NAPT MultiView News Brief
Jul. 17, 2012

Navistar sees $73 billion making school buses safe in China
San Francisco Chronicle
John McKinney sat outside a Beijing Starbucks, sipped his coffee and scanned the traffic. He was looking for school buses, or what passes for them in the world's most-populous nation. A dozen school-bound vehicles rolled by on their morning runs. Some were minivans, while others were shuttle buses or former coaches painted yellow. None was the tried-and-true design used in the U.S. since the 1930s. McKinney, head of Navistar International Corp.'s bus business, picked up his iPhone and snapped away. His bosses took note.More

A mother from Bus 784
1180 WHAM
The mother of a bullied child writes, "Hello, Bob. Finally taking a moment to write you at the suggestion of many friends and family that have been reading your blog and listening to your show. We have been silently suffering through all of the press about Karen Klein. Each day we get another reminder of how much money the world has raised, my stomach does another turn. If I could guarantee my son would not suffer from it, I would have gone to the press and to speak out from the beginning of this mess. His well-being is my top priority."More

Bullied school bus monitor, Karen Klein, just a cog in a broken machine
Alaska Dispatch
As her story begins to fade from the news cycle, bullied bus monitor Karen Klein will ride off into the sunset a whole lot richer, while the "bad guys" — her seventh-grade tormentors — exit the stage a lot less cocky than they entered, suspended from school for a year and their actions thoroughly condemned. Don't cue the happy ending music just yet. Although the story and the donations it inspired may have turned out well for Klein, anyone who's watched the cringe-inducing video of her harassment can see that bullying continues to pervade school environments.More

Bus driver's invention to enhance safety
The Sun News
As a school bus driver, nothing is more important than the safety of the children on your bus, and thanks to a new invention, the Steffi Crossing Enhancer, that safety is being taken to the next level. Invented by Lake Shore Central School District bus driver Victoria DeCarlo, a 19-year-veteran, the Steffi is the latest piece of equipment to ensure the safety of the children they are trusted to protect.More

Smart headlight system sees through the rain
Clean Technia
Driving during a rain or snowstorm can be can be a struggle at night, but a newly developed "smart" headlight system will make it much easier. The system greatly improves visibility by continually redirecting light to shine between particles of precipitation. The system was created by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh, Pa.More

How Twitter can be used as a powerful educational tool
eSchool News
Think Twitter is just a waste of time? Think again. Its organizational structure makes it an effective tool for connecting with students and others online.More

School bus drivers go for the gold in annual competition
Los Angeles Times
This time of year is not just for Olympians and baseball all-stars to showcase their skills. School bus drivers, too, are competing — in the 42nd annual School Bus Driver International Safety Competition in Milwaukee. More

High school students want more technology, fewer lectures
Digital Education via Education Week
High school students in the U.S. want more technology in classrooms, as well as more hands-on projects and one-on-one tutoring, but less lectures, according to a new survey called "Learn Now, Lecture Later" from CDW-G, a company that provides technology to the government, education and health care industries. At the top of high school students' technology wish list were laptops and netbooks, tablets, smartphones, digital content and recorded class lectures.More

Can Twitter manage vehicle fleets?
Government Technology
Vehicle fleet management systems may soon make new use of an old tool. An Australian startup called PoolCar, which specializes in analytics for vehicle fleet management, has announced Twitter functionality will soon come to vehicles. An in-car Android device will use twitter hashtags to track vehicle location, speed, carbon dioxide output and service and maintenance requests. More

School bus measure signed into law
New Jersey 101.5 FM
VideoBrief Recently in Trenton, N.J., Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno signed a measure into law aimed at supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Previously, drivers of buses and other modes of transportation were not required to use their flashing red lights when picking up or discharging developmentally disabled passengers. In turn, even if the lights were used, other drivers on Jersey's roads weren't required to stop for them. With S 618, those acts are now illegal, and violators will be penalized. More

DOT starts testing bus driving on highway shoulders
The North Carolina Department of Transportation will launch a pilot program aimed at improving traffic and saving the state millions of dollars. The Bus on Shoulder System will allow specially trained bus drivers with Triangle Transit to drive on the shoulder of Interstate 40 in parts of Durham County to bypass traffic when it slows below 35 mph. It is already in use in other cities across the United States, according to Bryan Gunter, with the Department of Transportation.More

School buses breed bullying
U.S. News & World Report
Roughly 30 percent of middle school and high school students are bullied, and nearly 10 percent of the abuse happens on the school bus, according to the U.S. Department of Education. But the problem is likely much worse, since nearly two thirds of the incidents are never reported, the department estimates.More

3 lucky winners!

Congratulations to the following individuals who liked us on Facebook (and followed us on Twitter) — they have won a free conference registration and hotel stay in Memphis, Tenn., to attend the 2012 NAPT Summit, Oct. 20-25. Thank you to all who participated!

Michael A. Benedict
Provo, Utah

Sherry Keene Witsman
Lorton, Va.

Anthony Mendoza
Peoria, Ill.More

Special Needs Transportation Training Program — available at the 2012 NAPT Summit

The SNT program will be offered in Memphis, Tenn., as part of the 2012 NAPT Summit (Oct. 20-25) this year. The NAPT SNT training program provides numerous opportunities for transportation personnel serving students with disabilities to access educational opportunities and to gain national recognition for their efforts.

The program has a core curriculum that consists of six Special Needs courses in a variety of different settings, including a school bus roadeo and a trade show of school transportation products and services. The core curriculum is supplemented by two courses of elective instruction from the NAPT Professional Development Series Program. The syllabus for the core curriculum has been specifically designed to increase an individual's specific knowledge about transporting students with disabilities. The SNT program is just one component of learning at the Summit — more than a dozen PDS courses will be offered on site, as well, in addition to workshops, panel discussions and general session speakers exploring myriad topics.

SNT and PDS Course pre-registration is required and will soon be available via our website:

Please note: PDS classes at the Summit are free to all NAPT members. SNT classes are $15 for members and $50 for nonmembers.

Congratulations to the following graduates who have recently completed the SNT program:

Joanne Vento
Douglas County School District
Castle Rock, Colo.

Renee DeVall
Albemarle County Public Schools
Charlottesville, Va.More