NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 16, 2011

National transportation funding boosts US economy
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Traffic congestion costs the U.S. $145 billion annually in wasted time, repairs and operating expenses according to TRIP, a national transportation research group. That's an unnecessary burden that our economy is in no shape to bear.More

Back-to-school transportation safety for children
Consumer Reports
Believe it or not, children in some parts of the country are headed back to school as early as mid-August. In the Northeast and other areas they have a few more weeks to go, but it's a good time to remind children and parents how to safely return to school.More

Illinois county considers monitoring traffic through mobile devices
An Illinois county is considering testing a real-time travel information system that pings signals off motorists' cellphones and other wireless devices to gauge traffic flow, according to the Daily Herald. The BlueTOAD — Bluetooth travel-time origination and destination — system selects Bluetooth devices in passing cars and calculates travel times and road speeds by following the same devices as they move.More

A plan to save US infrastructure that might actually work
The Infrastructurist
If there's anything America has in abundance right now, it's reports on the poor state of the country’s infrastructure. But the Congressional showdown over the transportation reauthorization bill will peak in the next few weeks, and a betting man would be wise to take the over on the number of similar reports that will surface by late September.More

National gas prices down 9 cents in past 3 weeks
Bloomberg Businessweek
The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 9 cents in the past three weeks. That's according to the Aug. 14 Lundberg Survey of Fuel Prices, which puts the price of a gallon of regular at $3.61.More

New Hampshire gets $1 million for Safe Route to School
The Boston Globe
Ten New Hampshire communities are splitting almost $1 million to encourage children to walk and ride their bicycles to and from school. The money comes from the Safe Routes to School Program and will be used for sidewalk construction, traffic calming measures and education programs. More

Analysis: Infrastructure woes — a roadblock to growth
Long famous for its top-notch highways and passion for cars, the United States is letting bridges rust as traffic chokes overburdened roads, threatening a pillar of its economic strength. A prime example of this neglect is the Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River. It worked well when it opened in 1963. Now it handles twice the traffic it was designed to support. Gridlock often stretches for a mile beneath a thick haze of smog.More

Emergency workers get school bus safety training
Gainesville Times
School bus safety may not be the first thing parents think about when sending their children off to school, but it's an important issue to Hall County law enforcement agencies. "With school starting back this week, there's a number of buses on the roadways, as well as other vehicles on the roadways, so therefore the percentage for an accident goes up," said Kevin Holbrook, public information officer for the Gainesville, Ga., Police Department.More

HNTB survey: Americans fed up with crumbling, jammed roads
Better Roads
According to the latest America THINKS survey from HNTB Corp., people are fed up with congested, crumbling roads and are looking for decisions from local and regional officials about how to prioritize fixing them. More

New Web-search formulas have huge implications for students, society
eSchool News
A quiet revolution has taken place in recent months, as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other Internet gatekeepers have revised their search algorithms in an attempt to bring users more personalized information. This subtle shift has enormous implications for students, researchers and society at large, experts say.More

School buses safest mode of transportation for students
The Oxford Press
More than 50,000 miles a day will be traveled by school buses after Butler County, Ohio, schools start over the next two weeks. Buses are the safest bet for Butler County parents to get their children to and from school, according to an analysis of state records by the Hamilton Journal-News.More

Mobility matters: The view from the Transportation and Infrastructure Summit
Department of Transportation Fastlane
This past week in Irving, Texas, transportation experts from the private and public sectors gathered for the Transportation and Infrastructure Summit. This year's theme, Modern Mobility: Advancing to the Future, reflects the need for transportation solutions that meet today's challenges and begin addressing tomorrow's needs. At the summit, DOT leaders presented scenarios for improved transportation to seamlessly move people and goods while protecting our environment, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and creating jobs.More