NAPT MultiView News Brief
July 19, 2011

NAPT awards program
The National Association for Pupil Transportation, together with support from our sponsors, is proud to offer an annual awards program to individuals and operators responsible for the safe transport of school children. Please consider nominating one of your dedicated staff, as we are accepting applications for the following awards:

IC Driver Trainer Award — Established to recognize school districts with exemplary driver training programs. Deadline: Sept. 1.

Sure-Lok Special Needs Transportation Award — Created to recognize superior special needs transportation service. Deadline: Sept. 1.

Blue Bird Heroism Award — Established to recognize heroism or acts of courage relating to school transportation. Deadline: Sept. 1.

Thomas Built Buses Continuing Education Award — Founded to encourage professional growth in the student transportation industry. Deadline: Sept. 1.

Please log on to our website for applications and additional information: More

States define aggressive driving differently
Fleet Owner
The term aggressive driving covers a range of unsafe driver behaviors including speeding, running red lights, failure to yield, tailgating and improper passing. To date, 15 states have addressed aggressive driving in their legislatures and 11 states have passed laws specifically defining aggressive driving actions.More

Advertising on school buses softens the budget crunch
NEA Today
In an era of severe, nationwide school budget cuts, easy money for a school district is hard to pass up. Even if it means selling advertising space on school buses.More

NHTSA study: High-visibility enforcement cuts distracted driving
Department of Transportation Fastlane
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently launched two distracted driving enforcement programs in the communities of Hartford, Conn., and Syracuse, New York — two states with laws against texting and hand-held cellphone use while driving — to see if stepped-up enforcement would be effective in stopping this dangerous behavior behind the wheel.More

Chesapeake creating $1 billion fund to boost natural gas use in transportation
The Oklahoman
Chesapeake Energy Corp. and CEO Aubrey McClendon are making a bold move toward natural gas for transportation. Chesapeake, which has long proclaimed itself "America's Champion of Natural Gas," is creating a $1 billion venture capital fund to boost demand for natural gas in transportation.More

'Quiet pavement' being tested by more state DOTs
Government Technology
Freeway noise is one of the biggest public nuisances of modern society, and billions of dollars have been spent erecting sound barriers to muffle the din of constant traffic on America's freeways and thoroughfares. Virginia is joining a growing number of state transportation departments that are experimenting with the roads themselves in order to dampen the noise.More

It's dog vs. machine at congressional hearing on airport security
CNN Politics
What is the best way to search travelers for explosives: Full-body imaging machines, which can see through your clothes? Or Rin Tin Tin, who can't, but might lick your hand? That, unexpectedly, became the most contentious issue at a recent fiery congressional hearing on airport security.More

Connected vehicle driver acceptance clinics coming soon to a community near you
Department of Transportation Fastlane
The charming and heroic stars of Cars 2 and Transformers are not the only talking cars hitting American cities this summer. At DOT, they call them connected vehicles: cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles fitted with technology that allows them — like their big-screen counterparts — to communicate with each other and with roadway infrastructure like traffic lights, dangerous road segments and railroad crossings.More

Road to recovery: Transforming America's transportation
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Unaccountable spending is undermining America's long-term strategic priorities and the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling. Failure to reform the transportation system risks deepening the United States' dependence on oil, eroding economic competitiveness and increasing climate disruption. Waiting to make real improvements only drives up future costs, whereas responsible policies can improve transportation and reduce the national deficit today.More

Chamber of Commerce, House Republicans in dust-up over highway bill
The Daily Caller
The House transportation committee is in a war of words with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other critics over proposed long-term highway and surface transportation funding. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently released details of a proposal to extend the expired Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: a Legacy for Users. The Republican plan proposes spending $230 billion over a six-year period for highway and transportation infrastructure, but committee Democrats, the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have attacked the plan for not spending enough.More

Children predict the future of technology
eSchool News
There might be a reason why the iPad is so popular with young children: It’s intuitive, touchable and an extension of oneself — features that, according to a new survey, young children are asking for. According to the study, titled "Children's Future Requests for Computers & the Internet," children ages 12 and under are predicting that the future of media and technology lies in better integrating digital experiences with real-world places and activities.More

Motor carriers asked to weigh in on CSA
Truck News
The American Transportation Research Institute has launched a survey to identify the impacts of CSA — Compliance, Safety and Accountability — enforcement on trucking operations, as well as carrier perceptions and attitudes toward the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new regulatory program.More