite for such spending.More

3 million EV charging stations by 2016
Fleet Owner
A new study from ABI Research projects a strong future for the development of charging infrastructures for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The study forecasts that by 2016, there will be nearly 3 million vehicle charging stations in operation worldwide, with annual revenues associated with the purchase and installation of those stations growing to nearly $13 billion that year.More

A little known successful, inexpensive strategy for reducing congestion, oil consumption, emissions
Transportation Issues Daily
Did you know there's a successful program that if expanded could reduce U.S. oil imports from the Persian Gulf by 46 percent? And reduce greenhouse gases by 51 million tons a year — the equivalent of the entire New York state workforce? The program: telecommuting.More