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Jul. 29, 2014

Time is running $100

The clock is ticking on the early registration rate…only days left to save $100 on your NAPT Annual Summit registration. The full conference rate goes up to $399 this Friday, August 1. Take advantage of this great discount...register online today!

Prefer paper? Download the Delegate packet and fax your form to 518-218-0867.

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Remember the Peter & Linda Lawrence Scholarship. Download the application today.

Hotel Information
The Kansas City Marriott Downtown, approximately 20 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will serve as our headquarters hotel and a block of rooms has been set aside for Summit delegates. Reserve your room at the reduced NAPT rate of $134/night, plus tax (~$158.33/night), or call 800-228-9290. Individuals are encouraged to make reservations early. In order to secure the reduced rate, reservations must be made by October 8, 2014.

So, mark your calendar and make plans to be in Kansas City, MO November 8-11 for NAPT's 40th Annual Summit: Driving Innovation. We look forward to seeing you there!More

Show off your skills & learn from industry experts...all @ NAPT's America's Best

NAPT's annual America's Best Training and Skills Competition is coming to Kansas City, MO November 7-11, in conjunction with our 40th Annual Summit: Driving Innovation. The popular safety program offers a great opportunity to:

Visit our website for more information, and be sure to download the registration brochure today.

What else is new? This year's event will include the first ever driver trainer competition and a specialized transportation component. Visit our website to find out more, and those interested in participating should download and complete the registration form.More

NAPT promotes school bus to non riders

On July 17 NAPT Executive Director Mike Martin was a co-presenter for Safe Routes to School National Partnership's webinar. Student transportation departments usually focus on school buses, but they have the potential to do much more. This webinar, Buses, Boots, and Bicycles: Getting Safe Routes to School and Student Transportation Departments to Work Together, addressed how collaboration between student transportation departments and Safe Routes to School can enable children to get to school safely.

Click here to view NAPT's remarks.

Click here to view the entire webinar.More

It's election time

During NAPT's Annual Summit this November, elections will be held for directors of Region 2 and Region 4. These positions are currently held by Barry Sudduth, CDPT (Region 2 – Stafford County Public Schools, Virginia) and Kenny Mulder, CDPT (Region 4 – Special School District, Missouri). To see what states each Region covers, click here.

Pursuant to the Article IV, Section 4.21 of the NAPT By-laws: "Any person who wishes to be a candidate for…regional director must be an active individual member as defined in Section 2.11 (1) and have completed two years as a member in good standing before he/she becomes eligible to run for the Board of Directors."

ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUESTS — Any NAPT member seeking to vote by absentee ballot must send a written request for a ballot to NAPT headquarters. All requests must be received no later than the close of business on Friday, Sept. 26.

ABSENTEE BALLOTS MAILED TO VOTERS — Official absentee ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters no later than Friday, Oct. 10.

ABSENTEE BALLOT RETURN — All absentee ballots must be received at NAPT headquarters no later than Friday, Oct. 31.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11. Elections will be held in Kansas City, MO on the Trade Show floor from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.More

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Ferro leaves FMCSA to head American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
The Trucker
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration head Anne S. Ferro is leaving the agency toward the end of August to become president and CEO of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Ferro "has been a true leader in safety throughout her time at the Department of Transportation and has become a trusted advisor and friend to me during my time as secretary." Foxx said Ferro had ushered in a new culture of safety into the commercial bus and trucking industries and had made it more difficult for companies that jeopardize the public's well-being to stay in business and had made it easier for consumers to make informed choices when choosing a shipper or buying a bus ticket. More

Videos show school bus drivers how to react if vehicle is entered by potential shooter
The Republic
School bus drivers can learn how to react if they're faced with an armed person on their bus thanks to videos from the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. The videos depict how an unarmed bus driver can react if a potential shooter enters the bus. It's intended to be used as a training tool for school bus drivers. The aim is to reduce potential injuries and fatalities resulting from violence.More

Special education law in need of an overhaul
The Hill
By the time the 113th Congress winds down, lawmakers will have passed precisely one (the Workforce Investment Act) of more than half a dozen pieces of education legislation overdue for reauthorization. Languishing on that list for the last few years has been the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which guarantees students with disabilities the right to an education and promises states some money with which to pay for that education. However, according to new research that promise does not hold true across the board.More

Survey results show teachers need more professional development
By Archita Datta Majumdar
Teachers who are open to knowledge are the ones best suited to deliver knowledge. In this regard, professionals who are constantly looking at improving teaching practices and developing their teaching skills will be the foundation for a powerful and positive school community. After all, great teachers help create great students. So how are American teachers faring in this regard? The latest findings by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in their Teaching and Learning International Survey are eye-opening.More

Peter & Linda Lawrence offer scholarship for NAPT Annual Summit
Long-time member Peter Lawrence, Director of Transportation for the Fairport (NY) Public Schools, and his wife Linda, are again offering a scholarship that will help four school bus driver trainers attend the NAPT Annual Summit this year. This scholarship will cover the registration fee of NAPT's 2014 Annual Summit, which takes place November 8 through November 11, 2014 in Kansas City, Kansas. Download the application today.More

City getting 78 new school buses
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond Public Schools is going to replace more than a third of its school buses, beginning the modernization of a fleet that in recent years has grown old, unreliable and expensive to maintain. The School Board this week approved a seven-year, $7 million plan to buy 60 regular education and 18 special education buses from Blue Bird. "I think this is going to have two big impacts," said Chief Operations Officer Tommy Kranz. "It's going to cut down on fuel expenses and it's going to cut down on maintenance expenses." It's the first large-scale school bus replacement in years.More

Henderson's Brain bus 'emphasizes a love of learning'
Courier Press
Learning doesn't stop in the summer months for local students. At least not while the Brain Bus rolls into neighborhoods throughout Henderson, Kentucky. The retrofitted school bus is equipped with 19 donated laptops, 10 of which can access the Internet via a hotspot. The rest of the laptops are programmed with educational games.More

Children gather to meet friends and stand up to bullying
Many students have to face the cruel taunts of bullies, but one parent has taken it upon herself to make sure those children who are picked on know they're not alone. Families recently came together for the second Stand Up to Bullying event at Alpine Park in Illinois. While there were signs and lessons about being nice to others, the gathering was more of a chance for children to make new friends and forget about the bullies who pick on them. After watching her son being abused by others, Carmen Divan organized the day at the park to show her son he's not alone.More

Trends in school bus camera implementation
School Bus Fleet
Digital school bus cameras continue to be a credible option for security-minded fleet managers and district administrators. School boards are often willing to consider investing in electronic security solutions that seem cost-effective when compared to their expected risk-management and enforcement benefits. More

Omaha schools' propane bus investment pays off
Green Fleet Magazine
Omaha Public Schools and Student Transportation Inc. collaborated on the district's deployment of 435 Blue Bird Vision propane school buses last summer, and over the last year of operating the buses, OPS estimates it has saved $200,000-plus with propane autogas versus diesel. That is a savings is equivalent to what the district would pay to hire four or five classroom teachers, according to district officials.More

Hear Jane read: New meaning given to semantics
Rutgers University via Science Daily
For years a key way of diagnosing dyslexia has been how well a person reads aloud. Similarly, the reading skills of adult readers also have been assessed by having them read words aloud. "The idea is that the more you read in English, the more you will encounter words that don't follow standard rules of pronunciation, so it's an index of reading exposure and, presumably, ability," explains researcher William W. Graves. But are you a better reader if you pronounce a word based on its meaning, or based on its spelling? Does it make a difference? And why? Those are the questions Graves is seeking to answer.More

For children's sake, 'Look Before you Lock'
U.S. Department of Transportation Fast Lane
Derrick. Benjamin. Hailey. Logan. Cooper. Anna. Mason Ryan. Bella. Alejandra. Sophia. Jeremiah. Logan. Julius. Sophia. Fernando. Aurora. Giovanni. These are the names of the children who, since April 1, were left alone in their cars and died of heatstroke. There are 17 names, and it's only July. Many think, "This is tragic. But this isn't something that happens to me or to my kids. These are things that happen to 'other' people, other parents." But the truth is, this could really happen to ANY parent. So that's why DOT and NHTSA are continuing to tell all parents – and all caregivers – to "Look Before You Lock." More

Indiana changes routes, parks more buses for 2014-2015 school year
The Star Press
In just a few weeks, Muncie Community Schools students will head back to the classroom. They just might be taking a different route to get there. The district, in an effort to save money in an already cash-strapped transportation fund, will cut the number of school buses that hit the road this fall.More

Bringing the hashtag to teacher professional development
By Brian Stack
It's 8 p.m. on a Sunday evening. Dinner is finished, and the dishes have been put away. It's time to get ready for another busy week at school. For many teachers, this is also a great time to engage in much-needed professional development with their peers. At this hour, social media sites like Twitter begin to light up with teachers from all over the world participating in all sorts of professional dialog on topics that are of interest to them. Welcome to the next generation of professional development for teachers.More