NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 25, 2009

Get On the Bus
from The Telegraph
A group of 24 teachers and administrators boarded a First Student school bus to visit a couple of neighborhoods to drum up interest in school, not just on the part of youngsters but also among parents.More

Details Released on Summit to Address Cellphone Use by Motorists
from AASHTO Journal
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced he will hold a summit Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Washington to figure out how to best combat distracted driving nationwide.More

Multitasking by Drivers Raises Liability Concerns
from Business Insurance
Renewed buzz about the safety of using personal electronic communications devices while driving could mean new headaches for employers, according to experts.More

Police Find Data From Black Boxes Helps in Investigations
from The Detroit News
Auto manufacturers and safety advocates say the "black box" devices collect information that includes speed, brake application and seat belt usage from a vehicle in the moments leading up to and during a crash.More

Congress Mulls Tougher Penalties for Workplace Safety Lapses
from Business Brief
Congress and safety officials are considering increased fines and even jail time for owners in an effort to increase workplace safety. But some business leaders say stiffer fines won't reduce accidents.More

When Will My Bus Come In?
from Discovery News
If a system exists to keep track of and communicate the location of tens of thousands of runners, how come there is no system sending real-time information to my cell phone or email about when my bus is going to arrive?More

Cell Phones Problematic for 911
from USA Today
The nation's 911 emergency response system, built in 1967, was based on the expectation that calls for help would come from land-line telephones. Now, with more people using cellphones exclusively, calls that bounce from tower to tower pose significant challenges.More

FCC Considers State, Regional Public Safety Broadband Networks
from Federal Computer Week
The Federal Communications Commission has another challenge to its plan to create a nationwide broadband network for public safety needs four state governments and many cities and counties are applying to set up local and regional public safety networks in the same bandwidth as in the FCC's plan.More

A Bright Idea: Business-sponsored Lights for Bus Stops
from Freep
You've likely heard of Adopt-A-Highway -- but what about Adopt-A-Watt? If this plan come to fruition, Taylor would become the first community in Detroit to employ a novel approach to lighting its school bus stops.More

Are Blind Spots a Myth?
from The New York Times
In an effort to reduce lane-change accidents, some automakers are trying radar to eliminate blind spots that could conceal an adjacent vehicle.More

Nominations Announced for NAPT Board Seats
from NAPT
William Tousley, CDPT, Transportation Supervisor for the Farmington (MI) Public Schools, Mike Roscoe, Director of School Bus Products for The C.E. White Co., Dave McDonald, Director of Business Development and Technical Specs for Rosco, Inc., Robert Scott, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 247Security, Inc. and Chris Thomas, Director of School Transportation Business Development for American Logistics Co. LLC have been nominated for seats on the NAPT Board of Directors.More