NAPT MultiView News Brief
July 27, 2010

Getting behind the virtual wheel
Edmonton Journal
A bus once used by actress Sandra Bullock as a mobile dressing room is now used by Pacific Western Transportation in teaching drivers how to avoid accidents on increasingly-busy highways. Pacific Western bought the bus from Nashville-based Hemphill Brothers, which provides transportation for celebrities, movie and TV companies, and converted it into a mobile driving simulator, safety vice-president Stephen Evans said.More

NexBus propane school bus enters production
Auto Evolution
Another alternative-powered school bus is ready to roll and take your children to school. Bus manufacturer Collins announced today it has completed certification of their NexBus propane school bus and gave the green light for production. More

FTA study: $78 billion needed to bring rail and bus systems into state of good repair
AASHTO Journal
A Federal Transit Administration study released recently estimates the cost of bringing the nation's mass-transit systems into a state of good repair at $78 billion. In addition, a yearly average of $14 billion is required to maintain the systems. While most of the $78 billion backlog can be attributed to rail, more than 40 percent of the nation's buses are also in poor to marginal condition.More

Cellcontrol first enforceable distracted driving solution for commercial vehicles, busses and other class-a vehicles
PR Newswire
Cellcontrol™, a leading supplier of driving while distracted solutions, announced today that it has adapted its cellcontrol technology to Class A, an industry standard that will allow cellcontrol to operate within a variety of fleet vehicles including commercial vehicles, big rigs, school busses, heavy equipment and other Class-A vehicles. More

Most states adopt standards setting high expectations for special education
Disability Scoop
States are quickly lining up behind a set of ambitious national academic standards that set a high bar for students with disabilities. Already 27 have adopted the plan known as the Common Core State Standards and several more states are expected to sign on in the coming weeks. More

Elementary school bus fee cut; district returns $200 thousand to town
Pembroke Express
As many schools struggle to work with smaller budgets, Pembroke Schools, in Duxbury, Mass., is giving a little money back. The School Committee voted recently to eliminate the transportation fee for elementary school students who live within two miles of school, meaning about $50,000 will remain with local families.More

School system to learn from mock bus accident
Henderson County Schools held a mock bus accident just four months after a school bus rolled over injuring more than a dozen students. More than a dozen organizations were involved in both planning and executing the drill for this full-scale exercise.More

EPA, CARB workshop examines driver defeat of SCR engines
Trucking Info
Changes to the EPA's 2010 emissions regulations relating to selective catalytic reduction technology are being proposed as a result of a suit brought against the EPA by Navistar. During a California workshop recently, both sides had a chance to present comments. The Navistar lawsuit challenged guidelines issued during the implementation of the SCR technology.More

Global economy slowing to 3.25 percent with new normal beginning
Financial Express
The new normal for the world economy may be arriving as the US, Europe and China all decelerate simultaneously. After policy stimulus and inventory-rebuilding pulled the major economies out of recession with 5 percent growth in the first quarter, they are slouching toward a weaker expansion, even as they show signs of dodging a double-dip.More

LaHood says no fuel tax increase needed for transport
The Journal of Commerce
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said a combination of current-level gas tax receipts, road and bridge tolling and President Obama's proposed infrastructure fund could offer a way to fund a long-term federal infrastructure program without new taxes. More