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Aug. 21, 2012

Motorists still endangering children by passing school buses illegally
Recently, the national association representing state directors of pupil transportation released the results of its second annual survey on illegal passing of school buses. In 28 states throughout the country, about 20 percent of the nation's school bus drivers participated in a one-day survey to report how many times motorists passed their stopped school buses illegally. Nearly 100,000 drivers reported that 88,025 vehicles passed their buses illegally on a single day. Throughout a 180-day school year, these sample results alone point to nearly 16 million violations by private motorists.More

New busing system to start this fall at Minneapolis high schools
VideoBriefOn the first day of school, Aug. 27, many high school students in the Minneapolis Public School District won't be boarding the school bus. Minneapolis Public Schools has partnered with Metro Transit to trade some yellow buses for city buses, following in the tracks of other cities like New York, Chicago and Seattle. More

Teenager's invention saves fuel for school buses
Scientific American
Fuel economy is hardly the most popular subject among teenagers, but it's a passion for 17-year-old Jonny Cohen, who's found a way to save schools money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing school bus fuel efficiency. The idea popped into his head on a walk home from school when he was 12. The then-seventh-grader was taking summer classes on aerodynamics at Northwestern University, and it dawned on him there must be a way to streamline the bulky, boxy shape of school buses.More

School bus drivers train to keep children safe
VideoBriefThe safety of school children is in their hands of school bus drivers who have to contend with many obstacles. The job can be very stressful, making proper training for drivers very important. More

Natural gas fleets a near-future possibility
The Intelligencer
As natural gas options become more available to consumers, diesel school buses and municipal vehicles may become items of the past. About 30 representatives from local school districts recently attended a natural gas seminar in Horsham, Pa., hosted by Rep. Todd Stephens, R-151, to gain information on the option. The seminar was held to inform school district and municipal officials on the benefits of fueling vehicles with natural gas.More

Be there: Helping children be respectful on the bus
VideoBriefAbout 17,000 students in Columbus ride the bus to school every day. With that comes a lot of responsibility for bus drivers to make sure everyone is well-behaved and safe. John Clarke has been a Muscogee County bus driver for 30 years and says parents can be there for their children by helping them understand how important it is to behave on the bus. "Talk to them and tell them what to do when they get on the bus, when they get off the bus and when they get to school," said Clarke.More

More positive indicators for the US economy
Fleet Owner Magazine
Despite continued projections for slow growth through the end of 2012, a bevy of more positive metrics also indicates the U.S. economy overall may be in the process of "stabilizing" as well. More

AT&T working on way for parents to disable texting and calling for driving teens
Yahoo News
VideoBriefBy now you're probably — and hopefully — very clear on the dangers of texting while driving, not to mention the hefty ticket you can get if caught doing it (or talking on your phone without a headset) behind the wheel. As much as parents would like to hope their children are also obeying the law when driving on their own, there hasn't been a way to ensure they are — but there soon could be.More

Frustrations of air travel push passengers to Amtrak
The New York Times
A decade ago, Delta and US Airways shuttles were the preferred mode of travel between cities. But high fares, slow airport security and frequent flight delays — along with Amtrak's high-speed Acela trains, online ticketing and workstation amenities — have eaten away at the airlines' share of passengers. Nationally, Amtrak ridership is at a record 30 million people; the Northeast accounts for more than a third of that and is virtually the only portion of Amtrak's system that makes money.More

Schools continue to grapple with bullying
The Times of Northwest Indiana
Despite programs in place, and teachers and administrators on high alert, it seems a small number of students continue to pick on others — in person and through the Internet. Indiana school administrators said they will continue to address bullying issues this year with school programs intended to prevent such behavior and educate intimidated students on what to do.More

Talking cars could save your life
Imagine you're approaching an intersection where the light has just turned green and your car suddenly warns you that there's a truck barreling through the red light on the cross street. Your quick reaction could save your life, another driver's and maybe even pedestrians. More

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